Makeup Tutorial – How To Select Base For Your Skin Tone With Demo

Hi everyone. My name is Meghana Mukherjee.
I am a senior make-up artist with Kryolan City Delhi. Today I am going to show you how
to select a foundation base for yourself. When you go to any kind of mall or markets,
lot of people are confused as to what is the best way to select a foundation base for themselves
for personal use. There are certain do’s and don’ts that you must follow. Do not test the
base here at the back of your hand or the front of your hand or any other part of your
body. If you are selecting a base for you face the best part to select and to apply
the product and to check is this part. From your chin to neck. Because even from your
chin to neck there are different colour shades. Because obviously when you are applying make-up
on your face the make-up will also have to be applied on your neck. So let me just show
you today how you can actually do a test on your skin before you buy the product for yourself.
So first you need to identify whether you are a pink tone or a yellow tone. The model
I have over here today is clearly a yellow tone. So I am going to start with the application
and check. This seems to be working fine. And also a little bit on the neck. So as you
can see I have not only applied the base on her jawline but also dragged the colour all
the way down to the neck line. So that this part of the skin has a even finish. There
should not be much difference from both the parts of the skin. They should have an even
blending and it should match with the basic skin tone of your skin. So today what I applied
on the model over here was actually a mixture of two different colours. I have used a Derma
D5 and D64 to get an even tone on our model’s face. Since I am using cream based products
which are very heavily pigmented you want your make-up to stay. So it is extremely important
that you use a translucent powder or a fixing powder on the skin with a powder puff or a
bathing sponge to set the base. If you don’t set the base your make-up will keep bleeding.
Also when you are talking on the phone or if you rub your clothes by mistake everything
will come off. So you have to have to set your cream based make-up especially with the
setting powder or a fixing powder. As you can see we have already selected a perfect
base for her. But when you go to select your own base colour it is very confusing because
there are obviously dark tones, there are pink tones, and then there are yellow tones.
Let’s see what happens when you pick up the wrong tone and how your skin reacts to it.
So I will start off with blending the dark shade. I am using a concealer brush because
I am working on a very small area. Now I am blending the base which has a pink tone. And
now I am going to blend a yellow tone on her. Now as you can see the dark tone is clearly
dark. It is not enhancing her natural skin colour. The pink tone on the other hand is
going to end up turning looking ashy which a lot of people have a problem with. They
see that they tend to look grey or they tend to look dark or they turn completely ashy
in colour. That mostly happens when you select a cream based foundation which is pink tone
thinking they would end up looking fair. On the contrary they end up looking grey. When
you pick up the right base for your self as you can see it evenly blends into your skin.
And I have selected a yellow tone for our model over here and it blends perfectly with
her skin. This demonstration today you can see how picking up the right base for your
self can actually enhance your look can make you look more even and natural. So be careful
when you select the base. Not to select it over here, here, or here. But on this part
of your skin and always try to identify your base tone colour. If you have problems and
the make-up expert or someone behind the make-up counter to help you with that. Most of us
Indians are I would like to believe are yellow tone. So go for any kind of cream base or
liquid base or stick cream base foundation which has yellow pigments in them. Also in
case if you have a pink tone go for a tone which clearly appears to be pink undertone
in nature. When you apply a pink undertone for pink tone of yours your colour will remain
the same. It will not change the colour of your skin. The same way if you have lot of
pigmentation on your skin or if your skin is too dull or shallow go for a tone which
has little bit more orange in it to start with and then go with your skin tone colour
and try it on yourself. Blend it try to set it with a powder wait for five ten minutes
and see how the make-up comes out. If you have any further queries or if you have doubts
about how to select any kind of base or primers for your self do not hesitate to get in touch
with me at [email protected] or you can leave your comments on the comments box
below. Thank you.

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