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Hi friends Do you know this is my lucky pen? When I write my tests with this pen I always score amazing marks But this pen decepted me in one exam come on let us see the story If you like our stories please like the video Come on let us see the story, it will be fun Brazil’s amazonian jungle is still on fire even after 65 days Are you ready? Yes, I am ready come on pack your bags, you have a test today Mom I am ready Okay You prepared for the test nicely right? yes best of luck I forgot something I forgot my lucky pen Write your test nicely and, check it twice okay? best of luck Thank you Aayu what are you doing? Oh sister my exams are over All the world’s problems lie on my head that’s why I am reading about amazon fire I’ll go to extinguish the fire oh yes you go extinguish the fire I’ll go I have an exam Let him extinguish the fires you go and give your exam Bye, bye Oh god Car sales have dropped in our country What should I do? I should tell my dad to buy 100-200 more cars See am I right? So like this video Oh sister you finished your exam so fast come on let us see Mom I’m back You’re home?? hmm… How was your exam? How did you do in exam? I meant how much did you scored? My test was so good I’ll score 10 out of 10 10 out of 10? hmm… Oh, Aayu is still reading the newspaper Yes Aayu is so worried about the whole world and he’s worried about you too Telll him you will score 10 out of 10 oh 10 out of 10? You’ve proved it today that you are Aayu the great’s sister Oh it was my lucky pen’s wonder that I got full marks Because of this reason I’ll eat 2 chocolates today Friends even you should eat 2 chocolates today See I’ll score good marks tomrrow too I have my science test tomorrow 10 out of 10 very good come on go rest now No, no I have to study my science test is tomorrow You’ll start studying right now? Okay do your prepration women’s tv watching has increased by 150% In last 4 years What happened Aayu? why do you look so worried? you just tell me one thing what the meaning of these words females means mom, sister ,grandmom all the ladies are females and that means one and half means your tv watching time has increased by 150% We study all day while you watch t.v. all day How does Aayu know that? It’s in the newspaper Oh so it’s written in the newspaper that Aayu’s mom keeps on watching t.v. no It say all the females It’s not like that You sister is female too Oh Pihu you have a test today, Are you ready? Yes, Mom Do your test nicely, best of luck Okay I have my lucky pen Hmm.. okay bye bye If sister didn’t had her lucky pen sister wold have failed the test yes maybe It’s a good thing I have it stupid sister Oh, you should not call your sister stupid Bye kiddo, bye Come on let us see, what sister does in todays exam Aayu where are you learning all this from? First of all you stop reading this newspaper No, I’ll read it You are learning all these big words Come on mom make some tea for me Even men’s tea cosumption has incresed 2 folds Now Aayu knows what does aadmi means yes What is it? It means boys Friends see how smart Aayu is Will you have to tea? Or should I give you some chocolate milk? No I’ll have tea I’ll get you chocolate milk drink that without a word No. no This is what all children drink Mom I again got 10 out of 10 Thank you my lucky pen Again 10 out of 10? This is all because of Pihu’s hard work No it’s because of my lucky pen Oh no this is all because you prepared for the test No, it’s the lucky pen You won’t listen to me Okay go study with your lucky pen Huh? again 10 out of 10 I’ll have to check out this lucky pen for myself Mom 10 out of 10 even in maths Mom 9.5 out of 10 in english Mom 9.5 out of 10 in hindi Mom 10 out of 10 in social science This is all because of my lucky pen, thank you lucky pen Hmm.. all of sister’s tests went nicely some 10 out of 10, some 9.5 just the last test is remaining that too which one? drawing test You must be thinking, it’s such an easy one sister will be able to do it easily but I won’t tell you come on let us see what should I do? I don’t understand I might be the only girl whose all exams went so well but is worried about a drawing exam So friends you tell me tomorrow is my drawing exam should I belive in my lucky pen or my hard work This lucky pen has troubled me a lot please someone tell me what should I do? Oh sister you’re home I know your drawing exam must have went well Right? Sister tell us how was your exam? It was your last exam did you have fun? Yes Pihu It was your drwaing exam today, did it went well? It must have went well, I know for sure me too What happened? Oh mom Why are you getting tensed? Sister had her lucky pen with her Yes she scores really good, with her lucky pen but today was a drawing exam you can not use pen for that Maybe that is why she is upset because her exam didn’t went well Pihu tell us what happened? I did my whole exam with the lucky pen Means we had to make a scenery for our exam I did it with a blue pen Oh, so you made the house with the blue pen yes even the grass with the blue pen yes even the moutain of blue colour yes sun too with blue pen yes yes yes So this was bound to happen If you will make a drawing like this you will get a zero only I am telling you I didn’t liked it at all Lucky pen huh? Aayu – Listen then I used my brains Yes I know, you are my sister You are just like me You surely have learnt something from me while being in my company So tell me what did you do? Tell us what you did? I made my drawing using what? my lucky pen So my exam finished within 15 minutes because I didn’t use my colours So when I went to give my paper to Ma’am She said I’m stupid that I made the whole scenery with blue colour Oh so even Ma’am knows that my sister is stupid Aayu You should not say that to your sister Oh , okay sorry sorry Then what? Then what happened? Then Ma’am explained me that luck and hard work both are important but without hard work luck dosen’t works If you want to be lucky, you will have to work hard Oh Sister do not jumble your words Tell we what happened in test should I be relieved or not? Should I tell you? yes Truthfully? Your nose just almost got saved So nice, my nose is safe Aayu is worried for his nose So you got 10 out of 10 yes But how? Ma’am gave me another sheet and then I nicely sketched with crayons and pencils and gave it to Ma’am Oh so now Pihu knows that Pihu got 10 out of 10 because of her hardwork No, it’s because of my lucky crayons Oh God In the types of players video, Aayu took Virat kohli’s name 6 times Many friends gave us the right answer but we only had to choose 5 winners Those 5 lucky winners are Congratulations to all the winners So today we learnt from this video that to be lucky hard work is really important without hard work luck dosen’t works Surely like and share this video But Mom tell me wether I am lucky or hard working? Oh no

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