Mayesh Design Star: Foam vs. Wire

(upbeat music) – Hey you guys it’s me Shean Strong, your 2019 Mayesh design star. And today we’re doing
all things centerpiece. Now we’re gonna be two
separate centerpieces and they’re both gonna be the exact same. But I’m gonna be doing
one with chicken wire and one with Oasis. Now I think it’s important to
know how to do arrangements with both of these things. There’re gonna be times
where we need to use Oasis, and there’s gonna be time where
we need to use chicken wire. So we’re gonna work together
and we’re gonna build something that’s gonna be the
exact same arrangement, that’s gonna be absolutely beautiful for you and your guests to enjoy. All right so first things first, when you guys start designing, if we’re gonna be using our
Oasis you need to make sure that you’ve already kinda mapped it out in the correct size
for your actual vessel. I already have this Oasis right
here that has been soaked. So we’re gonna place this into our vessel. We want to make sure that the flowers have plenty of water to drink. Then we’re gonna be using our floral tape. This is gonna be an easy
way to secure your Oasis into your vessel. This is helpful because
whenever you’re transporting these things whether you’re
doin’ it for a venue, or if you’re gonna be having them on your own personal table, it’s nice just to have
some security there. Now I like to make sure that
I have the most space possible whenever I’m designing, so I like to pinch the corners of this tape. That way I can make sure that I’m getting the most space possible in my vessel. Now you’re good to go. This is secure and we’re
gonna begin flowering. Now a lot of the times
whenever I’m designing, I usually like to start
flower first and I know that’s complete opposite of what a lot of other people like to do. But this time I’m gonna do something a little bit different for me, which is goin’ to be
using our greens first. The greens are gonna be nice because it’s goin to allow
us to build the shape for our design. So right now we have
this beautiful climatis. It has this very very pretty purple color. And this is such a nice
whimsical kind of shape, so it’s gonna be nice to be
able to place this in here into the Oasis and begin
building our design. Now the thing about Oasis
when you’re using it, you gotta’ be rather intentional when you’re placing items. Because what happens is once
you poke a hole in this, that hole does fill itself back up. You’re gonna need to make sure
you’re being really really intentional with your placement. So if you have one thing here,
try not to take this out. Because it’s already secure
in the actual vessel. So what you wanna do is
kinda just play around with the different shapes. So if you have a beautiful
piece of climatis this, if you want something
kind of cascading down, play around with it outside
of the actual centerpiece, before you place into the actual Oasis. So we’re gonna start building this out. Make sure you give a nice angled cut. And I’m gonna start
building out this direction. So you can kinda see the shape
that’s already taking place with our arrangement. We have this high point up here, we have a lower point down here. We wanna kinda build some in between. I like to make sure that
there’s gonna be a line that your eye’s gonna follow. So we have this high point
moving all the way back down. Now we’re gonna keep building
that with our climatis. And this is gonna give us
like I said our base shape, and it’s gonna be a wonderful filler to also give some great
texture, some great depth, and give us that really
beautiful garden feel. Now climatis, this has
been provided by Mayesh. And it’s one these beautiful flowers that’s really really delicate, but also has a lot of substance to it. So you can see kinda where
we’re going with this. Now I want you guys to be able to shoot me your Instagram messages, and let me know your arrangements. After we do all this, I’d
love to be able to see what are designing with and
how this is kinda translating to something you guys are
using at your own house. So I’m gonna begin design this direction. I’m gonna start turnin’ it around. That way I can see what the
forward facing is gonna be, the side face is gonna be,
the back face all that stuff, so we can get all these beautiful angles from each and every side. So we’re gonna keep
adding in our climatis. ‘Cause this is goin to create the shape of our actual arrangement. Now we wanna have a little bit of negative space right over here, but we also wanna kinda
fill this in up front. Also in the back and on the sides. Now it’s really important
when you’re designing, to kind of consider the color palette that you’re working in. When you look at the color wheel, you can have red and green,
