Master of Design Innovation and Technology Design Studio | RMIT University

We’ve brought a group of students across to
Barcelona where we’re working at Elisava, which is a school of design and engineering.
We’ve got a group of ten students here who are looking at a digital fabrication project, speak with some of the leading innovators and design lights in Barcelona and to imbibe
some of this incredible innovative culture and design atmosphere in this wonderful city.
The way I got into MDIT was the whole idea of having to collaborate with a bunch of people
from varied backgrounds, which is what intrigued me the most. The digital fabrication studio
challenges students to try to cross the divides between a whole range of new digital technologies
and very common materials and processes of making things. The best part I think, so far,
has been being able to go to design firms or architecture firms such as Cloud 9 and
have personalised tours of their building where they explain the ideas behind all of
their buildings, the innovations that went into their buildings, such as kinetic facades
and also going and having tours of Sagrada Familia and Madafab and just getting a glimpse
of the amazing design community that is in Barcelona. The fact that we got to meet an
architect like Enrique, from Cloud 9, who designed this great sustainable building and
we could personally ask him questions about what was driving him and just having a conversation
with him was just incredible. And people like Marta as well, it was really inspirational
to actually see these people in real life, from the books or publications basically.
Barcelona is a very cosmopolitan place where students of architecture and design can find
many things happening simultaneously. Catalonia and Barcelona in particular has been the home
of a lot of people interested in making things, so I think there is here, a kind of, almost
tradition with innovation and a tradition with making, that students that come from
abroad could very much tap into.

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