Light Painting Challenge

I have seen the light,
and it’s being used to paint stuff. Let’s talk about that. ♪(intro music)♪ Good Mythical Morning. It’s Thursday, and on Thursday
we answer your questions, and we got one from Katekat,
who asks, “What can I paint with other than paint?” Hmm, that’s a good question, Kate,
and we have the solution to your artistic confusion. the answer is, light. You can paint with light. Check out these cool pictures
that people– – These are so cool, Rhett.
– Oh, they’re so cool. (Link) This one says smile U.
It’s painted with light. And this one, over here,
is a Batman, with really tall ears. (Link) Pretty cool, though. The way this is done
is you actually just set a really long shutter, like fifteen
to thirty seconds on your camera, then you hit the shutter button,
and then you take a light– LED, flashlight, or whatever,
and you paint something, and then you let it process, and voilà,
you have a magic light painting. But you typically don’t pronounce voilà
with a V. – I do
– But you can here. In my part of the country, we do. And we thought this would be a great way
to play a game. (laughs) That’s how our brains work on this show. We see something, and we try to adopt it,
and adapt it for ourselves. And we have done that
in a game we’re calling, – ♪(electronic music)♪
– (Rhett) Who will be reigning, (Rhett) when it comes
to light painting? But we’re going to be working
as a team to see if we can reign supreme as a team, or determine
who’s the better light painter, and who’s the better light guesser. Yeah. Basically, it’s like Pictionary,
except it’s with light, and the cool thing is
you don’t know what you’re drawing until after the photo is fully exposed,
and then you view it. – So that’s going to make this game–
– Exposed. Even more interesting. Round one is animals. ♪(electronic music)♪ Okay, Link, You’re gonna go first,
so you’re gonna the draw the animal– Well, that’s confusing,
’cause you’re gonna draw it– – I’m not gonna draw it?
– You’re gonna take– – Pull.
– Pull it out of the hat, and then you’re gonna draw it
in the light lab. Okay, and I’m going to have
thirty seconds, because that’s how long we’ve set
the exposure of the camera. And I’m going to be drawing… – This.
– I’m not looking. Okay. Good luck, Link. (Link) Thank you. Alright, I’m over here.
It’s dark. I can see you,
through the magic of video screens. Got a light. – Alright, you ready?
– Got a couple of different colored lights. Well, that could get complicated,
but I trust you. Not really. Three, two, one, go. ♪(dance music)♪ Okay. What kind of animal could that be? It’s a bird of some kind. Yup, that had a bird-like quality. Oh, I turned the light off.
Here we go. Okay, that’s a problem. You went off the screen there. But, between you and me, it’s okay,
I won’t hold it against you. He’s doing some light switching. He’s not covering up–
He’s not– – Okay, what is–
– (crew laughs) (bell sound) Okay, come on over, Link. (Link laughs) – Oh yeah.
– Well, you’re excited. – Now, I will say–
– Paint with light, it’s so easy. I think I know what you painted,
but one– Just for future rounds, you think you’re covering the light up,
but you’re not. You’re moving it quite a bit. But you do need to guess
before we reveal the image, to see, just based on my motions,
if you can get what the animal was. I think you painted a flamingo,
in water surrounded by grass. – Okay.
– I mean, I think that’s the language – you were speaking.
– Alright, but let’s look at the image. (Rhett) Woah!
Look at that. (Rhett) High grass. That’s a flamingo, right? – Yes.
– (ding sound) It is. Yeah, you did– Look at–
The head on that thing is– – It’s got quite a beak.
– Yeah, and his leg is up. You know how flamingos legs
bend forward. Yeah, I didn’t know what that was,
it was very good. It’s in the middle of its body. – You’ve got a future in this.
– And it shouldn’t have been. Let’s see how good I am. Flamingos like to kick up grass,
and eat shrimp. That’s what makes them pink. I think. Okay. – Got it?
– Yup. To the light painting lab. Okay. You Rhett-y? Yeah. Alright, three, two, one.
Light paint. ♪(dance music)♪ Okay. (hums) You got an orchestra?
A mouth orchestra? Oh, I’m not following this at all. I don’t know how that works. What? There’s a–
Alright, he’s done with the blue. i’m so confused.
Moving slowly. Oh, now he’s moving fast. – Taking some notes from the Linkster.
– There you go. Flamingo in high grass. You got some grass too–
Oh! Got something up there. – (bell sound)
– Got more grass up there. Okay. – This is tough. – Obvious, huh?