you’ll have purple and yellow, and you’ll have orange and blue, which are your complimentary colors. And it’s always nice to pair those colors ’cause they’re easy on the eye. So once you know those rules, you’re able to kinda
tweak them a little bit. If you had just purple and yellow, you can go into more of like a eggplant, and citron kind of color. Or if you have a red and a green, you can go into more of a copper, and you can start into more of
a sage kind of color palette. And whenever you’re playin’ around with your blues and oranges,
you can also add in colors that are gonna be like teal
and very very deep rust color. So you’re able to play
around with these colors, once you kind of know your color theory. So again we’re just
kinda building this out, I just placed this one
right in here in front. I wanna create some depth,
so I wanna have a lot of things comin’ out towards you. Things growing up, things goin behind. And I wanna make sure that
there’s gonna be lots of movement taking place in the actual arrangement. So when we’re building
out our arrangement, we wanna make sure that all of the Oasis is gonna be covered. You don’t have to necessarily
use it with your greenery, but you can definitely add bits and pieces into your arrangement. We broke off a little piece there, and we’re just gonna start tucking it in. Again we wanna have those quiet
moments right through here, and we can have some more
louder statement pieces up top. So we’re just breaking off
pieces of our climatis, and we’re just beginning to build out. And whenever you have those
big impactful flowers, it’s these quiet little delicate ones that really create shape and movement for your actual arrangement. So as you can see we kind of have a front, we kind of have a side,
we kind of have a back. This would be something that we could do as like a statement piece in where, a smaller statement piece of course. So again starting to just
build everything out, and we’re getting the shape confirmed. We can see the direction that we’re going, a lot of the times when I’m designing I do a asymmetrical design. Again I wanna have a line that’s followed like with your eye. So we have a high point
we have a low point, and we have these little
pieces in between, that are creating that depth that we talked about
in our previous video. Don’t negate these small
little pieces right here. I do make sure that I’m
cutting off these little nubs, because nobody wants to see that like jarring out of their arrangement. But we do wanna see something
a little bit smoother, that way we can fill in
with some more greens. And that way it can almost can look a little bit more complete. There we go, cuttin’ that bad boy off, and just building it out. You can just see how
that’s already beginning to fill the back, and
it’s creating that depth that we want in our actual arrangement. Awesome we’re getting there. This climatis is absolutely beautiful. I love being able to work with these small delicate kind of flowers to fill out as the main
source for my designs. (upbeat music) Now as you can see our
arrangement is completely done. We have our, well it’s
not completely done. We have our greens taking place in this. So what we wanna do is
make sure that we have everything kinda following this line. This high point moving all the way down to this very beautiful point down here. All right now I wanna
incorporate some fruit into the arrangement. I always think adding an element of fruit is almost a bit surprising
for your client. So when they see that they’re
just kind of intrigued in what’s goin on and they get to engage the flowers a little bit more. It also adds this kind
of like this old world romance vibe to everything
that we’re doing. Now what we’re gonna do, ’cause
we’re gonna take our grapes, and we’re gonna take our flower picks, and all you’re gonna do is just wrap these around the stem of the grapes. So you can literally see it
just hanging up like this. We’re gonna secure this off by making sure that we wrap the wire all
the way around the stem of our grapes. So there you go. So when we place this
into our arrangement, we wanna make sure that we’re
placing it in pretty high, like pretty high in the middle
ground of the actual Oasis. So that way this is
gonna cascade beautifully into one of the corners. I’ll place it in and then
I’ll show you guys what I did. Good thing about grapes
is they’re gonna last outside of Oasis or water
because they’re grapes. They don’t need to be
anywhere else other than out. So there we go we got
this beautiful cascade already happening right there. And again you can see
how your eye is literally being drawn down the whole entire side. Your able to kind of mirror this and do some on this other side as well. I don’t think there’s
anything wrong with that. It’s just a personal preference. So we’re gonna start
adding in our flowers. Like I said once we have the
