Massive willow sculpture at Long Beach museum takes shape

my name is Patrick Dougherty I currently
live in North Carolina now my son and I travel and work around the United States
really internationally as well we’re here at the Long Beach Museum we’ve got
a great sight here in the in the front yard of the museum you can see the work
from outside as well as from inside you can see it from the street there theses
are around 15 feet tall think it’s a kind of like rustic companionship taken
imagery from the museum ceramics collection and made these kind of big
ceramic looking pieces seem very friendly our own version
what it would be like to be in some of your pottery if you are standing in your
kitchen and “Honey I Shrunk the Kids” and you could go inside and see what it was
like to be in such a big shape we’re gonna call the piece bunny buddy because
we feel like these big pieces are having a real friendly we’ve kind of squashed
everything together so that there’s a enhance the friendly feeling between
these things but we also had to think about the telephone lines on this side
and walkway on that side and so we we’ve been hampered in some ways and tried to
turn that those problems into assets we use volunteers in their work well son
Sam helped me he’s my assistant full-time assistant but we always garner
volunteers from we’re working and I’ve really enjoyed being in your community
and working with the museum and staff here to produce a nice piece

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