“Minnie Mouse” Face Painting Tutorial — Fast & Easy Makeup for Kids

hi guys this is Olga welcome back on my youtube channel today I’m going to show you how to create a very fast and easy Minnie Mouse face painting I’m using a metallic pink face paint for the blush and I’m blending it out into the skin with a clean side of the sponge using a number six round brush and the same pink color I’m painting the bow I start with a circle and then add two kind of butterfly wing shapes on the sides for the polka dots I’m loading my number-6 run brush heavily with creamy white and I’m pressing on the skin with the tip brush only the way I get nice fat dots with round edges I’m painting the ears in black using another four round brush [Music] I’m feeling in the forehead piece and outlining the ball [Music] I’m adding cute eyelashes on the outer corners of the eyes and a tiny triangle nose to complete the design starting out some crystals and glitter on the cheeks some black glitter on the years adding lipstick and we’re done thank you so much for watching I hope you enjoyed please like subscribe and comment don’t forget to check out the description box to find all the materials used in this video and see you soon bye bye [Music]

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