grapes already integrated into the Oasis it’s gonna be really easy to start adding in you
flowers at this point. So since we’re working with purples, I like the idea of working
with yellow as well. Again they’re complimentary colors, so they’re gonna work
beautifully together. So here we see one of these
beautiful yellow roses. And once these things kind of open up, they just have this really
beautiful color to them. And you can already see
how that’s gonna look so incredible against that purple. Okay, so you can see we
have our grapes cascading out of our arrangement,
which absolutely look beautiful with this purple. Now again, when we refer
back to the color wheel, we can add yellow into
our purple arrangement, because they’re complimentary colors. So we’re able to kinda
tuck some beautiful yellows down in there and they’re
really gonna highlight the purple color in the arrangement. So I’m gonna put one in, then I’ll show you guys what I’m doing. So again when you’re dealing with Oasis, you wanna make sure that
you’re pretty intentional. So don’t worry about
putting the flower stem immediately into the Oasis. You can play around with it a little bit. You kinda see where you
want it to be placed. If you want here, if
you want it over there, you want it down low. I would be really really intentional with where you’re doing this. That way your Oasis does not fall apart. So again we have one
rose right over there. I like to keep things kind of in groups. When flowers are growing naturally, they’re gonna be growing kinda together. We talked about that
in our previous video, about having that kind
of staggered effect. So when we have a group
of roses over here, it’s gonna really compliment
the arrangement as a whole. So I’m gonna tuck some more
of these bad boys in there, and we’ll be good to go. I’ll design a little bit right here, and then I’m goin to show
you guys what I’m doin. Now again if you guys
ever have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me. I know a lot of you guys
follow me on Instagram, and you guys are welcome
to use me as a resource for color palettes or for design ideas, or if you’re needing help with something. I have no problem assisting where I can. All right, so here we go. So we have this staggered kind of effect. Again it’s a line that’s
bein’ built right there, we’re working in groups of three. And I wanna be able to kind of incorporate a couple more over here. I think having this sharp line is kind of intrusive for the eye, so we’re kind of build up this direction and build out this direction as well. And that’s gonna really kinda compliment the shape of this bowl,
it’s gonna highlight the fruit over here and also
highlight this high point. So I’m gonna design a little bit more, and then I’m gonna show
you guys our product. So now that we have all of our
roses into our arrangement, we’re gonna start softening them up. Oftentimes when you see a rose, it’s just really kind of
intrusive for the eyes, we wanna make sure to have something a little bit softer around it. That’s why spray roses
are such a good choice to kind of pair with your roses. So kind of in this blank
little area over here, we’re gonna tuck some in pretty deep. We’re also gonna do some back over here. And we’re just kind of
play around with them and kind of add a little bit more depth to the arrangement. So the good thing about
working with spray roses is they automatically
have that layering effect that we have. So if you look at all the
roses that we have here, they’re all in there own separate plane. There’s not gonna be one that’s
gonna be on the same plane as the other one and that’s
gonna help create some depth, and that’s gonna allow you
to have a great photograph for your client. So we’re tucking in spray roses, making sure that they’re
goin in pretty deep. We wanna make sure all
that Oasis is covered. Now again with the
Oasis, we’re making sure that we are being rather intentional with how we are placing our flowers. You don’t want to keep
pulling things in and out of the Oasis because it’s gonna break, and it’s no longer gonna be
secure for your arrangement. So again just kinda eyeball it, see where you want things to go, and start playin’ around with it. That’s gonna really help you be rather intentional with your design. All right so I think we enough spray roses in there right now. So we’re gonna be using
the variegated vernaculas. Now this a beautiful beautiful flower, and you can see the purple striping already taking place in the actual flower. I like to be a little bit
more whimsical and wild with our vernaculas. These are such a
show-stopping kind of flower they can stand by themselves. So I think having one kind of up here just like rogue vernaculas,
I’m all about that. Just a personal choice something you don’t necessarily have to do, if you don’t do it I will judge you. I’m just joking I won’t judge you guys. We can already see how
