Makeup For Film & Television : How to Apply Anti-Shine For Film & Television

So I just put moisturizer on Nicole’s face
and I took a look under her eyes. I don’t want to put any moisturizer under there because
she has enough moisture. I think that using a concealer with a moisturizer there might
make it gather. So, I’m going to stick with an anti-shine. So, I like to use an anti-shine
on most people. Some makeup artists don’t, I do. I like to do it. But if you have a heavy
sweater you do risk the chance of having some kind of white residue if you put it on too
heavy or don’t apply it properly. But it’s one of my most loved products, obviously.
So, I’m going to add some to Nicole. And this you have to work on fairly quickly. Some makeup
artists don’t like to use it because sometimes if you have somebody who sweats too much it
could leave kind of a white ring. But I’ve always found that it, if you mix it, if you
spread it out enough, and thin enough I don’t usually have that problem.

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