Montana Crackle Effect Spray Paint

Create stunning vintage
or distressed effects with Montana Crackle Spray. Surfaces should be
clean, dry, and have any rust, oils, or dust removed
before application. Remove the safety ring
by removing the nozzle, and turning
the can upside down, allowing the ring to fall out. Shake can well
for 2-3 minutes. The Montana crackle effect
can only be achieved on nitro-combi
or acrylic lacquers, such as Montana Gold,
Black, White, and Acrylic. Prior coating of your object
is necessary to achieve the effect. The pre painting should
dry minimum 45 minutes, but no longer than 24 hours. Apply 2-3 even layers
with one or more of the Crackle Effect colours. Then to let the distressing
process begin to occur. Apply Crackle Effect at
a distance of 15-20 centimetres
from substrate. Apply crackle linearly
in even, thin layers to achieve a uniform
crackle pattern. Thin application
creates fine crackles. Heavier application
leads to bigger crackles. The Montana Crackle Effect
can be overpainted when fully dried and cured
with nitro-combi or acrylic lacquers. Seal with Montana Varnish
for further protection. Must be totally cured
before sealing. Montana Crackle Effect. Highest spray paint quality
made in Germany. (♪♪♪) Captioned by GigEcast


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