Motorhead Garage Features 3M™ Accuspray™ Spray Gun System + PPS™

Motorhead garage will folks would like
to paint your own car what kind of a hassle a candy when you got to clean
your equipment areas thank you I got Brent Kaslow hear from 3 a.m. and he has
got the 3m spray system that PPT a system here that really takes a lot of
that work out of and welcome to the show thanks to death now tell me about this
system here this is really kind of a really no muss no fuss deal yet they
were super excited because if you look at a conventional spray gun system more
yet to mix the spread of a metal cup use a lot of her to do that eliminate a lot of those pains with the
paint preparation systems you see right here yeah this is the cup here he got into
screen and so I was inside that seem right you mix you spray you filter all
on the same vessel not all separately like you right now of course you tell
you a shaft the Red Sea saying that if you want to change colors or just clean
up a look at this got a liner in here just throw it away exactly right now these are the
different heads here these are reusable or you can throw away your reasons as
well we don’t want to just meet on the gun that you can spray primer base coat
of clear coat with so if you look at the adjustments on the gun 1320 is our
preferred setup 19 pull out on the top three turns pullout from the food
adjustment so this is air fluid and then twenty pounds pressure gives you the
perfect pattern or I can use that 20 pounds for all your spring researcher
can we use for base clear and of course a test patterns we just
shot dare look pretty good so I saw the next step now is let’s go inside and
let’s start spraying beauties are closest to me and reaction
now these can be used watched all the way or you can clean up
showing how you can be real quick will prompt this soft have here take a little
bit of solvent earlier nozzle assembly shake it will trigger a couple times
with less than two outs of any your whole head assembly will be clean for
using in or like said you can throw the whole thing away and not clearly law
yeah $6 done well there you go folks will you know that’s an easy way to do
that I suspect that primers all ready to go for the base coach put color on looks pretty good control pressures
where it needs to be and that you’ve got the correct atomizing head begins its
going to control the minute texture appeal that you get on the plane there
you go well I suspect that sliced off time to
call it clear he put clear day that turned out pretty good thank you
you did a nice job and i got to tell you i three Mac you spray system works out
perfect for you guys at home this is the way to go thank you for stopping by really so to
get there I’ll bet you do want to thank you

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