Michael Landy: Saints Alive | Sculpture development | The National Gallery, London

The provisional title for the show is Saints
Alive – I am not sure I will stick with that. So that is what I am kind of interested in
– is making the saints come alive basically. Which painting is this taken from again I
can’t remember? That’s the Cima
That’s the Cima yeah, well that’s all the Cima that’s his arm, that’s his chest.
It’s come like you find these parts in a scrap yard, and all these wheels are going to be
kind of sixties and seventies kind of era wheels yeah it’s a clinky clanky kind of sculpture. He is essentially extracting bits of different
very important paintings, he’s pulling them all together, animating
them in three dimensions and monumentalising them, for something that was teeny tiny he
is suddenly blowing up times ten and I think it’s going to make people feel in a whole
new way, so I think what he is doing in his own project is pulling people into the paintings
and getting them to ask very important questions about the paintings. We are going to go MDM in Herne Hill who basically
fabricate sculptures and all sorts of things for artists, so we are going to go and visit
them and see how far they have got with the St Jerome sculpture, to just give me a kind
of idea what its going to look like and the finishing touches we have to give it. It is just much bigger than I imagined… It’s the size you drew it Oh I know that. Drawing them on little bits
of paper and then actually seeing them in real life is completely different. That is the reason for doing the full size
mock-up. Effectively it will be pivoting here and coming
down and striking the chest with the rock here. So it is the butt end of the rock will hit
the chest. I didn’t discuss with you – are we going to
cast the whole thing and then make that kind of incision The back of it you will be able to see the
wheels and the working mechanism. We will go beyond this broken line We will probably cast the whole thing Yes, I think that is sensible – You can then chose where you want to smash
it away or break it off Yes, I think we should do that. So we went to Sunbury antiques market yesterday
— I was there at half past six in the morning to buy wheels. The only problem with wheels
is that they are normally attached to other things . We might keep parts of some of the
mechanism, but it is predominantly looking for wheels Next we continue the on-going search for bits
and pieces, components and mechanical things from various places. That is ongoing. The sculpted elements as you saw upstairs
will be finished probably next week and then they will start to be cast out in the right
materials and then painted. And the construction of the mechanism itself
will start next week as well — We should have enough stuff together by then to begin and it will slowly come together The cast elements will be out the following
week and we can start actually assembling it It will be great.

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