– There was green down here. There was green up here. Don’t get distracted by the green
up there, that was just extra time. The blue stuff in the middle, at first,
was the thing that I wasn’t paying attention for. Well that’s the animal. (laughs) The grass is not–
Grass was just extra. It’s a blue animal,
that’s covered– Flanked in grass. And you were, like, doing music,
and I was really distracted by that too. That was for me. I shouldn’t have been listening to that. – That was for my drawing.
– (makes boop sounds) Guess.
What was it? I don’t have a guess,
I don’t know. – Okay, well–
– I was– Grass. Lots of grass with something
in-between it. Alright, let’s see
what it really look like. I think I did a good job on this. (Link) Oh, man! (Rhett) (laughs) Oh, wow. (Link) That is a squiggly tailed rhino. – Ha, that’s right, Link.
– (ding sound) – Is it a rhino?
– It’s a rhino! It’s three dimensional. Yeah, and you know what the green
in the upper left is? The sun. (crew laughs) Because I had extra time. I didn’t do a good job on that,
but boy, that rhino’s good. The sun’s not green. ♪(electronic music)♪ Okay, Rhett, you’re going to go first
in the activity round, so– – I love activities.
– Pull it out, man. – Huh.
– (mockingly) Huh? Okay, there he is.
I see you, Rhett. – You’re in the zone.
– I’ve got a theory for this one. The darkness zone.
Alright. – Are we ready?
– (Rhett) Yup. Three, two, paint now. ♪(electronic music)♪ Oh, what is he doing? You’re covering the light with your hand. Oh. Light went off. You’re failing. – Oh gosh
– Are you tracing yourself? Yup. What? You’ve lost it. He’s lost his confidence, folks. And he’s lost his light. Alright, there’s three circles. – Boom!
– (bell sound) Is the boom part of it? Yeah. You saw what I was doing,
I was tracing myself. It looked like you were tracing yourself. I was. But you were– And then you did something,
and you kind of gave up? No, no. I was switching. Then the light started going out. – And then–
– I think you’re going to get it. And then you drew three balls
on your person. Yeah. I think it’s–
I don’t know. The torso of a man, covered in rocks.
I don’t know. Yeah, that’s it.
The old torso rock covering activity. I don’t know what it is. Show him what it looked like. (crew laughs) (Rhett) That’s actually–
It’s incredible. (Rhett) That is incredible
how good I am at this. – That’s what you wanted it to be?
– Yes. So, I think it’s a blossoming cactus. It’s an activity, man. Oh, it’s an activity. What could this guy be doing? Oh! He’s juggling! (shouts) Juggling! Can I do this as a career? I’d love for you
to go off and do that. Are there jobs for this? You’re a good light painter, Rhett. But am I? We’ll find out. ♪ I got to paint an activity. ♪ ♪ I’m going to do it now. ♪ Okay. – (Rhett) Alright, Link.
– You see me? Three, two, one, go. ♪(dance music)♪ Woah. What are these balls? You’ve got lots of balls
in yours too, huh? The old switcheroo. (high voice) No!
I’m running out of time. (bell sound) (laughs) Got it. (laughs) You took a lot of time
at the very beginning. Brought you back something. Oh, thanks. And then you, there was a lot
of squigglies at the end. I know, I ran out of time,
but I’m sure it’ll look great. What did you get? The first thing you did was
it seemed like a car, – with four wheels.
– Uh huh. Like a bobsled with wheels on the bottom. – (Rhett) But it’s so big.
– (laughs) And then there was squigglies
on top of it. And? Bobsledding? I don’t know.
I need to see it, man. His guess is bobsledding.
Let’s take a look. (Link) Not what I pictured. (Link) I think you can get it though. (Rhett) I think I know
what you’re going for. (Rhett) That’s a rollerblader, man. – That’s rollerblading.
– (ding sound) That is a rollerblading squiggly, yes. Is that supposed to be a person? It’s supposed to be a person,
I was running out of time. But here’s what you’re doing,
you’re not covering the light up– There’s a lot of connective
tissue in there. I don’t need your tutelage.
You got it right. But look, you put a perfect
number two on the second rollerblade. – How did I do that?
– I’m assuming that was unintentional. This is so the guy can keep up
with his rollerblades. That one goes on the number two foot. Alright. ♪(electronic music)♪ Okay, for this round,
we’re not going spelunking. We are going to be penning objects
with our head. You can only use your head,
and, of course, the attachment – that’s on your head.
