Max & Ruby: Max’s Sandwich / Max’s Ice Cream Cone – Ruby’s Art Stand – Ep.57

[♪] ♪ Max and Ruby ♪ ♪ Ruby and Max ♪ [♪] ♪ Max and Ruby ♪ ♪ Ruby and Max ♪ [♪] Max and Ruby Ruby and her
little brother, Max [♪] [kids shouting]
Max and Ruby! [laughter] RUBY:
There it is, Max. The East Bunnyhop
Round-the-World Fair! Going to this fair is like going around the
whole world in one day!LOUISE:
Hi Ruby!
Are you here to earn your Bunny Scout Cultural
Appreciation Badge, too?RUBY: It’s practically
on my sleeve, Louise!
We have to do a report on exploring different
countries’ cultures. You know what culture
means, don’t you Max? It’s all the
kinds of food and clothes and artand music that everyone
in a country likes.
Sandwich! [laughter] What country
are you doing your report
on Ruby? I’m going
to find out as much as I can
about each of them, and then decide. Sandwich! Sounds like Max
is hungry. Bye Louise. Okay, we’ll find you
something to eat. But this is a
Round-the-World Fair. It’s your chance to
try something new.You can have a
sandwich any old day.
Look!Let’s go visit Mr. Piazza’s
Italian booth!
Mr. Piazza can tell
me all about Italy, and you can get
something to eat. Enjoy your tiramisu! Buon giorno Ruby! Buon giorno Max! Buon giorno? [laughs] That’s how we say
hello in Italy! Oh! Buon giorno,
Mr. Piazza! Buon giorno,
Roger! Hey, Ruby! Sandwich! [giggle] I’m here to find out
about Italian culture, but I think Max just
wants something to eat. Well you came to
the right place. If there’s one thing
all Italians agree on,it’s their
love of food!
How about some delicious
Parmigiano cheese…
[sniffs] …some stuffed olives… …and of course, spaghetti. Other than food, what else is great
about Italian culture? Hmm. What else? Everything! Art, and music. Italians
love music!Listen to this.♪ [accordian music] ♪ Don’t you just love
this music, Max? Max? Ooops! I have to go,
Mr. Piazza. I guess Max really
wants a sandwich.A sandwich?We could have
made him a panini. [♪] Max – I didn’t have time to
learn anything about Italy. ♪ Ta-ta! Ta! Ta! ♪ Rosalinda? Hola Max!
Hola Ruby! I bet that’s how you say
hello in Mexico, right? Si Si, Ruby! That means yes! Oh I see… Si! [giggles] Is dancing like that part
of Mexican culture? Si si, Ruby. Would you like me to
show you how to do this dance? Oh, yes! Sandwich! [music stops] I don’t have any
sandwiches, Max. But I’ve got lots of
different Mexican food!It’s always fun
to try new things.
How about
guacamole, Nachos, salsa. Looks yummy. And it is! Try it, Max! [sad]
Sandwich. So, you were
going to show me how to dance
Mexican style. I’d love to, Ruby. [music starts] Doesn’t that sound
like fun Max? Max? [sigh]
Not again! Sorry, I’ll have to
get that lesson later. Adios, amigos! [♪] Konichi-wa, Max! There you are! What are you
doing here? Sandwich! Konichi-wa, Ruby! Oh?
Konichi-wa! [grumpily]
Sandwich!Sorry Max,today’s the one day I don’t have any
sandwiches in the diner –only Japanese
like sushi. What’s sushi? It means,
“with rice”. You can make a sushi roll
with anything you like –carrots or cucumber
or avocado –
and then you wrap
it in “nori”. That’s seaweed. Seaweed?
Really? There you go. Mmm! What else is wonderful
about Japanese culture? The Japanese make art
just by folding paper. It’s called
“origami”. [gasp] Maybe I’ll learn
about origami for my Bunny
Scout badge! Do you want to
learn too, Max? Max?Oh no.Sorry Katie. Sayounara! [♪] Namaste, Max. Max! You’re still looking
for a sandwich? Namaste, Ruby! Namaste, Candi. Would you like to
try some Indian food? Sure!That’s called
Na’an –
[gasp] it’s the kind of bread
they eat in India. Max? You’re actually going to
try something different? What are
you doing?[gasp]
Mmm! Now I know how I’m going to
earn my Bunny Scout badge! And so,
I learned that when you put all of the
different cultures together, you get something
different and new! That’s a wonderful
idea, Ruby. What made you
think of it? [laugh] Max’s sushi, seaweed,
spaghetti, guacamole, olive,Parmigiano,
salsa on na’an.
[stuffed mouth]
SANDWICH! [♪] WOW… HUH? Max, did you see the
size of this berry? Where are you going
in such a hurry? [sound of toy] Ah!
Now I understand. [chuckles] How’s it going
out there, Ruby? Fine, Grandma! But no more peeking! You’ll ruin the surprise
I’m making for you! [chuckles] Oh, Okay – I’ll be in the front
garden if you need me. Thanks, Grandma! [sound of toy][muffled crash]Max?Wow!You’ve found Grandma’s old
fashioned ice cream maker! Ice Cream Cone! Yes, we could make
an ice cream coneBut I can’t
right now, Max.
