Marco RAFFINE coloured pencils | First Impression | Review | Are they worth it?

hi i’m paul from PAULdoesART in this video I’m going to give my first impressions of the Raffine colored pencils by Marco hi guys so I haven’t used coloured pencils in about 20 years the last ones I had were Karismacolor
which made by Berol and they don’t seem to make them anymore
the closest online seem to be Prismacolor which seem really really popular
but if you’ve looked for them online you’ll know Prismacolors are really
expensive so I wanted to go for something a little bit different. The
Prismacolors and Karismacolors before them are wax based, the Raffine
pencils are oil-based, so I thought this might be interesting because I’ve never
used oil pencils before and I wasn’t sure how they were going to mix. you can buy these pencils in different quantities, they do 24, 48, 72… I bought the 72 set which came in a really nice metal tin, really good quality but
only afterwards I found out you can buy these in boxes which knocks off
about a third of the price the pencils the pencils themselves aren’t actually that bad they give out a good pigment on different types of paper they work differently. in the video you can see this is my first attempt at trying them I’ve decided to
do a rose because it was a rose in front of me at the time I thought the red
color would be a nice one to test you can see that I’m having to press
down pretty hard on some of these to get good coverage now they are supposed to
be soft nibs and they are, on different types of paper on watercolor paper they
come out really really nice but on printer paper they just seem to be
really really sketchy you can see that the coverage of the paper isn’t
fantastic it’s not an absolute coverage like you get on the wax based pencils
which I personally quite like it retains a sketchiness but as you can see now I’m
trying to put a bit of shading on top of the color to add some darker tones and
it just doesn’t seem to mix I’m setting down really really hard with these
pencils at the moment that’s a dark brown I’m using that moment which you
can see adding a little bit of shade but it’s not fantastic. this is a white
pencil you can see it does lighten it a little bit but not right and the black
you can barely even notice it actually going on this is the black straight onto the
paper and you can tell that it is really really dark I actually really like this
color pencil and the coverage from it is fantastic, but when it goes on top of other colors it just doesn’t do anything. this is the finished doodle of the Rose it’s not great contrast, it’s not fantastic you can
barely actually see what it is meant to be. and this is a sphere I did just to
test out that she’s shading you can see there is some shading but it’s not
fantastic and it does keep that pencil look. okay so as I said I got the 72
color set which comes with these colors it starts with white and then you have
the main spectrum which is another 62 (oops) pencils find that you have three core
Brady’s pretty warm raised really nice black and a really cool gold and silver
which actually looked really good down on paper they do have a proper metallic
effect which is quite unusual for pencils. now if you do get these pencils
one thing I would recommend doing is making your own colour swatch, because
first off it’s really useful and secondly the ends of the pencils are
pretty similar similar colors you get… but they’re not exact and some of them do appear a little bit darker which can be really confusing when they’re trying to
draw something. now these aren’t the cheapest pencils in the world but then
most expensive either. the prices that you can see are for the 72 pencil set. when I
bought mine I made the mistake of buying the tin because I didn’t know there was
a box and immediately took the pencils out and put them in a pencil case,
and I now have a very expensive tin. the prices you can see on there at moment are the average I could find online for pound euros and (US) dollars. there is a big
difference as you can see between the box and the tin. the box one is pretty good
value, 15 to 22 pounds for 72 pencils isn’t bad. so ultimately are these pencils worth it? well you get a nice selection of colors and the nib don’t
break very easily, you do get a good pigment depending on what type of paper
you use it on and if you get the box, the price is fantastic. on the other hand, they don’t blend together that well which means that it is hard to make
darker colors and than what you have in the set, and on certain types of paper
you do have to press really, really hard overall I give these about six out of
ten they’re pretty good value and you do get some nice bright colors
with them. they’re pretty good for a starter or beginner amateur, but I
wouldn’t say they’re professional quality so if you made it to the end of
this video, I just like to say thanks for watching and I hope this helps some of
you (bye).

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  • naturegirl2110

    Dip the the tip in water for half a second then put on paper.


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