Mayesh Design Star: Hand-Tied Bouquet

(gentle music) – Hi guys, my name is Kaylee Young, and I’m the 2018 Mayesh Design Star. Today I’m gonna be teaching you how to make a bridal bouquet, and then we’ll be talking
a little bit about bride’s maid bouquet and
making them more proportionate. Today we’re gonna be highlighting some really beautiful product from Holex, which I’m so exited to show you, so let’s get started. The tools that you’ll need
to make a bouquet are tape, whichever kind you prefer, clippers or a knife, and then if you want ribbon. I kind like of flowing silk ribbon, but whatever kind of
ribbon you like is fine, or no ribbon at all is great too. When you are starting to build a bouquet, the first thing that I do is pick greenery or any kind of structural piece that is gonna make my base and make the shake of the
shape of the arrangement. So right now I have some spirea. I’m gonna strip the bottoms to make the stems a little longer. So I find that when you
are building a bouquet, interlocking stems together is the best way to hold the shape. So instead of kinda
working in a round rotation and piling things around on the outside, I like to start with my base as my hand. So make a hole shape, and then I’m just gonna start
putting flowers in my hand as if it was a vase. So, it’s kind of what
I’m gonna start with, and then I’m gonna start
with pieces that I think will make nice shape. And my goal is to make a round shape, I mean not too round though because when a bride holds a bouquet, I want her to be able to
hold it close to her body. Sometimes it can feel stiff and awkward when a bride is holding a bouquet that is like really condense
and it’s too big for her to push against herself. I want her to feel very
natural holding the bouquet. I want her to be able
to feel like she could brush it up her side or she
could hold it up next to her. It feels effortless, it feels easy, instead of she doesn’t have
to feel like she’s standing walking down the aisle just like this. I like to make my bouquet
beautiful all the way around. So I’m gonna do kind of pieces that float to either side and front and back. I want it to feel effortless, but I definitely don’t want
it to be flat on one side. So, I’m kinda gonna turn it as I go so that I make sure that I’m making it proportionate
all the way around. And that’s kind of last step
I do too is double check, make sure everything
is kinda proportionate on the front and the back. And I just like to put things where they might naturally fall. I’m gonna use a little bit more foliage to add some color and some shape, and get the stems to stick together. The next thing that I’m
gonna add is some lilac, which is from Holex, which is a grower that grows a lot of
Luxe Blooms for Mayesh. Absolutely beautiful product. So I’m gonna add some of this. Your stems are gonna shift as you go. I just try to fix them as I go. And once you get more
stems to put in your hand, it will all start to interlock together and it will hold together better. So, I kinda like to start
with the thicker things, and the base foliage
is to kind fill it out and start to make it a little bit tighter, so that when I put other blooms in they’ll stay in at the
depth that I put them in. And I find that gaging
how big a bouquet is kinda starts with your first piece. Generally, my bouquets
are on the smaller size to medium size. The first pieces that I put in here are kinda gonna mark how big the size is. So if I am challenging
myself to make something really oversized, I want my
first pieces that I put in to be really long. And that will stretch me, make me remind myself that
I need to pulling things out and making them long
because I wanna oversize. These things I’m tucking
in a little bit tighter, because I’ve kind of gauge that
this is the size that I want based on how far these are sticking out. So, it really just depends. But if you’re going for a specific size that the bride has, like she
wants a really petite bouquet or she wants an oversized bouquet, just kind of kind yourself. Just the first stems that you put in, make sure they’re the length that the whole size of the bouquet
will be, if that makes sense. If you’re gonna take a
stem out of a bouquet, which I woudn’t recommend because sometimes it can just
mess up the shape entirely and you have to start over. But if you are going to, like this one is poking out more than I had originally wanted, it’s moved around, just twist back and forth, and that will help to ease it
out of the spot that it’s in, and then you can place it somewhere else. When you’re making a bouquet, as you can see, I’m using my other hand to do all of this. The first time I made a
bouquet or first couple times, I actually just had
someone else hold it for me or I had someone else
striping my stems for me and handing them to me
individually as I ask, because it’s definitely hard
to do it with just one hand. Get a buddy because that’s
the way it works best I think. So, now that we have the base built, I’m going to add a focal flower, which in this case is
gonna be cappuccino rose. So, I’m gonna twist it in
