Lilly Singh to SUPERWOMAN Makeup Transformation! Manny MUA

Manny: Hey guys welcome back to my channel. So we are special guests here, we have a super woman Lily: It’s ME! Manny: Lily! Lily: Aka your biggest fan. I can’t do it Honestly guys, we filmed before not first time meeting we collabed before and we did the lipsticks that make, they change your personality yep And that was the beginning of our love fest and that’s how it all started guys, I turned straight the craziest thing I know it doesn’t look like it, but I have I’d hit it Just talked about his butt for those really long really actually really I know I should. Like Manny, everytime you turn around I know I shouldn’t but Just lookin’ be like oh oh So guys we decided to glam so you’re actually going to an event after this I know we’d do like a natural like pretty coppery like nude lip kind of situation I actually do this kind of look very often So it’s like a go to a copper and a nude lip I love doing looks like this so we did this really pretty glam on her So much. I love it so so so much And I learned look so much! You look so good like you really do like you like have a face for makeup like high cheek bones the eye Space okay guys, so as always if you guys do not like this video if you guys do not like me Please don’t fucking watch. You know the drill with that. I say and everything What up t-shirt reference Buy the merch in the link, but if you guys do like to feel please go ahead and subscribe to my channel going to subscribe to super woman’s channel of course I’ll be linking all of her information down below And I’ll link our video that we did because it was literally so much fun so funny I never really did like reading and stuff. You- he killed it. So i.. You wanna see him act and like drop Script and dialogue check out he does so well in it. I need to do that you did it was really fun It was a fun experience And if you’re from my channel and you’re watching mine for the first time please subscribe me such a wonderful human being I approve wholeheartedly Hardly, oh this glam face We’re gonna take two-faced hangover RX and you have you hide me get them before I also like if I do my own makeup I literally have one look that I do like I don’t know how to use I know how to use one color of eyeshadow yeah, not anything else well Maybe you were doing this that you can I can be like so what we’re doing We watch it over and over and over is it fenty foundation shade 300 on a morphe y 9 You’re shade tan by the way this is the Tarte shaped tape concealer So these colors, I’m like using on you like I don’t use them So you just everything like I use you just take it with you. What yes, please? No. Yes. Oh you’re taking it What you’re going to give me the fenty? Yeah? Oh you’re gonna get the concealer and everything! You’re getting everything No. I’m being dead ass I will feel so bad No Yes, I can literally recreate. This look. Yes. I’m too excited. No the best day of my life. I swear Thank you. You’re welcome. That’s like one of the cool parts of like getting to collab with people. I don’t do makeup as often It’s like I can I give you guys stuff and like getting you guys gotta use things like learn something. I know it’s fun It’s like the fun part you have to mix 17 different you You won’t it’s very it’s a good day. You also have a really really really good eyes for makeup so like that I’ll say that to me and I don’t you do why we’re gonna go and set the under eye. Yes, so cute! Shouldn’t use a beauty blender okay for me, yeah Really brighten up under. I do yeah We need some brightening. It’s a whole illusion. Who needs sleep when we have concealer right right you’re right It’s not about health no Really that’s the guy taking too face ethereal powder Big fluffy brush is gonna put that everywhere This is like you’re not wearing this right. Yeah, so it’s okay to get like some powder. Okay, cool. Oh I wore a onesie so I could take it off and yes!! You know what cuz I swear to God every time I put a shirt on or off wearing makeup the shirt is destroyed Oh, dude. I can’t do nothing trust. Nothing solves the problem. I like rims of my collar all mm-hmm Oh me too happens me, and I can I set my face like quite intensely What do you think I think it’s cute you like it yeah we’re improving me out here, mmm we’re only enhancing here, that’s all we’re doing We’re enhancing natural beauty only with full coverage contour a little bit this isn’t thing I don’t know how to do now This is a harder part of makeup for sure. I’m just taking this legit like science This is like what I so This is like a easy tell so like the top of your ear down to your mouth mm-hmm Like literally they can have like a little line here. That’s like what you want to find a real I’m just mixing some tart powders here if I just gonna give you like that like contouring cut look Come together. It’s a funny like when I’m like doing my makeup like the farther along. I get like the more like Like snatched I feel in my body The more like country I guess oh no no is that especially when listening to music oh yes Oh, yeah, as my maker gets more done. I’m like I could totally bend over backward Yeah, you can make my body can do anything right now mine definitely cannot, but I pretend oh Okay, well you can actually sing so that’s something what okay? You can wear collabing there was moment I was like Oh a whole rap okay same thing No, I can maybe rap, but I can’t say no, but you were singing like when we weren’t filming