Make-up Studio – Fluid Foundation No Transfer

This video shows you how to create the perfect base with a fluid foundation in just a few steps. The make-up artist first applies the Pre Base. This moisturiser offers optimal protection against sun light and also guarantees a smooth finish. To neutralise small spots and light decolorisations the make-up artist has chosen the Liquid Concealer, a silky fluid concealer. Thanks to the beautiful packaging with brush inside the concealer can be easily applied. For darker decolorisations always ask the Make-up Studio advisor for the best neutralising product. In this video the Make-up Studio make-up artist has chosen the Fluid Foundation No Transfer. This foundation ensures a radiating face, all day long. Thanks to the special formula the No Transfer foundation does not have to be powdered after application. Although the foundation can be applied with a sponge, the make-up artist prefers using the Foundation Brush. Apply the foundation in the middle of the face and gently move upwards and downwards. Don’t forget the jawline and the base of the neck for a natural result. Foundation does not stop at the chin. Make-up artist TIP: For an even more smooth and glowing result the Foundation Polish Brush is the perfect tool.

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