the middle of my bouquet, kind of facing forward. And there we go. And then I’m just gonna start to layer other flowers on top of it. Yeah. So this one will be sunken in pretty far. And then I’m gonna grab another one. And this one is goin to be kind of sticking out a little bit more. And right now I’m ripping
of the guard petals. They’re kind of the not as pretty petals that are on the outside of the rose. These are protection for the
roses when they’re growing and when they’re being shipped. But then after that has happened, it just looks prettier to
kind of get rid of those to get the full color that you like. So now that I have my focal
flower and layering flower over, I’m just gonna add some
more of the same roses all the way around to create even distribution and make it beautiful. Okay, so now that I have
more of a base built and I have it filled with roses, I’m still kind of empty in the back, but I’m gonna worry about that last. This is what we have
for shape and for roses. If you’ll notice, I put a lot
of them at different depths. I think that really adds a lot
of dimension to the bouquet. So I kind of stack, layer, make everything a little more
dimensional and interesting. Now I’m gonna add some fritillaria. So I’m gonna add that
fritillaria in right over here, add some color and some movement. I’m gonna add another one in. A lot of times when I’m
going to add a flower and I’ll just kinda hold it up next to the spot where
I think it should go so I don’t put it in and
then not want it there. Kind of get a visual before hand. Now that I’ve added the fritillaria, I’m gonna add some Japanese ranunculus. I have a few different colors here. Peaches, light pink, corals. I love the variation of colors. That’s something that I like
to put in my design work. I’m gonna start with some ranunculus. Another thing that’s
really important to me in my design work is the color scheme. So when I put together a flower order, I make sure that all of my colors blend together really well. If you’ll notice, the roses
are kind of a mauve color, and I love that for a base because I think it does a great job of blending all the other colors together. So I have mauve, and then
I have like a light pink, and then it can weave into
this dark purple and peach, which are like our pop of color along with this foliage. This is like a kelly green color. So these are butterfly ranunculus. They are also a Mayesh Luxe Bloom, really beautiful from Japan right now. The last pieces that I’m gonna
add in are my detail flowers. Anything that’s really fragile or small, I like to add it in last so that it doesn’t get crushed, but also feel that it stands
out in the arrangement. So here I have some sweet peas and I also have some fritillaria. I’m just gonna cut stems down and kind of tuck it in
between the other blooms. So now that I’ve added my detail flowers, sweet pea and some fritillaria, we’re good to go. I also stepped out and look
at my bouquet in the mirror. This is something that I like to do. We don’t have a mirror in the studio, but I find that sometimes things
look totally different when I’m up close to them
and then I’m in the mirror. So I like to do, arrange
it, look in the mirror, kind of tweak things as
I see them in the mirror with me holding the bouquet, and then I also like to
take photos with my iPhone. All three of these things
help me get a good vision. They’re just three different
ways to look at your bouquet and make sure that you love it. So I kind of tweak some things and then add more detail flowers and we’re good to go. So, I’m first gonna chop
stems before we wrap it. I like to chop my stems really high up. I’m probably gonna do a
little bit more than this because I think the the
beauty of the bridal bouquet is the flowers. And I don’t want a bride to be holding so many stems that it
takes away from the flowers, and I also like her to be able
to hold it close to her body, and having shorter steps allows for that. It also allows for me to use little intricate delicate flowers that might have shorter
stems that will need a vase of water up close, so I can get them in water. I have my tape here. I’m just holding all the flowers together. You can see they’re kind
of tightly woven now because of the weaving that we did. I’m gonna take my tape and tape around the bouquet. Whoops. Tape around the bouquet. I do it like a bunch of times til it feels tight. And then I’m going to cut
the stems one more time to the final length that I want them. And I’ll even cut the stems one
more once I’m at the wedding because when the bride puts
the flowers back in water, hopefully the fresher cut will help them to absorb the water because she’s gonna be
carrying it around all day. Those are where our stems are at, and last step is ribbon. Okay, so now I have my ribbon
and I’m gonna double it up. Then I’m going to place it
in the middle of the table, and I’ll place my bouquet over the ribbon, and I wanna wrap the ribbon
so that it covers the tape. So I’m gonna do twice around, and then I’ll tie a knot, and double knot, and it put it in the center
of the bouquet, the knot. And now, you have a nice flowing
ribbon for the bouquet. Thanks guys so much for tuning in. Here’s the finished bridal bouquet and hope to see you on tour. (gentle music)


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