Meet the Saigon Artist Who Makes Miniature Sculptures From Scrap Metal

I’ve created more than 300 artworks since I started. Each piece has something unique about it. It’s like my brainchild. My name is Tran Giang Nam. I’m 40 years old. I’m a miniature art sculptor. Actually, the reason I make these mini art pieces is to promote the image of Vietnam. Vietnam is exquisite and exciting. It’s vibrant. It’s also artistic. There are some basic steps First, you have to place your instruments in the correct position. Just like a surgeon. I have some special tools like brushes made of cat hair, or tiny scalpels that are made from razors. Second, you have to know how to coordinate your hands, to weld, attach and paint so that it will dry out at the right time. Have to be precise down to seconds. High speed, The eyes need to be quick too. There needs to be a harmony between human and machine to create an art piece that’s harmonious. I use this to promote the vision of Vietnam.

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