this is bringing some life and some depth to the arrangement by having another high point over here. Because everything else is so low it’s nice to have something
just so your eye can bounce to. Tucking in our vernaculas, I typically try to do at
least three of them together, otherwise it ends up looking like eyeballs and we don’t want like your
arrangement staring back at you. That’s just a little creepy in my opinion. I’m gonna tuck in a couple more of these flowers into the arrangement. Again, to kind of have
that push and pull effect. By having something kind
of coming out at you, something kind of jarring
in your face in a good way. Not necessarily in a bad way. All right so I went ahead
and added in some grass. Again, just to create that
engagement where people are almost having to peer through to see what kind of
flowers are taking place. One final touch, we’re
gonna have this cool texture right over here and this
is just going to highlight our roses that we have, and just pull some of the darker colors that we have goin’ on. So you can see how this
is elongated up over here, and we’re gonna have
some falling throughout over this direction as well. (upbeat music) All right so we’re gonna have these guys kind of cascading through the arrangement. Again, we want to make sure that the eye is following a beautiful line. That’s gonna really help just kinda create this beautiful flow in your flowers. And by adding just these subtle
little textures right here, it’s bringing out these
little bits of color and these poplar color
that are taking place through your arrangement. Now I’m gonna make the
exact same arrangement, and it’s gonna be in chicken wire. And I’m gonna show you
guys the differences and talk a little bit about how to work in chicken wire as opposed to Oasis. (upbeat music) all right you guys so we
already had our centerpiece with our Oasis, now we’re gonna be working with chicken wire. Now what I like about chicken
wire is it’s recyclable. So not only are you able to
reuse this actual piece again, but it’s also gonna be able to be recycled into something else later on. So right now we wanna make sure
that we cut our chicken wire to the size of our vessel. You wanna make sure you
have a couple inches over the actual lip ’cause
that’s gonna really help you whenever we start folding
this into two separate pieces. So right now I have these two corners, and I’m gonna take this side and this side and connect them together. Now this is imperative
because you wanna make sure that these are really
really secure in here. You can just take the wire that’s kinda already hanging
off of this chicken wire, and just kinda tuck these pieces in. You wanna create this like
cannoli-like shape right here. Now it’s nice to have this double layer because when we start putting
our centerpieces together, it’s gonna be easy for the
flower to hold onto itself. And if this just goes
into one simple spot, the flower’s gonna lay flat. But if there’s two
pieces for it to go into it’s gonna hold itself a little more. (laughing) I promise it will work. So let’s see, we have
this cannoli-like shape, we’re gonna tuck these
corners in together, and it’s gonna create a pillow. So what’s gonna happen
is we’re just taking these bits of wire right here, and we’re just kind of
tucking this in to itself, just to keep it secure. Same exact thing on this top part. (upbeat music) So again tucking it in, it’s gonna create this pillow-like shape, and it’s gonna be beneficial
for you in just a moment. So here we go. Now this is gonna be
still a little too big for your actual centerpiece. So this is why we’re gonna
tuck in these corners and just kind of morph it into the shape that we need it to be. (upbeat music) all right so we’re just
morphing this into the shape that it needs to be. Then we’re just gonna place
it into our vessel like so, and make sure that it fits nice and snug. All right now that our
chicken wire is in our vessel we wanna make sure that we
secure it with some tape. Now this is very important
because we wanna make sure that this is not gonna
have a lot of movement whenever we’re using it for our designs. So we’re just gonna tape it down and we’re gonna do four sections. Okay one two, then we’re gonna do, another here three, and four. Now again, make sure whenever you guys are done with your arrangements that you’re removing this tape. We don’t want this to be seen for anybody to take a photo of, of them to see it. Doesn’t really look that professional. But this right here is pretty secure. So what we’re gonna begin doing right now is adding in our climatis, and kind of building our shape out. Here we go. All right so now that
we have our chicken wire into our vessel, we’re gonna go ahead and start building it