and it was good Okay, you spread that rumor Such a good job Thank you first to call my islands and now my job your job What do you think yeah? Loving I mean living nothing good Yeah, like a Nicki Minaj cheekbones cuz I never told you that no cuz like I’m like living for the cheek Being dead, I appreciate it. Thank you blushing bride, okay? Do you want to highlight the skin are you down with that like yes Yeah, quick story my fans always think that I use highlight in my videos But I’ve had to tell that I don’t know how to use highlight. I’ve never pull out of my life. It’s just sweat. It’s literally And the light and everyone’s like that highlight, though Mike is it’s a hobby sweat actually if only y’all bitches need I know What it really is you wouldn’t be thinking that I think we’re going to do something gold You buy the ground highlighting a tree oh Okay Q what do you think I? Like it are we living I’m living look good. Thanks. I’m gonna go ahead and match the Neck to the face a little bit more. I always like to choose a darker foundation for my face I felt makes you look more healthy yeah That’s what pale and translucent people always clucking for it, and I’m like please my friends back. There’s like a really rigid line. Just like Yeah, oh, yeah, no the brush is definitely oh My Gosh with you exposing myself. Yeah, go ahead sorry exposing it But the tits away no Actually it is I don’t want to contour your nose you have such a cute little like nose. I think the highlight is it perfect Okay, I trust you and your expertise good, and if you like it legal weights looking so far then we’re good I do oh She’s feeling your oats you’re feeling Good now. We’re gonna move on to the brows. Oh snap, okay These hot mess mother effing brows good luck. I’m rain 40 luck We’re spraying for you first of all you have to make it so there’s two okay So good luck After I was done collabing with mani true fact everyone on my team had to like sit down. They were like he is the most Beautifully, I swear everyone was like he’s the most beautiful human being we’ve ever seen right So your whole team is literally everything? You actually have a nice like brow shape ally like you know like I know where the brow is it’s nice like it’s not like You have like no brow hair. Ally you gon use the UH Nastasia medium a brown brow pencil. We’re gonna follow the natural hair Or. We’re gonna keep it cute and keep moving Then I create a fake arch oh my god Aren’t you never had one before? Oh don’t you worry? We’re gonna build you one oh? She’s got a brow. I’m – she’s feeling yourself take a little bit of brow jaw guys aren’t a firm through You guys might see that browse look a little bit different, but I’m trying to follow her natural brow her brow I’m not gonna try to make it like identical This is what worked before the brow and that’s what I continued it as now we’re gonna prime the eyes and when I start on the pie maker we’re gonna take the tart shape tape concealer We’re going to put that all over the I use I’m just gonna prime the eyes with the concealer now We’re gonna start on the eye makeup, so I’m think I’m just gonna do something neutral because you are going to the premiere mm-hmm So we’re gonna take the morphe 35o two guys. We’re not gonna take the crazy ones We should take the neutrals down here your makeup is so Queens if it’s mine all these are you cracked broken then we make them? No, yeah, really cuz I travel with only makeup. Oh. Yeah. Yeah, yeah, you’re gonna mix some of these colors together I Bring that to the crease Your crease is quite easy to find Deep sunken tired eyes That’s about it. Okay guys. We’re gonna take these guys up here like these like three these guys are out here We’re gonna put that into the crease With this fluffy brush, I don’t know why whatever like I’m collide with people like some type of weird accent girl I know I love it like I love how weird your Your soul like a can express you’re so gentle how the like whenever you had you make it done before the gentle too Might be the most ever gonna make a brown eye makeup a lot Sleep Does make you tired don’t know like that happens little literally like whatever I’m like doing a glam want someone that was like I’m so relaxed right now. You don’t understand mmm-hmm Feeling tired I take this brown right here Already is this with you. I speaking adore you. Oh my god. You’re so funny and so just Nice, and you’re just a beautiful human being thank you purely just about yeah, definitely definitely just an outside I Feel like with this look because you are doing a blue I think the copper like the orange is pop out really nice like because it’s orange and blue or like the Commentary’ and the complete whatever. I’m saying that with each other We did an episode of the Magic School Bus hey, Lisa yeah, how she feeling Feeling soul treat you know Now I’m gonna take a little bit of the time to do that along the lash line To do a winged liner how people go to carpets or anything yeah like it can get like fucked up real quick mm-hmm Let me just do like a smoky lash line okay It’s kind of like giving you definition on the lashes mm-hmm without having to do a full intense like liquid or cream liner and everything mm-hmm But it don’t look like it makes it gives your eyes like this really different like smoked out really Depth feel so now we take black eyes take a little bit of the black We’re gonna build up on the brown and a little bit even closer to the lashes just Talking about smoked out like