Making an Abstract Wood Sculpture – Art, Carving

I have to say that I am very pleased with
how this turned out. I am really excited about this. This piece was inspired by the work of Salem
Barker. If you have not seen his work, go check him
out. It is certainly not finished as nice as his
work. My intent with this was to simply make an
abstract, organic shape. This is carved out of a reclaimed heart pine
beam. This is southern yellow pine. It came from an old factory that was over
one hundred years old. I got this piece of wood several months ago
from Jeff at Soda City Sawmill, here in Columbia. Regular watchers will know that I already
made several things out of this wood, including the shark and the dolphin. I suppose this could be kind of a metaphor
for my last year. 2018 was very interesting, to say the least. It was full of twists and turns, but ultimately
pretty cool. I decided to call it “2018.” A very interesting thing about this wood is
the growth rings are very pronounced, obviously. The darker growth rings are actually somewhat
translucent. I do not know if you can see it. I thought that was a surprisingly interesting
feature that gives it some added depth. I spent a couple of days sanding this thing. In total, I guess, probably 10-12 hours just
in sanding alone. I am not sponsored by this company, but I
used this drill for about 7-8 hours straight the other day and it held up very well. Very impressed with that. I also did a lot of hand sanding. This piece is going up on my Etsy store, so
check it out. I have also put numerous other pieces up just
recently. I had a couple of things happen this week
that kind of distracted me from doing this. The first thing was I was featured on George
Takei Presents on Facebook. That was pretty exciting. Once that happened, a journalist from a local
newspaper contacted me to do a short article. That is exciting as well. 2019 is starting out great. I am really excited to see what the rest of
the year has in store. If you made it this far, thanks a lot for
watching. Thanks a lot to the whack of new subscribers
I have been getting recently as well. I really appreciate your support. This journey has been really exciting. I am really overwhelmed and touched by the
amount of support and kind words that I have been getting. Thanks again everyone. Hopefully, you will keep tuning in for more
fun projects in Cammie’s Garage.


  • wood 4 nothing

    Wow that turned out really good .
    Tim from Wood 4 Nothing

  • ManCraftingTM

    Wow, I was thinking that there was some chatoyance in the wood which I thought was odd for pine. I guess its the translucent rings giving that impression. I don't typically look at pine and think that it's beautiful, but Cam you found the beauty in this piece.

  • Roscoe Biscoe

    Super cool organic form! You killin' it brother🔥

  • Madira Design

    Awesome! And in a journal! Also. What is that sanding bit you have and where did you get IT?

  • Johnathon Whittaker

    Great stuff Cam! Love the abstract look

  • Slow and Expensive

    Awesome piece! It reminds me of a tropical underwater plant type thing.

  • Fred McIntyre

    Really cool Cam! 👍🏻👊🏻

  • Andy Phillip

    Cool piece Cammie 👍

  • Deb G

    Beautiful. What kind of wood?

  • Seth Galitzer

    It has a really interesting flowing organic feel. I think the pronounced grain really helps with that. The translucent rings are hard to see from a distance, but I bet they look really cool close-up. Thanks for sharing!

  • StuffUCanMake

    OK, I admit it. A YouTuber like me will never match the raw talent you have just displayed. Your skill in alien-level skill, period!!


    Una preciosidad muy muy original te quedó eres un artista 👍

  • MrDigitalCypher

    Good on you, keep up the great work Sir!

  • MJ J

    One of my favs Cammie, great work! I LOVE these sculptures…it excites me that your doing this, because I do sculptures but with small mini blocks of wood. Keep it up!

  • Hoài Tâm Lê Thị

    Hello from Vietnam <3

  • Jonas Olsen Woodcraft

    That is really awesome! i have been wanting to do something like this for a loong time 🙂 subscribed to your channel

  • Xylem Slicer

    That same shape out of metal or plastic would have been cool but wood and the beautiful grain patterns make it phenomenal! Its fantastic! Thanks for another great share.

  • Billy Burt

    WOW… just wow, Cam! That is really cool!!! At first I thought, "It's a flame." Then as you turned it I thought, no, it's kelp. And that fits in with the shark and dolphin. Whatever it is, it is positively gorgeous! Can't wait to see what you come up with next!

  • Bearded Penguin

    Another beautiful piece my friend. Also, I love your Darth Maul face shield!

  • Jolien Brebels

    Great to see you getting more subscribers on YouTube! You deserve it!

  • Ouida Brady

    That piece really turned out great and the translucent in the darker ring is wild!!!!! Never seen that before!! Looking forward to your next video!

  • Alexander Lennox



    Which wood do u used in this work

  • Nosara

    I like it.

  • Kobie Kaasjager

    Fantastic work everything you make is awesome.

  • Kobie Kaasjager

    Cammie you do the work and the wood grain does the talking.

  • Adm Brnk

    Hey I’ve been researching wood carving lately, thinking of doing some myself. I’ve seen some people talking about how they wouldn’t use an angle grinder on wood because it’s so powerful it could be dangerous with kickback and whatnot. I think those people are mostly talking about cutting with one of those blades that looks like a round chainsaw, but do you think it’s any more dangerous than any other tool used to carve wood?

  • Margaret Browne

    Very cool!

  • Vega Bernache

    Bastante hermoso el trabajo….

  • Михаил Вобликов

    Очень необычно и красиво👍


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