Meet IBM’s CIO Design Team

One of the changes that I made when I became CIO was creating a Design and User Experience Domain. And I did that because it’s critically important that if our mission is to deliver a productive environment to people that design doesn’t just have an equal seat at the table but that it’s baked into the fabric of the way the teams work and that everybody is leading with design and with a particular focus on the user experience. At CIO Design our mission is to make work better for the hundreds of thousands of IBMers that we support and we do this through thoughtful design leveraging the team’s extensive expertise in Design Strategy User Experience Design, Visual Design Multimedia and User Research. So a lot of people always ask me what do I do as a UX Designer at IBM? And I like to tell them that my job is to make other people’s lives easier. And I do this by digging for answers to two fundamental questions: why are we doing this, and how is the experience going to look? I always wanted to be an IBMer. But I never knew how happy I would be as an IBMer. There’s so much pride and history in this company. The work I do at IBM is rewarding because I’m learning new things and I’m producing research and designs that I know make a difference for IBMers. As a Visual Designer in CIO Design it’s my job to reimagine and evolve the visual style of our projects. Some days I’ll be creating UI’s and other days I’ll be working within our brand system to create different brands projects for each of our Domains. Visual Designers are involved right from the very beginning. From initial ideation and concepting, all the way through to the very end once the product has been delivered and we collect feedback from our users. The work that we do in CIO Design aligns directly with the CIO’s mission to create a productive environment for IBMers. Each day we have an opportunity to influence the applications that IBMers use and to assist teams in working more efficiently through our agile ways of working. One of the coolest fields in CIO Design is Multimedia. Why? Because we take what our fellow designers create and we bring it to life. The way we achieve this is by using live video, streaming, motion design, 2D animation, environmental design and pretty much anything that’s awesome. I never thought I’d be working on a design team doing communications. So it’s really nice that we’re using two sides of the brain. You Know, not only to make sure that our content reads really well and clear but also that it’s visually appealing as well to make sure that our employees are getting the information in the best form possible. It’s extremely rewarding to know that the work we do is having a positive impact on our colleagues across the hallway and those across the ocean. Something that’s really cool about CIO Design in general is the amount of emphasis that we put on cultural activities and engagement overall. We do a whole bunch of different things from going to the museum together, going to the park together, doing cultural safaris and all of those things really make CIO Design a really fun place to work. What I love about my job first and foremost is the people. I think we have an incredibly talented team of designers. All of which are happy to share their skills and expertise, collaborate on project. And they’re all super keen to solve a highly complex problem that makes an IBMers life that much easier and fun each and every day.

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