our with our climatis. Now I love working with climatis ’cause it has such a
beautiful shape to it. Now a lot of times
whenever we’re designing, we like to cut these little like nibs off. I like keeping them on when
I’m working with chicken wire because it allows me kinda
put that in the chicken wire, in not only the first
layer but the second layer. And it allows me almost
have a lock and key effect. So that way whenever I lock this in here, it’s gonna stay a little bit more secure, as opposed to just having a straight stem. So there we go, we’re gonna start building this out with our climatis. Now make sure when you guys are adding in something like clamatis, make sure you guys are
beginning to build your shape with the actual green. That way you’re able to kinda see where you’re gonna placing your flowers, and it’s gonna give you
kind of the direction that you’re gonna be going. Again I want you guys
to have fun with this. Make sure you guys are just
being creative in your designs. It doesn’t have to be the exact same as every other arrangement, you can play around with it a little bit. So again just starting to
build these things out, creating height in one section, and gonna start cascading on this side. So the same thing that we did
with the Oasis arrangement, having one side a little bit higher, having the eye kind of
follow all the way down. So you can see what’s taking place in this actual arrangement. (upbeat music) make sure you guys are
always givin’ a fresh snip every single time you guys are placing one of the flowers into your centerpiece. What happens is those stems
tend to oxidize really quickly. So we wanna make sure that
we are getting fresh water straight up to those beautiful blooms. All right so here we go, we’re gonna start greening this thing out. So now that we have all this greened out we’re gonna go ahead and add
our fruit in the same way we did with our Oasis. I like to be able to add it in now because if we are adding in the flowers, we gotta work around a lot of materials. So the same way that we’re
gonna be adding in the fruit with the Oasis, we’re gonna
be using these floral picks. Now these are a wonderful resource because they’re gonna be able to tuck down easily into the chicken wire. Now you gotta kinda
maneuver them a little bit and kind of just force
them into that little area and kind of like find a little groove that they’re gonna be secure. (upbeat music) so I’m gonna go ahead
and do this up front, and then I’ll show you guys
what the finished product is gonna look like. Make sure whenever you guys are wrapping your pick around the fruit, make sure you find a location
that’s gonna be pretty secure. So like right there, that’s a good area that you guys can have the actual fruit hanging on this pick. And we’re just gonna
wrap this wire around, and that’s gonna create some security for your fruit to fall
into your chicken wire. (upbeat music) All right so now that we have our fruit into our arrangement we’re gonna go and start adding in our flowers. Now we’re gonna be using
Coral Charm Peonies. Now this is one of my favorite peonies because even though it’s
super bright right now, it’s gonna fade into this beautiful buttercream kind of color. Which I think is gonna
be absolutely beautiful paired with this lilac that
we have from this climatis. (upbeat music) So we’re gonna go ahead
and give a cut on this, and we’re gonna start placing it. Now I like being able to
have some taller moments, and some smaller moments so
we’re gonna have an impactful moment over on this little side over here. Now peonies are statement flowers, so they’re definitely
gonna be show-stoppers. So by adding them into your arrangement, your automatically going
to have this beautiful, kind of eye-catching arrangement. So when you’re placing these, make sure that you’re doing so where they’re gonna be not
necessarily grouped together, but they’re gonna have
their own little moment where you can accentuate
them with other flowers. (upbeat music) I’m already liking the way it’s
looking it’s looking great. All right so if you guys
have ever followed me along on my Instagram, you guys know that I use pretty muted colors. And again these peonies
are gonna start fading out to a more muted palette. But I think what better opportunity to work with some beautiful bright colors, than working with Mayesh right now. Now we’re gonna go ahead
and add in our roses. Now these roses are from Alexandra Farms, they’re absolutely beautiful. They remind me a lot of Distant Drums, which I think that kind of color variation is very similar to those. Now what I love about
working with Alexandra Farms is not only do they partner with Mayesh, but they give you this little sticker that let’s you know who
picked your actual roses. So Maria, thank you so