ooh Other than this one yeah other than this exact moment Okay, so much on the B. Well. I mean just want some of you. I love you colliding with Colleen mm-hmm I love being with her like she’s mine – this is so fun I was looking like Joey was gonna like me. They were like really close friends now Sabino logical oh yeah She’s fucking holy I know she’s so funny Like I cannot With her and like we have like similar senses of humor which is nice like I feel that don’t take themselves like too seriously all Right so she goes you’re going with the can more of a nude lips So we’re gonna do something like a little bit more like sultry ish so we’re taking the Marc Jacobs liner in earthquake I’m quick quick ink in my boot in my pumps In her corner a little okay Mmm. She’ll go and curl the lashes Apply some mascara huh, okay? I’m gonna take roller lash my benefit this one. Also you’re taking on me. Yeah Really mm-hm make up at a lack of the top ones Or take Lily lashes in this south can See any yes, but swimming. It’s can I can I think I can I think I can’t I do believe in fairies Okay, so we changed out the left So we change the flash guys we’re gonna use the I’ll or X and lease so fancy lashes in second these are more of a Chill pair we’re doing carpet guys so we want to do more children Yes definitely this is settle for me like I like the drag lashes are like normal in the beauty world like the intense Meek’s like let me connotes those kind. Those are like normal. That was the easiest lash apply love my life apply all Application, but that was like so II have no one has ever really hide lashes on me like that never never never just like so Like okay, we’re done. I think We did it that she looks really really nice, and I know this is slightly orange romantic, but it’s like good dramatic. It’s okay I think it’s good for now that I got it all gonna work on the liver would die Also, if you’re like watching this and you’re here from my bike from team super please subscribe to Mandy He’s so wonderful like I’m actually Genuinely a fan of him as a human like F. His makeup. Everything else like as a human. I’m such a fan such a fan Where I take a 1993 lip liner by urban decay It’s just so interesting you know a thousand drawers and makeup You know exactly where everything is like. Let me just the one specific color from this specific line of the specific makeup brand It’s right over here and drawer three see over here So impressive goals oh, yeah, we’re gonna take Clinique boo blushing pot oh one Okay mm-hmm, what do you think I love it? Do you like it? I do. I really like the lip color actually then Really oh my god, it’s so spoiled Don’t take a little bit of this. This is called champagne. Helisas. I don’t know how to say this, but take a really pretty rose color here, just like a little pop and then This is the morphe one so bomb mmm Mmm. She cute. Can I open you can? Honored like truly honored that you do my makeup honestly. I think people would kill to be my position I truly change with you everyone watching is just and you should be you should be Dennis I’m already getting beat my Manny and should we get it if you’re feeling bad about yourself you are Justified because I mean I see right now And that is that you guys that’s it for the entire glam onto my girl Lily yeah And you go free stuff Ever honestly I get sent so much PR like I have so many multiple colors of so many different things that like it’s the funnest Like to do collabs because I can actually give stuff – oh you brown hold on them. Oh B I got for you They are not my shame This is a good part about like if you ever come over to my house and collab with me You’re gonna get that if I go to your house It’s gonna be little so basically comment below what our next class should be Let us know what else you think what do anything? Yeah? What kind of look? Let me know and we’ll get that going yeah once I want to do like a really fun bold look like your thing is like the unicorns. I love that so much crazy Yes, yes when you’re not going to premiere okay fun and you’re not trying to look so snatched yeah That’s what we’re gonna do So it’s gonna be really fun as always I’ll leave all the stuff I talked about in today’s video linked down below and of course Everything from a little building to town below has well subscribe to her channel. She’s absolutely amazing queen of YouTube fucking sickening though everything The whole thing she’s amazing look who talks I hope you replaced me one day if you have no ready, or I really do you should be replacing Eddie? I want you to only watch you you are just my favorite Obsessed she’s the best honest a guy. She’s the best describe to her don’t forget and that is it you guys I’ll see you guys in my next video Have a great at night or day wherever you guys are and I’ll catch you guys in my next video bye guys On this channel, it’s about how you look If you saw me do I make it be like what is this oh my makeup is also so broken So so broken subscribe too many Do it either good or damn it is great? Oh my god, I’m obsessed with you. This part also I don’t talk very much. No, please I get it, I get it please. This part takes a little more concentration. I’m going to take this brown one right here. Brown like me! Yeah, cutie Zee and brown Zee These brushes are just like wings of an angel on my face right now. And it feels so good! Scoot over a little bit, I going to have you…oh Bye! Wrong way Work


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