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Magnetic paint Does it work? Is it worth it? Will I even use it? I’ve got answers for you. I painted this magnetic chalkboard wall a few years ago using “Rust-Oleum” magnetic paint primer and “Rust-Oleum” chalkboard paint on top. I used an entire 30 ounce can on this area applying extra coats in the middle. We’ve really enjoyed making murals and doodling on our chalkboard but I don’t think we’d really taken advantage of the magnetic factor until recently. The magnetic primer does work but isn’t nearly as strong of a magnet as say, the refrigerator. Let’s do some testing to see what works and what doesn’t. We’ll start our test with this soccer ball clamp magnet. It’s clunky and kind of heavy and the actual magnet part is relatively small. Nothing. Let’s move on to these little guys they aren’t particularly strong but the entire back is magnet. Nice. Now this seahorse is a little bit heavier, and he doesn’t even stick all that well on the fridge. That wasn’t surprising. Let’s try these tiny magnets that are so strong, you can throw them at the fridge and they stick. Excellent. So can any of the magnets that actually stick hold paper? Not these… but the little guys can. What about cardstock paper? Even with the stronger of these small magnets, as you can see, it’s not happening. But the tiny ones? Success story! As I went about finding a way to try to take advantage of the magnetic factor on the wall I discovered that these two little Mexican dolls hung on really well and that made me think that magnet pictures would be absolutely ideal. So I did a little online research and found this company called “Sticky9” who printed out a bunch of my pictures and this is how they turned out. I went with this company because they had the option to print the pictures a little bit bigger and I was able to score a 20% discount for a promotion that they had going on but there’s a lot of different companies. Definitely look around. I love, love, love this way to display one of my favorite things… pictures. So all in all I would definitely say that magnetic paint is worth it. Using it in conjunction with chalkboard paint I think is ideal because you have the option to draw on the wall and then when you get sick of your little doodles, you can move on to a beautiful display like this one. Hope you guys found this video helpful. Thanks for watching. Bye!

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