– Which is a light. That matters a lot. Alright. This is an object. Have you stretched? Oh no, I need to.
Okay. Going back.
Got it. Okay. Okay, Link.
Are you ready? I think so, yeah. Three, two, one, go. ♪(electronic music)♪ Oh gosh. Big circle, little circle. (makes boop sounds) Notches. – (crew laughs)
– What in the world? – What is–
– (bell sound) Done. Okay.
Come over. Uh. Oh, man. That was– That was a workout.
It was kind of like yoga. More cardio I would think. Pilates. It was like a big notched wheel
of some kind. – Uh huh.
– I’m going to say, maybe it was just
because it was a blue light, but I’m going to say it was like
a water wheel. Water mill. – A water mill?
– Yeah. Okay. It was an interesting object to choose. Let’s take a look. – (Rhett) That looks like a baby owl.
– (Link) Oh, you know what? – (Link) Everything you need–
– (Rhett) On its back. (Link) The notched wheel is not visible
at all, but you were on the right track with knowing I was trying to notch
the wheel. Okay, so it’s a baby owl,
with a cape and a small brassiere. And its name is Link,
’cause it has an L on it. It’s a baby owl Link. No combine the notched wheel
with what you see here. And that’s all the information you need
to guess this correctly. The notched wheel with,
that looks like a person. – It’s like a being laying back.
– Yes. – Under a wheel? It’s a–
– Under a wheel? – A baby being run over.
– (crew laughs) – It’s a diving helmet.
– (buzzer sound) – Huh?
– (laughs) It’s a diving helmet. – That–
– You mean the old school diving helmets? You know, like a notched wheel? – Yeah.
– (crew laughs) Let’s just go with baby owl,
brassiere and cape, because I would have guessed that. Okay. Alright, I’m going. Hmm. Alright. Alright, three, two, one, paint. ♪(dance music)♪ There he goes. You look really smart doing it. I will say that. What is this? It’s a big lumpy thing. And he’s adding–
Oh, he’s adding something in front of it. He’s adding an X in front of it? No, he’s adding… What is that?
A fish hook? (yelps) – You done?
– (bell sound) (mocking yelp) I think–
I’m not a great guesser, because I’m just watching your face,
and you’re like doing this all the time. – That’s the wrong part to be watching.
– You look so funny. It’s like, I can’t watch something
that’s not there. I don’t know. I think I should have stopped
while I was ahead. I think, when I started doing
the last little part, I probably screwed things up. You’re not helping me either way. I thought you were going to put
an X through something, so I thought it was going to be
the Ghostbusters symbol for a second. – Yeah.
– And then I was like, “Maybe he’s also drawing a diving helmet.” Well let’s see–
Let’s take a look, and see if you can guess it. (crew laughs) (Link) That’s chaos, man. (Link) Now, when you look at that,
how do you feel about yourself? I don’t feel good. – So this is not what you were hoping?
– No. Is there any part of this
that you would suggest I latch onto. – Don’t latch onto any of it.
– In order to guess. There is a person in this. That will help you separate– The person is no help at all though. The person’s on the left side,
going like this. (repeats) The person’s on the left side
going like this? Oh! Now remove them,
and then focus on what’s left. – I got you.
– (laughs) I got a- I see a guitar. And then I see– But I know you did a line
like Ghostbusters. – Which is a violin.
– (ding sound) – Oh! You got it, Link!
– (laughs) Did I get it? Dang! Yes, it’s a violin. Yeah, ’cause this right here. Once I knew that was a person, I had it. It looks like a giant turkey leg though. Which is always what I thought
violins look like. Yeah, right. And they always make me hungry. I was trying to get a person playing it,
but it just made it look like a person celebrating on the neck of it. So, I think that means
I’m a better guesser, you’re a better drawer? I don’t know it’s hard to say. Let’s just call it a draw. Oh! Thanks for liking, commenting,
and subscribing. You know what time it is. Hey, it’s Nick Holmes,
from Bogotá, Columbia, and it’s time to spin
the Wheel of Mythicality. Stock your stuffings. (laughs) – Or
– (both) stuff your stockings, with lip balm, beard oil,
and pomade. They all fit in there.
In your stuffing or your stockings. Go to Click through to Good Mythical More,
where we are going to play light painting with Mike, and Alex, and Jen. – ♪(fanfare music)♪
– Gift. Congratulations to John Niblick. (Link) You win a Mythical beanie. – Woo!
– (laughs) [Captioned by Jack
GMM Captioning Team]


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