very much for these, I think they’re absolutely beautiful. All right so now that we have our flowers kind of bloomed out, we have this whole like blooming thing happening right now, I think it looks absolutely incredible. We’re gonna start adding in some gesture. Now a way we can do that
is add in some more height, and these tulips right here
are gonna be just the thing to kind of give us that little punch. So we’re gonna start tapping
these into the arrangement, and we’re gonna start adding some up here, kind of having some through the middle, kind of having some cascade
down with these fruit. Depending on how you actually
place them in the arrangement, will truly determine how
they’re going to fall. You can either have them up
here for a gestural moment, or you can have something
kind of cascading down this direction and they’re
gonna fall beautifully well. So tulips are a great necessity if you’re looking for
anything up high or down low. We’re gonna go ahead and
begin adding these in, and we’re gonna create some
beautiful moments with this. (upbeat music) so again we’re making sure
that we’re just doing a really sharp cut and we’re just gonna place this into our chicken wire. Now what I like about the chicken wire, is we’re able to kinda just feel around and make sure that these
are gonna be placed where we want them to go. So there we go, I’m liking that right now. We have this beautiful gesture
happening right up here. We have it kinda transitioning over here, we’re gonna have this cascading
through this little area and down from the front as well. So we’re gonna go ahead
and get started with this, and I’ll show you guys
what that looks like. All right so now that
we have our arrangement practically done we’re gonna add a little bit more moments of gesture. So vernaculas are a great flower for that. You can see right here that they just have this really
pretty petal count on them. And by adding them into the arrangement it’s almost like they
flutter on top of it. So it’s gonna add a
really really cool shape to your actual arrangement. (upbeat music) I don’t want to have anything to compete with this high point over here, so I’m gonna do something
a little bit over here. That way again there’s a
little bit of definition between the flowers that
are happening on this side and this side, but there’s also some space between these over here. Now again this is a
chicken wire arrangement, so these things are
holding up pretty nicely in this actual arrangement. I’m not having too much trouble having to work around anything. So if this is something that you guys are interested in doing
definitely give it a shot. (upbeat music) I try to work when I’m using vernaculas to use at least three of them. If you end up just using two of them, they start looking like
eyeballs looking at you, and we don’t really want that. We don’t want your
arrangement looking at you, we want you to look at the arrangement. So by having three of
them kind of together, it’s gonna break up that, that little eye look it can create. (upbeat music) All right, awesome. Vernaculas are also great
because they’re gonna create that depth that you guys are gonna be wanting in your arrangement. It’s gonna really help
not only give some height, but it’s also gonna create
a depth for you guys. That way you can have
some push and pull effect with your long stems and your vernaculas. (upbeat music) all right so this is my arrangement. I am going to add one finishing touch. You guys know I love my grasses, and it’s just gonna add
that fun little element inside the arrangement again, to make your audience kind of engage with the actual flowers. So by tucking them in it’s almost as if they’re gotta kind of peer through, to see what kind of flowers
you’re actually using. And again, just tucking this
directly into my flowers. Little bits here and there. Really simple just to add that engagement. (upbeat music) Now when your flowers are completely done and they’re placed on the table, you wanna make sure that you
take this tape right here, and you tuck it into
the actual arrangement. Your flowers aren’t
gonna be goin anywhere, so they don’t need to be moving anymore. So you just tuck that in
and it’s gonna make sure that your arrangement
is completely finished. All right you guys, so
this is the final product. I hope you guys enjoyed
watching this video. If you have any questions,
comments, concerns, you guys can definitely leave
your comments down below and I’ll try to respond to them. You can also shoot me a
direct message on Instagram and I would love to see
what you guys create. Again these flowers
are courtesy of Mayesh, and we’re here in Park Studio. Cannot wait to see what you guys design. So shoot me over your images, and I’ll see you guys
at our next workshop. Thanks so much. (upbeat music)


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