Metallic Painting Techniques: Terminator Endo-Skull – FREE CHAPTER

>>ROB RAMSDELL: Alright, so, let’s start weathering
our T-600 here. What I’m going to do is take a tan house paint, you can just mix a few colors together until
you get this tan, or just go ahead and go to the local hardware
store or Home Depot or something, and buy a little tan. It’s not going to take much. But you want to put that in and essentially break it down 50% with water, you want this to be really runny. This is going to be an acrylic wash that will dry light and it lets the rust colors we’re going to
be applying, really be accentuated by having a light background. We’ll start back here, you see how it kinda puddles up and you can just kinda wipe it away. It stays in between the crevices there. Just go ahead and brush it over everything. This just looks like dust and dirt that’s
gathered. The thing to know about acrylic paints is
that they also darken when they dry. So just, all those craggy, broken metal areas we made, just cover the whole thing. And if you need to do a couple passes to get it where you want it, that’s fine. But like the dark wash that collected in the
crevices, this time we want something light to get in those spots. So again, the reds and ambers of the rust
will have something to show up against. Sometimes if you can’t get a rag in there you can go in with tissue and it’ll crumple and access some of those deep areas.>>Hairdryer Noise>>ROB: So now you see we have some light tones and it really just accents the
detail again, you can wipe away some of it. You still want some of that metallic sheen to show through, but as things rust they also lose their shine.>>Music Playing


  • Jahooba

    This is great stuff.  I wish it wasn't all hidden behind a pay wall.  Mostly because I'm poor.  People with money do need to protect their wealth and secrets, I suppose.

  • David Munck

    Awesome job! It looking great well done

  • Abhinaw John

    Great stuff….!! another thing.. is it just me .. or the guy sounds like Ben Affleck? 😛

  • Minder

    When he said T-600 wathering i was like ok but i noticed…that's a T-800 skull you can easily spot it on many areas.

  • 윤명석

    A full times make – up artist, Stan – Winston's greatest creation is Terminator T – 800. And he was a lion.

  • sirbrad4

    I already know how to do this but you should put up the whole video you get paid through ads anyway. No one likes bait and switch videos trying to make a sale, it makes you look desperate for a sale. We all know that you can afford to put it up for free, not many is going to buy this anyway. It is also way overpriced at $59.99 you can the same info on YouTube for free anyway.

  • jublywubly

    A few years ago, I paid to subscribe to the full-length video, of this tutorial. It's well over one hour, long, and well worth it. Although, I seem to remember it being a life-time subscription offer, but now my Stan Winston School of Character Arts account says I have no subscriptions. :-/
    Another bit, I'm certain, at the time, they also offered the tutorials on DVD, for a higher price. If that is still available, then it's a better option, because you don't have to be on the internet to watch them. Checking, last night, it looks like they no longer offer the tutorials on DVD; only via a subscription service.


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