Loussac Library: Portal of Perception Sculpture

This is the Portal of Perception It is a monumental sculpture hanging Chandelier that we were building for the Loussac Library in Anchorage, Alaska So behind me is the portal of perception. This is the overall structure that’s going to hang from the ceiling Last night I put this all kind of like Lord of the Rings kind of like fantasy throwing star Elizabethan collar on it. It doesn’t seem that far out crazy far off for us I mean, it’s it’s a big project But I think this is something that’s really within our scope. Because we have finite data that we’re working from we’re able to know how much material we’re going to use. Because we know how much material we’re going to use we’re able to calculate how much it’s going to weigh. So, this is the bulb which is the big eyeball at the bottom it will be at the very bottom of the sculpture levitating above people’s heads like 15 feet through the Oculus of it will be an infinity mirror, so the kids can stare Into the eyeball into the infinite realm of imagination and creativity

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