Marine de Soos – Sculpture [Eng Sub] :::

♪ [music] ♪ My name is Marise de Soos,
I’ve been a sculptor for 20-odd years I started working in a studio,
then I learnt with an American master in Paris,
with whom I learnt all the technique, he was a very, very good portraitist,
then one day, I spread my wings by getting my own studio as to have
my own universe and be able to get out the most private and the deepest in me. So technically, I work either with clay
or with wax, never with direct cut, on the contrary with armatures,
and around these armatures, I will work with clay, then with wax. Then I work very slowly,
in small strokes, always turning around my sculpture, obviously. I like having several pieces in process,
because I think you need both the energy at the beginning
and then for this thing not to be spoilt by too much work, and at the same time the perspective
allows a different view to be able to see things
in a different light which is new every time. ♪ [music] ♪ So my sculpture is figurative, rather
at the edge of Africa and the East and what inspires me is everything
I can see in life that moves me. So it can be that I seized something,
some freeze frame on nature, or in life, and that’s
what I want to transcribe as it is, or it’s a mixture of the photos
I may have taken, and other things I’ve seen elsewhere,
and little by little, I am going to create a composite image with those things
from everywhere, and create my own image,
my own icon, what I want to share, so it can be
the gesture of a hand, or the position of a foot,
or a tilted head… In body language or in those images,
there’s a whole dynamic, joy, the whole array of feelings and so many wonderful things
you may want to transcribe and that I want to transcribe
just as they are. I can only work when I’m into emotion,
that is to say that emotion is in me,
that it lives in me. So I have no definite vision
of what I will be able to create because it really is
a direct link between the emotion I have and my ability to work. ♪ [music] ♪

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