Material Design in 60 seconds!

YASMINE EVJEN: Want to quickly
build beautiful, usable apps across platforms? Material is an
adaptable design system, backed by open-source
code, that helps teams easily build high-quality,
digital experiences. From design guidelines
to developer components, Material can help you
build products faster. How do they do it? Let’s break it
down in 60 seconds. The Material guidelines
provide best practices and user interface design. Usability and platform
guidance to help make sure your app works for all
users, regardless of platform. Within the guidelines,
you’ll find the components which are the
building blocks that make a product usable
and functional. Each component page
includes guidance on how they should be used,
interaction pattern, and design specs– giving you the
information you need to ensure you get it right. Material also provides the
resources and tools that help simplify your workflow. Theme Editor helps you create
a branded, simple library to build beautiful UI. Upload those designs to
Gallery to share with the team. Gallery is a
collaboration tool that helps you organize
comments and iterations. Inspect Mode provides the
developer documentation and links to Material
components for pixel-perfect UI. When you’re ready
to start building, use Material components. Open-source code is available
for iOS, Android, web, and Flutter to help you start
building your ideas in no time. With guidelines, tools,
and open-source components, Material design helps you build
beautiful, usable products faster. What will you make? Ready to get started
with Material? Watch the DesignBy videos. And for more resources and
tutorials, visit That’s it for now. Don’t forget to
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  • Brian Jobim Tan

    At least mention is is used by Google/Android


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