Mickey Mouse is the most famous mouse in the
world. Few characters are as emblematic as Mickey,
and have accompanied so many generations. He IS the most distinctive character from
Disney. “ If you can dream it, you can do it. Remember this whole thing was started with
a dream and a mouse” Mickey Mouse’s birth, same as his creator’s,
sounds more like a legend. THe character was thought of by Walt DisneY
in March 1927, during a train trip from New York to Los Angeles. The Disney Company had recently lost the rights
for Oswald the Rabbit, and they urgently needed a new protagonist for their stories. And this is how, mixing necessity with the
collaboration between Ub Iwerks (providing shape and movement) and Disney (providing
voice and an animated personality), Mickey Mouse was born. In the beginning, his name was going to be
Mortimer, but, following his wife’s advice, Lillian, the name was changed to Mickey, which
sounded less arrogant. Mickey Mouse’s birthday is, officially,
on November 18th. This date commemorates the release of “Steamboat
Willie”, the first sound animated short film, starred by the mouse, tho this was not
his first appearance. His first apearance was in “Plane Crazy”,
released on May 15th 1928, a short film based on Charles Lindbergh’s flight, where the
mouse was accompanied by his beloved Minnie. To the company’s disappointment, “Plane
Crazy” didnt reach the expected success. However, they still started the production
of a new work, “The Gallopin’ Gaucho, which didnt find a distributor either. It had to wait until the success of “Steamboat
Willie” to be released. In these stories, Mickey is a show-off, quite
different to the loving mouse we all know nowadays. Mickey Mouse, now, is more of an enthusiast
and optimistic hero. He is fun and he loves acting naughty! Acting this way, sometimes, leads him to live
big adventures! Clever and determined, Mickey is very brave
and he is always sucesful no matter how crazy is the situation he drags himself into. Walt Disney himself was Mickey’s voice for
17 years, from 1928 till 1947, when he was replaced by the sound technician Jimmy MacDonald. From 1977 onwards, Mickey’s voice was that
of Wayne Allwine, until 2009, when Bret Iwan started doing it. During the 30s, comic strips starred by the
little mouse started to come out. The first Mickey Mouse clubs started to appear
in 1929. A year later, there were more than 800 delegations,
with more than a million members. Mickey was a pioneer in the world of merchandising
– toys, clothes and books were sold with great success. It didnt take long for Disney to grow huge
fame thanks to the mouse. In 1934, Mickey was already surrounded by
his inséparable Minnie, Pluto, Goofy and the evil Donald duck. Because of this short-tempered duck, Mickey
went through some tough times. In the 40s, the little mouse had a confrontation
with Donald, born thanks to his own adventures! Walt Disney was decided to give Mickey the
protagonism he had lost, and made the film Fantasia, one of the most innovative movies
of the Disney factory. Even tho the movie was a box office disaster,
the Sorcerer’s Apprentice sequence sent him right back to stardom. In the chronicles of the History of Disney,
Mickey is described as a mouse whose head is a circle with another circle as the nose. His body is a pear and he has a long tail. His legs are tubes that go inside big shoes
to make him look like a kid using his father’s shoes. Originally, Mickey Mouse didnt wear any white
gloves. They first appeared in 1929 in the shortfilm
“the opry house”, making it a lot easier to animate his hands. We could see his animated red pants and yellow
shoes for the first time in The Band Concert, in 1935 – his first short film in color. The great popularity Mickey had acquired was
obvious in WWII. During the D-Day Normandy landings, Mickey
Mouse was the key word used. This little mouse was also the first cartoon
character to have a star in the Walk of Fame in Hollywood. Since his creation, Mickey has lived together
with kids all around the world, and his name is different depending on the country. For example, in Italy his name is Topolino,
in Switzerland he is known as Musse Pig and he goes by Mi Lao Shu in China. Mickey Mouse has starred more than 100 movies,
as well as several series. As all the other characters in the Disney
factory, he has appeared in lots of videogames for all possible platforms. Mickey is a very important character in the
Kingdom Hearts videogames saga, where he is the king of the DIsney castle. Mickey Mouse is one of the most famous cartoons
in the world, and a great deal of Disney’s success is thanks to him. Nowadays, children and adults still love Mickey,
and it seems his star will never stop shining.


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