Making a Dustin(Stranger things) head sculpture Timelapse

Hi. I am Figure maker Yh Ha. Do you like Soap Opera? I have a fun soap opera recently. It is Stranger things. Dustin, a pretty important part of this season, was really cute. So I made Dustin. Modeling it. I make hats too. I saw that camp cap is all the rage. I think fashion comes full circle. I made his hair roughly to see how it looks. And I also put color. Printing process after completion. Removing foreign matter on resin. And I injected it with… wax … Ah ………………. that’s fine. I can do this allday.. Fortunately, it came out well. I compose my self and clean up surface. Skin texture worked by hand. I have time to look back at me while working on the skin texture one by one. I put on a hat. Is it really cute? It’s time to give life to him. Many people ask how to paint well. First of all, I would like to recommend how to paint a lot while referring to my video. Carefully draw the iris. In fact, if you are wrong, you can delete it. I will express attractive blue eyes. Eyebrows also. I painted Dustin’s glamorous lips and teeth. Dustin seems to have a cute mouth. This is the first time I’ve made something cute. I express gloss on the inside of my mouth slightly spread with clear paint. I also paint gloss on the eyeballs. Now let’s paint the camp cap. Apply the masking tape and apply part of it. Again, masking was done neatly. However, the masking tape must be carefully attached. Otherwise it will be like this… It’s okay ~ I can remove it. Um ~ Until now, it seems that his cute image appears well. I’m going to make Dustin’s curly hair. This time, I challenged to put on actual hair, not a sculpt. It’s a way to perm in hot water. I know that doll collectors do a lot of perm on dolls. The perm is very good. Windingly~ I wrapped the tape around my head and put it in the form of a wig. Cut it out so that it looks good. And then color it in brown. The wig was moved to the colored head and pasted. I’ll make a pattern for his hat. After drawing through computer work, we printed out the decal paper. Soak it in water for about 30 seconds and you can remove it like this. I put a decal on his hat. I finished making Dustin head sculpt. This time I had a lot of fun. I hope it’s a fun video for you. Thank you for watching my work. See you in the next video 🙂

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