MIT Education DesignShop: Curriculum Re-Design for STE(A)M – Integrating Arts into STEM Education

I have not seen a lot of energy put
into curriculum design and redesign as it
connects to real-life challenges the way that our education system has
been built are you know it’s been built for sort of an age and a way of thinking a that
just isn’t relevant anymore; in the late 1880s 1800 committee people of course at
Harvard got together to decide what should be in
the curriculum of elementary and high school and they wanted it to be things that the
students did not learn at home so at the time students did engineering
and hands on stuff at home because they’re all farmers so
they all fixed their tractors they all did all the hand so what was put in the curriculum was
the sciences, things that they did not do at home so biology chemistry math physics English but all the hands on stuff was
not there because the students did it at home whereas now a days in our culture and
we see this more and more with students coming in male as well as female students, no one
tinkers anymore no one fixes their car when I was growing up all the guys
fixed their own cars no one fixes their own cars now there is
no hands on staff and it’s not in the curriculum because back when the
curriculum was developed they did do it at home you know we don’t
get away from our responsibility for adapting our educational process just because kids change the next
generation of thinkers can’t be folks that just know things in silos they have to know
how things are connected and I think that that kind of educational
experience is what the future schools will be. At least for me, cross-disciplinary learning is like one of the most important things that I think should be put in schools. In a conversation with a policy maker and a teacher and
designer, say, I can imagine the problems that exist in current
classrooms bubbling to the surface as something to
engage with and of course has problems are important but for example rather than solving the problem at how to
make better tests I think that we should be asking the
question: “What can replace the current ocean of standardized
testing?” We really need to liberatete achers from the assumption that teaching to lower-order skills is going to get
students to do well on exams. There are too many
too many places where its convenient just to kinda let it go without thinking about the future I
think engineering education forces one to
think about if these slopes are headed in that direction maybe it’s going to continue that way unless we change it but it’s surprising how few people do that kind of thinking in there daily life they the whole
chunk of people around the planet that think that
the best I can do is hope and I hope, but, I don’t rely on hope.

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  • Jerry Rhee

    “…to attempt to tell of all this without a visible representation of the heavenly system would be labour in vain…

    Of the infinite forms we must select the most beautiful, if we are to proceed in due order, and any one who can point out a more beautiful form than ours for the construction of these bodies, shall carry off the palm, not as an enemy, but as a friend.” ~Timaeus


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