Making CHEESE Sculptures! – Ten Minute Power Hour

Hello, and welcome to the 10 minute power hour. Kiss me. All- all right you kids. Get the heck out of here. Mosey on along now or you’ll
get misdemeanor loitering. [Dinosaurs] Aw come on! Aw man. Everyone back to their places. Everyone- Just-just act- nothing to see here. – What are we doing today Dan?
– You tell me. Oh my god, giant blocks of nasty cheese! – We’re getting constipated!
– These look like carving tools. – They are carving tools.
– And a sponge. – We’re gonna be making-
– Which is not a very effective form of contraception. – I’ve been told.
– No. Just shove it right in your pee hole. Foom foom foOm FoOm FOoM FOOM FOOM. Alright I’m ready! – So are we carving cheese, Arin?
– Into each other! What does that mean. – Oh! Into like busts of each other.
– Yeah!
– Okay. You got a plate! You can put that in your head
to receive radio signals from the aliens. That’s the reason I keep getting stopped at the airport. That’s a big ol blast cheese. – Oh, did you get a whiff?
– Yeah, it’s- – Can I get a sniff?
– Yeah. I just realized I violently put
a knife right towards your face. – That’s fine, you know we’re friends.
– Yeah! Check it out! Okay, so how? How. Tucker can you put up some examples of famous busts, and don’t put up boobs. – Dude, I’m not hungry.
– Okay. Do you think I’m some kind of cheese eater? F that. I’m not from MishIgAN! Sorry Mishigan, we love you. Especially DetroYt. Detroot. That where I became hooman. That’s where I received my hUmAn training. I mean my regular type training. I’m cutting into the cheese. I don’t get it. I’m done. It’s you – It’s really cute, not going to lie.
– Do you like it? – Ok, I gotta-
– [Cheesy] Hahoy! – I don’t know how to do this-
– [Cheesy] I’m Cheesy! [Cheesy] You guys are my best friends. – Can I have your sharpie?
– [cheesy]OH GOD NO- – Sorry what?
– Can I have your sharpie? Stop throwing! – That’s dangerous, AH I have eyes!
– Thank you Tucker. You need to protect the eyes. I’m try- I’m trying to draw a sketch of- *Burp* Look directly at me. – Don’t look away.
– I can’t. Okay, you’re making a face now.
I’m not gonna sculpt to you like you’re making face. You got beautiful eyes, Dan. I just wanted to say. Thank you. So what I know a lot of sculptors do, when they sculpt out of a block of cheese such as this, they draw on one side, and then
they draw on the other side, and then you carve into it to create… The… finished! Product. *beat boxing* Cheese outta control. I’m just trying to get a sphere. There we go. So step one, create a perfect sphere. Complete. [Funny Youtube voice] I can do all kinds of spells. Like, perfect sphere! [Funny voice] Now it’s become a perfect sphere- Here’s another spell. Espherus patronus! [Funny voice] My dad will be really proud of this. “Arin, you’re a disgrace!” – Like a meanie.
– [Funny voice] Oops! Wrong spell. This is going to be another episode
where we do our absolute best, and people will think, “You guys
are fucking it up on purpose.” And yet, no. This is truly the best- I’m gonna
smell like fucking cheese. – Hell yeah.
– For days.
– [Tucker] Hell yeah! God, cheese is… so unforgiving! I gotta use this fucking thing.
I gotta use the chicken wire dude. Ahh, I just cut myself. What the fuck?! Oh that’s not bad. Hey! Look at that! – How is it?
– It’s really good.
– Really? – Yeah, it’s tasty as fuck.
– Yeah, this is all delicious. We should… we should throw this
into the street when we’re done. – [Arin] This is the hardest thing
I’ve ever done, as an artist.
– [Dan] Yeah I know. [Dan] This is extremely difficult. [Dan] And as a not artist, this is also
the hardest thing I’ve ever done. [Arin] There we go. That’s your mouth. Do you see the resemblance? It’s very striking. – Look, I’m trying to do my best here!
– [Tucker] *muffled words* Tucker d- don’t – don’t edit…
– [Tucker] You guys are doing a great job. – [Tucker] Arin’s doing a great job.
– Thank you, Tucker. Tuck- Tucker’s are gonna edit my face onto the cheese block. I just know it. ♪ I’m doing it! ♪ ♪ And I’m doing it! ♪ ♪ Mmm oh my God. ♪ [Dan] I’m trying to add on the features after the fact. [Tucker] All I got is nails, Dan. Hook me up with that Elmer’s glue. [Tucker] I can also get you some nails. *rustling of nails* I’ve already got the nose though. How about that, huh? HUH? – [Tucker] Not bad actually.
– [Dan] Yeah. – Now that’s a honker!
– That’s a hecking honker of a chonker. Did I slash my finger open? – How’s this look, Tucker? So-.
