Mamás Antes Y Ahora

Mothers: Then and now Then If this number multiplies this side, you pass it to the other side as a division It’s easy, but you complicate yourself Got it? No What an idiot! Now You search in Photos and click here, to select as your Facebook profile picture Got it? No What an idiot! Then I’m here, mom! Where the hell were you? You told me to do shopping Don’t talk back to me! And I’m sure you kept all the change! Here’s all of it I told you not to talk back to me! Now But if I just raised my voice! That’s psychological damage, ma’am! Are you serious? Then TELL ME! What does this mean? DISGUSTING! BASTARD! And I can call you bastard, because I brought you into this world and you were born so badly I struggled pidding, and this is how you pay me… Looking at porn magazines!!! Don’t you realize that you have a mother? That you have a sister? Sorry, mom; sorry! Sorry Now Nah, he’s growing up Before What kind of grades are these? WHAT KIND OF GRADES ARE THESE?! Now What kind of grades are these? WHAT KIND OF GRADES ARE THESE?! Before *sneezes* All done! Oh lord, please! I ask you
for the health of my son He cannot die yet!
He still has so many things to do! But mom,
I sneezed because I got some dust in my nose Shut up! And drink the
garlic syrup with radish Now Mommy! Oh, not now. I’m busy I don’t feel well Any excuse for not going to school But I feel weak Drink an energizer! I have chills Then, keep warm up!! Mom, it hurts Take this ibuprofen! Before And don’t make faces like the last time, because each picture costs, damn! Smile, Treasure¡ *Sneeze* Now Ma! Don’t you see I’m here? I’ve already seen all of you, and you don’t have
too much to show, huh If I even have cleaned your … Ma! Oh, Marco Antonio López Castro Guadalupe This my bathroom! And I can do whatever I want
to do here, listen? Yeah, right What did you do to the child, huh? Are you serious? Hi, Happy Mother’s Day! Hope you liked the video This week’s comment comes from Skalxx It says: “Documents of the accounts of Panama” “haha what bastards (greetings from Panama)” We’re sending a big kiss to all the people of Panama We love you a lot If you want to see more videos, they’re here And don’t forget to subscribe there Bye! Subtitles by martin berliner


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