M·A·C Star Trek — Vina by Chrisspy!

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hey, guys. Chrisspy here. To celebrate the
50th anniversary of Star Trek, MAC
Cosmetics and I teamed up to bring you guys
tutorials inspired by the women of Star Trek. Today’s tutorial is inspired
by the character Vina. She’s described as
vicious, seductive, and she’s also a belly dancer. So if you guys want to
see how to get this look, just stay tuned. All right, guys,
so I’m going to be using these two Chromacakes in
Chartreuse and Landscape Green. What I’m going to
do is I’m actually going to use some
Fix Plus, just going to get it damp, like that. And then, go ahead and swirl it. So I’m just going to go ahead
and paint the neck for right now. Later on, I’ll do my shoulders
and arms and everything. Next, I’m going to use Fluid
Line Brow Gelcreme in Deep Dark Brunette and define the brows. So now, I’m going to
take a 242 brush, which is a little flat brush, and
I’m taking the Chartreuse Chromacake and I’m
going to use this to kind of lift
this area up, where I brought the brow to low. Right now, I’m going to
move on to the eyeshadow. So going to take Shadowy Lady. And I’m going to put this in
the crease, using a 286 brush. I’m going to take a little bit
of Sculpt Contouring Powder. And I’m just going
to dust this really lightly up top, where my
eye shadow’s going to end, so to speak, just so that
it’s nice and smooth. Now, I’m going back in
with the Shadowy Lady. Shadowy Lady was like my jam,
like one of my first eyeshadows that I ever bought when I was
working at MAC back in the day. I remember it was like
a new thing for me that I had tried
matte eyeshadows. I was like this is
some next level stuff. On the lid, I’m going to be
using this eyeshadow called Bird of Prey. And I’m going to
take a flap brush. And I’m going to get it a
little bit damp using Fix Plus. So I’m going to
pack it on the lid. This is a 242 brush. Next, I’m going to
take Carbon eyeshadow. And I’m going to deepen
the crease even more. This brush is a
little bit smaller. So it’s going to allow
me to just darken this bottom part of the crease. Now, I’m going to take it
all the way over here also. I’m using a really,
really light touch. So next, I mixed a little
bit of the landscrape– Landscape Green and
some White Paint. And I’m going to go in and
highlight my under eyes. Using the white and green
paint, and a smaller brush, I’m going to go in
and highlight my nose. I’m going to fill in the
waterline using Smolder. I’m doing the top waterline. Whenever I watch
other people do this, it like looks like it
probably really hurts, but it actually doesn’t. Now, see how I just have the
liner and my waterline right here, and my lash
line, you can still see flesh peeking through? I’m going to take the pencil
and really get the liner down into the lash line. And we’re going to smoke
that out with shadow after. Next, I’m going to
apply some liquid liner. I’m going to come all the
way over to the inner corner. So I haven’t redipped the brush. There’s very little
product on the brush. And as I pull it upwards,
I’m going to release pressure and it’s going to make
that line really skinny. And then, to build
it back, I’m not going to go all the way
to the end of the wing. I’m going to grab it at about
right here and pull it back. Now, I’m going to
redip the brush. And go ahead and fill that in. To shade out the
lower lash line, we’re going to use
Carbon eyeshadow. So after curling my
lashes, I’m going to apply some Haute
and Naughty Mascara. Next, I’m going to
apply some lashes. I’m using 34 lashes. So now that we’re all
done with the eyes, I want to go in and contour
and highlight the face. First, I’m using
matte white pigment to highlight the under eyes. Using Landscape Green
pigment, next, I’m going to contour the face. I’m using a very light touch,
because the shadows just really stick to the paint. So I don’t want
to mess things up. I want to build coverage
and color slowly. So next, I’m going
to paint my shoulders so that I can get in and
contour and highlight this area. So I’m going to contour using
the Forest Green pigment and some Carbon eyeshadow. I’m going to highlight
using some of this Reflects Transparent Teal. So I’m take a little bit
of the green pigment. And I’m going to put it over
this little shadow here. So I’m going to take
some white acrylic paint and I’m going to
add some dots appear to give a more futuristic feel. On the lips, I’m going to
start with Vino lip liner. I’m going to take lipstick and
put this all over the lips. I’m going to add a little
bit of lip gloss on top. So now that I’m pretty much
all done with my makeup, I’m going to take
this 182 kabuki brush and paint the rest of my arms. All right. Now that I am fully green,
I’m going to go do my hair and add some finishing touches. And we’ll be all done. All right, you guys, so
this is the finished look. I hope you enjoyed
this tutorial. Check out the other
Star Trek videos. Make sure you subscribe
to MAC’s channel. And while you’re at it,
head over to my channel. See what’s up. And I’ll see you guys next time. Bye. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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