I’m going to
surprise Grandma by making her favourite
summer treat: “Very Berry
Summer Salsa”! Ice Cream Cone? Well… She is going to be gardening
for a while longer… Okay, Max. We’ll make you
a cone, then I’ll make
Grandma’s treat. But first… let’s clean
this thing up! Okay the ice cream
maker’s all cleaned up. And we’ve got ice
cubes, milk, and sugar. That’s all we need
to make ice cream. Oh – except for
one more thing… Ice cream cone! [chuckles]
You’re right. But there’s
something else. You need
to decide what flavour of ice
cream you want. Sorry Max. Those berries are
for Grandma’sVery Berry
Summer Salsa.
All right, Max. One “Tangle Berry Ice
Cream Cone”, coming up! First we pour
in the milk… then we add
the sugar… and last but not least,
the yummy berries. Ice cubes, please. Thank you. Now the
next step is to fill the outside
tub with ice. And here’s the part where
you take over, Max. When you crank
the handle, you churn up all the
ingredients inside. You keep cranking until they get so cold they
turn into ice cream. You’ll know it’s done when the handle gets
really hard to turn. Got it? Okay. I’ll go back and pick
some more berries for Grandma’s Tangle
Berry Summer Salsa. [grunting] [strained groans] [sigh] [chuckles] Sounds like
it’s done! ♪ [angelic harp music] ♪ Ice cream cone? Yup! Enjoy, Max. And now I can make Grandma’s
Tangle Berry Salsa! [gasp] Whoops… [sadly]
Ice Cream Cone. [sigh] Well, we’ve still got
enough to make another one. And I guess I can
pick more berries… First the milk… then the sugar… and last but not least,
the yummy berries. Thank you. There you go Max. Get cranking! [humming to herself] [strained groans] Good work Max! This time I’ll pack the
ice cream scoop in really well. There you go! Ice Cream Cone! You’re welcome. [tense music] [blowing sharply] [sigh]
Oh, Max… …and last but not least,
the yummy berries. Over to you Max. There you go. Be very, very careful
with this one, okay?[distant crash][sound of toy] [gasp] [tense music] Ice cream cone! Oh no! [gasp] Nice save, Max! I wouldn’t have
believed that if I hadn’t
seen it myself. Ice cream cone? [sigh]
Okay. But this time, we’re going
to make a big batch. That way, we won’t have to make
more if something happens again. [strained grunts] Okay, it’s ready Max. But I have to hurry. Grandma will be done
her gardening any minute now,
Oh my!
You found my old
ice cream maker! Max found it,
Grandma. I wanted to
surprise you by making some Tangle
Berry Summer Salsa – but I ended up making
Max ice cream instead! [chuckles]
That’s wonderful! It is? Oh!
Yes! There’s only one
dessert I like more than Tangle
Berry Salsa! And that’s a
Tangle Berry– Ice cream cone! [whew] Hot! What do you think,
Ruby? Hmm… A little to the
left, Louise. Perfect! [giggles] Making an Art Stand is one
of your best ideas ever. Who wouldn’t want
to buy wonderful, one-of-a-kind,
hand-painted art made with
creative flair? And support our Bunny
Scout trip to the Art Gallery. [sighs] BOTH: I love going
to the art gallery! [laughing] Hot! Yes, it’s a
little hot, Max. But it’s a
perfect day for selling bright sunny
paintings at our Art Stand. Like this one
I painted of Ruby. What do you
think, Max? [whew] Hot! [gasp] A-hem! Thank you. Maybe you’ll
feel better if you find a
nice cool place. Thanks Max! [♪] We’ll sell
so many paintings we’ll be at the
gallery in no time! [squeals and shrieks] Where’s that
wind coming from? Ah ha! [sigh] Hot! Max… Could you find a less
windy way to cool down? Thanks! [sigh] Hot! [gasp] [chuckles] Whew! I never knew making an art
stand would be so much work! Being a great artist
is never easy, Louise. [♪] Huh? [♪] [gasp] [squeals and shrieks] Where’s this
rain coming from? There isn’t a
cloud in the sky! [Max laughing] Max!
Please turn it off! Hot! I’m sure you can find
another way to cool down. Thanks
Max! [sigh] [♪] Why don’t we have
any customers, Ruby? All great artists have a struggle in
the beginning! Good thinking, Max.[gasp]Sorry Max. No food or drink is
allowed at the Art Stand. [clears throat]
Um… Actually,
Ruby, a juice pop sounds
like a good idea to me. I guess we’ve
earned a cool treat. Could you please look
after the stand, Max? We’ll be right back! [giggling] [triumphant music] [whew] Hot![laughing][♪] [gasp] [giggling] Juice pops are just
what we needed. All great artists deserve
a break now and then. Thanks for looking after
the Art Stand, Max! [gasp] Hot! [gasp]
My sunflower painting! You weren’t supposed to
use my one-of-a-kind art to make a hat! It’s for sale!Oh my!What lovely
artwork! Welcome to
our Art Stand. Everything’s
one-of-a-kind, hand-painted art… Made with
creative flair! [giggles] And all sales will support
our Bunny Scout trip to the Art Gallery. Oh, I see. Well then, I simply
must have a wonderful, one-of-a-kind,
hand painted… sun hat like the one
Max is modeling!I’ve never seen
anything like it!
That’s what makes
it one-of-a-kind. Wonderful! Try it on! WOW! [laughs] What do you think? Oh, what a
lovely sun hat. Grandma! Can I buy one too? A one-of-a-kind hand
painted sun hat is just what I need while I’m gardening. One hand painted
sun hat coming up! Wow! Ruby. It looks like our Art
Stand has really taken off. Uh huh. Thanks to Max,
it’s hot, hot… Hot!


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