– [Tucker] Amazing! Do you like it? …get the essence of you! I’m in love with the shape of you! You push and pull like a magnet do. [Dan] Ahh! I’m in love with your body! Trying to get some steamy cheese around here. [Arin] I’m sort of like Mount Rushmore-ing this right now. [Dan] Something is- something is happening. [Dan] Something is happening.
[Arin] Woah is it melting your cheese- [Arin] No! Don’t do that! [Dan] How is that?
[Arin] That’s bad! – [Dan] Is that bad?
– [Tucker] It’s so fucking sweaty. – [Tucker] Oh my god.
– [Dan] It’s so hot! [Dan] It’s gonna make my cheese so malleable. Arin, you’re gonna look incredible! Now, I can really massage the eyeballs. Where’s the toothpicks. Nails?! What the fuck?! Hey… hey! [Dan] Arin Hanson here. – [Arin] Is that how I talk?
– [Dan] It’s like… right? Right? [Arin] Oh look at that, it’s like clay. If you get it kind of like warm and moist, you can just… – [Arin] Wow!
– [Dan] With a steamer for instance? – [Arin] Holy shit that fucking rules!
– [Dan] What a crazy idea. [Arin] Yo, this rules! Yo, it’s like clay! Aw, this rules. Yo, this rules. Can I have some your lighter cheese
so I can get the blonde streak in your hair? [Dan] You know what? Actually… Give more like that. Look at the size that honker, oh my god! I’m like 3/4 nose! I want to see those fucking beautiful lips
shimmer and shine in the light. [Dan] This is- As I see them, I want everyone to see them. I hate this. I hate this. I hate this! Whop. [Tucker] Oh my god, it looks like Squidward. – [Dan] Oh jeez.
– I’m trying man. [Dan] A crown for a king. [Arin] Crown for king. Do you like the bigger eyes? I feel like that was an improvement. [Arin] Ah shit, I took that whole
fucking chunk of cheese cheek. I look like dairy Easter Island. Yeah! [Arin] That’s… – It’s you!
– It’s- Thank you. – It look just like you!
– It’s really flattering. I’ll show my wife. Look, I’m making his jaw like chiseled. [Tucker] Fuck yeah! [Tucker] Hello Dan! [Arin] Hello! Hehe, woah! [Dan] Arin’s facial hair achieved. [Tucker] I didn’t realize… Easter Island
was here in Los Angeles. – Yeah, it’s hard to believe, isn’t it?
– Shut the f- [Arin] You’re comparing me to fucking
beautiful ancient works of art And I’m over you’re trying to make Dan dude. You think that even compares? I don’t think so! Dan’s a fucking sweet hunk of man, you son of bitch. What are you doing? What’s going on over there? I don’t like that. I don’t like it at all. I would like for you to take it- Stop! What do you think about the Fu Manchu?
Do you have any feelings on that? [Dan] Sexy little feather boa. – [Dan] No, Tucker. What are you doing?
– [Tucker] You need a little bit of color! [Tucker] This is all getting- oh there we go. Now he’s got a little bit color on his face. – [Tucker] He’s more human!
– [Dan] He’s all gussied up. – [Tucker] Yeah, there we go. Put some lipstick.
– [Dan] Thank you. Oh! You know what? Can’t lie, that does look good. [Dan] Now got some sweet bazoos! I can’t make the eyes! I can’t do it. Yo, can I get those googly eyes? Oh yes, they’re good. Ladies and gentlemen, might I introduce to you… – Daniel Avidan.
– [Dan] Oh look at me! [Dan] Oh I look great! Feast your fucking eyes on that, you damn, dirty, beautiful bitches. – It’s me.
– Look at this. – It doesn’t get any more accurate than that.
– It doesn’t smell good. I could not… get the eyes working and this nose situation? I’m very sorry. I like the one eye I smashed in at kind of angle. [Cheese Dan] Nyehhh, it’s just how I see. You know how I’ve always said to you Dan.
You know how I’ve always said… – Can’t wait to take a bite out of you.
– Yeah. [Dan] Oh, ohhhhh… Well. That’s a lot of cheese, dude. You’re gonna be blocked for weeks. – This is my best friend right here.
– [Dan] Aw, that’s flattering. [Dan] Well, time to meet… your sweet doppelganger, Arin, Okay, d- Hey I’m Grump! I’m not so Grump! And we’re the Game Grumps! – [Dan] You got good boobs.
– [Arin] Thanks, man.
– [Dan] I gave you good boobs. – Those are salty baps.
– Do you like your mink stole that I gave… Wait wait wait, let me see what you’ve got packing. I gave you- I gave you a feather boa. A little crown, a little crown. – And-
– This was once part of me. [Dan] Yeah, it was. Dunananana. Dunananana. Let the games, BEGIN! DUNANANNANA. Oh! Not the bras… – [Arin] Uhhh…
– [Dan] Oh no! DUNANANANANA. [Arin] Sneak attack! Now, I flatten and smooth your curves! DUNANANANA, DUNNANANA Tucker, did it survive? How’s it look? OhhhhhHHHHHHH H H H H YEAH!


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