Mixing With Orion SilverMax

The Orion SilverMax has many uses you saw
we already mixed some and sprayed it as it was now we’re gonna show you things you can
do with it. We’re going to mix it with the Gamma Gold which is the S2-07 we’re gonna
do 1 to1 mix and then we’re going to reduce that and we’re going to spray that out to
show you what a beautiful base that can be for a Kandy or as a final color so let’s go
ahead and do. Sure you got it. So again we’re going to go and stir. Make sure it’s well
stirred. Yeah I like to say that. Not much. Yep and again as John was saying we’re going
to do 1 part Orion SilverMax to 1 part carrier base Gamma Gold and this is going to look
fantastic. You bet it does the Gamma Gold just by it is beautiful but it really doesn’t
have any metallic. Right. So you’re adding the maximum metallic that you could possibly
add the one that has the most beautiful most reflectivity maximum coverage which really
adds to the coverage when you had a pigment to it the coverage is increased and the color
as you’ll see very beautiful. Yeah and we can mix it up immediately so I should probably
reduces first before I start stirring it up. Go on stir it by itself of course you are
going to loose your marks. Yeah sorry. Look at this. Show them that. Wow. I know that
a lot of this is a secret here this is one beautiful gold. Look at that yeah I mean a
delay the register has certainly enhances now take your stir and move down on your mark
so you can see it again. You got it then you can add your reduce and you are good to go.
And we’ll go ahead and strain this into the gun and shoot this one a speed shape was well
so you can see how beautiful this is and then we’ll go ahead put a Kandy color over it to
show you how that enhances the depth and then of course will clear coat everything that
we’ve been we’ve been spraying. I think I want to take it a step further here John I
think I want to spray this and then mix-up the Gamma Gold it all with a little bit a
pale gold at three to one and spray it over that and show that how quick you can get that
base coat to cover over this. Wow. Then we’ll Kandy over that. Yeah now your talking all
right just another step that adds to the in-depth for the enhancement to the finish. It’s
another step but you know it’s going to add that much more beauty I think. I agree
well strain this and we’ll get it going. As you can see the second coat is already got
complete coverage doesn’t take much for this one to one mix to get coverage this is a great
way to get a fast base for any of your Kandy’s or any other carrier base you want to put
over this. Now we are going to put the third and last coat just to get a nice little drop
coat on it right now we can we like that but when I get the insurance one. I just got a
great idea since we have this as a base I want to show you how easy putting another
carrier based with an effect over that going to be can save you a lot of time and trips
around the car still give you a lot of bling with some Kandy. So we are going to take some
of the standard 07 what we did with the Gamma gold take a pale gold meta jewel we’ll put
that in 3 to 1 spray directly and it’s going to cover immediately so you probably 1 or
2 coats and you completely done. Meta jewels are unique they almost look like ice pearls
they have a lot of bling they are cut like a spear see it a lot angle and direction.
All right let’s stir it up and load it up. Our next step is to take the Orion SilverMax,
which you know how tough it is, and what a good covering product is do not try using
any effects packs in it because they can to get lost in this product because it is such
a maximum coverage product but as you saw when we mixed it with the S 20-07 how beautiful
gold it turned into when you add pigments to it the pigments affected beautifully and
that’s what we’re going to do now we’re going to use a Kandy concentrate and show you how
you can color the Orion SilverMax to get near your Kandy color to ease the application procedure
it takes nothing away from the final color all it does is make your job easier that’s
the name of the game. Let’s go ahead mix that up and show them how it impacts it. Yep so
you can see how this Orion SilverMax is basically kind of a work force because it is so many
different things with it. There’s nothing like it it’s the ultimate and silvers has
always been a dominant factor in the custom world but there’s never been one like this.
Never. So I’m actually going to cut that in half and just go 51/2. It takes so little
of this to impact the color and get it looking the way you want. But 10% mix is that what
you thinking? Exactly boy you can see that already she pinks out really quickly this
is not been reduced yet. No. But look what happened. Man that’s beautiful. Now what
a base for Kandy red for burgundy for Apple or for brandy wine wild cherry your list goes
on and on and on. Yeah you could do purple. And here’s the other thing that people don’t
realize this reduces the rebound and the and the Kandy jobs live longer. Yes. Probably
twice or three times longer by reducing that bounce that you get from the pure silver.
Yeah. So a lot of reasons easier to paint and longer-lasting job. Well let’s put this
in a gun. You got to reduce it yet 2 to 1 you get your mark and a will strain this in
the gun in pain a shape with this and put a Kandy color over it so you can see how quickly
the Kandy comes on how easy it is and how forgiving it is. All right let’s strain it
into the gun. Perfect. Mike that was impressive. Wasn’t. I’m telling you man the coverage,
the look. Amazing. The colors I mean how easy it is. Yeah. One of the other things that
we want to talk about is Mike didn’t wait between coats we just kind of banged it to
show you the speed involved but we would prefer to see each coat flat solvents before the
next one goes on but for the demo purposes we ran through it. But you cannot look at
that bright silver out in the Sun directly at just about blinds you. It does. And the
Kandy how did that work I mean and how easy was it over the tinted base you know. The
coverage is amazing over the standard gray and the white primer I mean did you see how
fast it was you could barley tell the difference as they were getting sprayed I mean it was
just immediate first coat. And when we mix the silver the Orion SilverMax into those
carrier bases, which I call toners you know I mean I’m from the old school and I keep
calling those things toners because that’s what we’ve always called them. A carrier base
is the way to put it nowadays so you don’t get messed up and not understand what you’re
talking about. And you can take any of those S2 carrier bases 1 to 1. And the less you
put in the darker it gets the more you put in the lighter it gets and there is no limit.
Yeah it’s limitless. What spectrums are you looking for what color spectrum are you
looking for and then no reason not to take the carrier bases and mix them together to
come up with all kinds a unique colors I mean it goes of the scale. It’s limitless. In
what you can create. It’s limitless. With this but it’s that unique platelet that you’re
not going to find anywhere else that makes this product stand out in a crowd and then
watching it work like we just did how amazing is that as see the coverage and how what an
amazing product. I agree I agree. In the Kandy just the depth when you get the Sun the Kandy
just reflects it’s unbelievable. And Mike makes it look easy simply because it is. That’s
right yeah if I can do it you guys can do it. Well we want to thank you for watching
and hope and you had something to add on the site. Yeah if you want any of the technical
data sheets are some VOC information just go to www.houseofkolor.com and you can pull
all of this up. It’s complaint with all markers. Absolutely. Thank you for watching.
Bye bye.


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    The other day we taught you how to spray with our Silvermax. Now see how it mixes: Mixing With Orion SilverMax

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    Great product, but do NOT buy from TCP Global. In 2 shipments, every HOK product container in each box was severely damaged, and the gallon of S2BC02 Orion Silvermax was leaking.

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    on the second demo, a kandy karrier was mixed w/ orion silver (10%), can the karrier be mixed at any percentage?

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    can you mix the candy thats alrdy mix in the quart or it has to be the concentrated? and what will the mix be with one quart of orion silver?

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    Go to HOKglobal.com for all your House of Kolor. These guys know their $#*[email protected]&!. Pricing is great and they really care. Ask for Erik!

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    Too funny I was doing this in 1980 on my own lol


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