Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir, also
known as Miraculous Ladybug or Miraculous, is an animated tv series, co-produced by Zagtoon,
Toei Animation, Method Animation and SAMG Animation. The series was first released on September
1st 2015 in South Korea, and on October 19th 2015 in France. Nowadays, it’s present in more than 100
countries through different distributors. In Europe and Latin America, it’s broadcasted
by Disney Channel – in the US, by Nickelodeon. Ladybug tells the story of 2 high schoolers,
Marinette and Adrien, who have a double life as superheroes. “Ladybug” and “Cat Noir” have the
mission of protecting citizens in the glamurous and sophisticated Paris from the evil. Marinette seems to be a normal, ordinary girl,
sweet and enthusiastic. She wants to become a fashion designer and
she spends her time dreaming about her beloved Adrien. When she turns into Ladybug with the help
of Tikki, her Kwami, she becomes a brave superheroine, very fast and nimble. The character is thought to be a kind of mixture
between Amélie and Spiderman! Adrien is the son of a wealthy businessman. He was raised among cameras, acting as a model,
and the only thing he wants is to have a normal life, but his fame wont let him. He is only able to feel totally free when
he turns into the arrogant “Cat Noir” thanks to lazy Plagg. They completely ignore each other’s double
identity, but together they have to fight the akuma – dark creatures created by the
mysterious supervillain Hawk Moth with the intention of stealing their miraculous. Akumas have the power of turning Paris’
citizens and their classmates into supervillains, momentarily out of frustration. According to the directors, the ladybug represents
good luck, so it’s natural to have a black cat as a complementation, usually related
to bad luck. The series is based on an original concept
by the french Thomás Astrúc. He came up with the idea in 2005, when he
was working in WITCH. One day, he found a girl who was wearing a
t-shirt with a ladybug printed on it. He started working on the concept of a superhero
inspired by this insect. Marinette’s ponnytails are also inspired
by this girl. In the begining, Astruc wanted to write a
comic with a darker and political touch, but he met Jeremy Zag and he convinced him to
create an animated series instead. When Toei Animation joined as a co–producer
in 2012, they thought about creating the series as an anime. There is even a tradtionally-animated promotional
video where we can see Marinette as Ladybug and a different character called Felix as
Cat Noir. The promo was a total success. However, trying to reach a more international
audience, they decided to make it in 3D format. However, in the series we can still see a
lot of characteristics of the asian animation style, such the transformation in a SailorMoon
style or the Kwami. The creators of Miraculous wanted a different
show that would reflect French romance and beauty, starred by superheroes who would call
young people’s attention, but without falling into clichés of female characters. It seems like they’ve made it! Miraculous Ladybug has, so far, 2 seasons
and a Christmas special, and a third season is expected to come out as well. It’s become a great phenomenon in so little
time. A series with a simple plot but with adorable
characters that have won a lot of young people and kids’ hearts all around
the world!

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