Max Luo: Student Story – School of Fine Art Sculpture

[Max Luo] My name is Yuqing Luo,
but my friends call me Max. I recently graduated with my master’s degree
from Academy of Art University’s sculpture department. I grew up in a big city in central China. When I was a teenager,
I moved to another city which speaks a totally different language. I think the experience of moving to a different city
which speaks a different language really influences how I observe people’s behavior, and how culture can influence people’s values
and how they see the world. My pieces on display are my graduate thesis. This is my first solo show, and it’s very nice,
because I can show all my artwork all together. I have this concept I want to deliver. It’s my distant feelings towards reality. I developed several characters to carry on my stories. But I don’t want to tell the audience
everything about my point of view, so I drop out details and clues for them to pick up. Art is always my passion. I chose to Academy of Art University
because of its emphasis on practical skills, and because the facilities are very top-notch,
and the faculty is very supportive. As a graduate student
in the Academy of Art University, I had a really hard time
describing my own work
and my concept. The critique really helped me, because I had to talk
about my own creative process
and my ideas over and over again. And then the teacher really helped
to guide me to come up with a conclusion. One thing I really learned
from the Academy of Art University is that it’s really important to try new things, because you never know
how much you can accomplish.

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