Mr. Sketch Smell Challenge

– Hey guys, it’s Jordan. Today I’m here with my sister. – Audrey. – And we are going to be playing
the Mr. Sketch challenge. – The rules of the game is
that we’re gonna be blindfolded and we have to pick out a color. And say we got pink, for example. Then we’d have to smell it
and try to guess the scent of Mr. Sketch. We write it down on our
paper and show the camera. And if we get it right, we
don’t have anything on our face. But if we get it wrong. – If you get it wrong, you
have to draw out a piece of paper from your Mr. Potato Head, and the other person has
to draw it on your face. Let’s start this challenge. Audrey, you get to draw first. – This is the first one. – Where is it? – Don’t drop it. – Oh no, what is this? – Oh, I have in between two. – Oh, I know. – Oh, it’s orange.
– Hey, I wrote good. No, I guessed watermelon. – I was between lemon and lime. – I’ve a feeling I’m wrong. I guessed watermelon. It smelled like watermelon. – Dang. I thought it was gonna be green. – [Woman] Orange one is orange. – The orange is orange.
– Wait. – Great. It smells like watermelon. – It just smells like citrus. I should have just said citrus. – Yeah, it doesn’t. – Be broad. – It doesn’t smell like oranges. Okay, well now we’re both gonna have draw from our Mr. Potater Heads. Mr. Potato’s gonna stink. Eye shadow. Oh no! – Glasses. – Oh, why on the eye? – That is so vibrant. – You ready for your glasses? – I hope this comes off. I am so nervous. – I’m gonna make your
glasses a little bit special. – Boxy or circle? – Circle like Harry Potter. (upbeat music) – Get stuff on me. Oh no. – You’re a wizard, Harry. This one. This is the color. – Oh no. (upbeat music) – What? – Great. – What? – Oh, I’m stuck. – OKay, one, two, three. Banana! I guessed banana. Is that right? – I thought it was grape. – Grape? I guessed banana. What is yellow? – [Woman] Banana. – Yeah! I don’t have to draw. Whoop, whoop. – I got earring. You’re gonna get earrings, too. I’ll cover the earrings with black. Okay, these are my earrings. You probably can’t tell
because it’s yellow. I just knocked some out, oh well. This one. They all smell the same. – But once you hear the
answer, you know that, that’s what it is. You could tell. But blindfolded it’s pretty hard. Really, what is this? (upbeat music) – I’m guessing the same as last time. – Me too. Grape. Aw, it’s green. What? – Dang it! – [Woman] Apple. – Apple? – Now I can see how it would be apple. – That does not smell like apple to me. – You have to draw a mustache. – Oh and then, Audrey,
you have to draw glasses. – Yes. I’m gonna do box glass for you. (upbeat music) (laughs) That is not a good look. – I’m gonna go out of the
house like this every day. (giggles) – It smells good. – Oh, yeah. You’re gonna be smelling this stuff for the entire rest of the — – Oh yeah what the heck? (laughs) – Hopefully you like it. Okay, wait. – But that’s not fair. (laughs) – Wait, close your mouth. – This is not gonna come out. – She’s got like the ones
that go down like that. – This is not gonna come out. – This one. Oh, what is this smell? (giggles) – I have a guess. – This is a little bit weird. I don’t know. – Smells good. Whatever this scent is, it’s delicious. – I think it might be
red, but I don’t know. – I don’t think this is even a scent. The thing is but oh well. – I guessed grape. – Mint. – I have no idea. (Jordan gasps) – Chocolate. – No, it’s the cinnamon. I was gonna guess cinnamon. What is it? – [Woman] Cinnamon. – Nose. – And mine is nose. – Yes. (upbeat music) – Really right there? – You gave a triangle nose. Kind of. It’s hard to work with it but … – Okay now I’m gonna get
a little bit down here. – This one. I think I know that one is. That one’s pretty easy. – Yeah, that one’s definitely … Let’s see. – Grape. – Grape. – Grape oh yes I could
smell that from anywhere ’cause I don’t like grape. – This one. It’s like the classic. What is it called? – Classic. – It’s a classic. Okay, I know. – Original. Cherry. – Strawberry. – It’s probably blueberry. – Oh. – [Woman] Blueberry. – Dang it. – You have to draw on me a — – Flower. – [Audrey and Jordan] Flower. (upbeat music) – This one. Oh, I know this. That’s easy. – Yeah, I think I know it too. Oh my. – This reminds me of a cherry slushy. – My drawing’s a cherry. I think we got it right. – Cherry?
Oh my. – [Woman] Cherry. (Jordan screams) – This one. Oh, what? I hope I got it right. I have no idea though. I don’t know what. I thought it was the blueberry one but … Grapefruit. Blue raspberry, oh. – It could be blue or just raspberry. – [Woman] It is fruit punch. – What? – We didn’t get that. Mickey Mouse signature. – Mickey Mouse signature. – How do you do that? – We keep getting the same ones. – What’s the Mickey Mouse signature? Wow, that’s really bad handwriting. – Okay. – It’s like big M for Mickey Mouse. – I have like perfect. I’m gonna do it right on your forehead. – Oh. Oh, it smells good. Peppermint or mint. – Hey, I put mint. – [Woman] It is mint. (Audrey and Jordan scream) – We don’t have to get the stuff. This one smelled like, like — – There’s another one in this batch that smelled like mint too. – I actually like this one. It smells very nice. – I guessed mint twice before. – What? This smells kinda nasty. – Nasty, nasty. – Oh, I know what it is. I know what color it is. It’s … – Oh, I know what this one is. – [Audrey And Jordan] Licorice. – I think I spelled that right. – Licareese. – Licareese. – Lic-or-rice. – Licorice. It’s meant to say licorice. – [Woman] It’s licorice. Audrey spelled it correctly. (upbeat music – Oh, I know. Wait. Yeah, I know. Watermelon. – Bubble gum. – Bubble gum? Where did you get bubble gum? – It’s watermelon. – It’s watermelon. I got it right. How did you get bubble gum? – It just smelled like bubble gum. You gets a pink. Pink’s my favorite color. – Eye shadow. – This makes it even better. I’m just like — – I’m excited to see what I look like. – Okay. – There’s only one left. I guess what it is. – Oh, I know what it is. – Smells like raspberry. – Okay, mine is strawberry. – Oh dang. – I have a feeling. I don’t know what it is. – [Woman] It is raspberry. (Jordan screams) – Are you kidding me? They put two raspberries. – [Woman] There is not two raspberries. You guessed raspberry for fruit
punch, and you were wrong. – Dang it. – Mustache. Great. – Lips. (Audrey mumbles) – It’s turning purple. – Let me do yours. – Go — (girls make weird, whining sound) – And a little goatee. – This is our final looks. What we look like. – I really like how my eye
shadow matches my lips. (both girls scream) – What did you do to my face? – What you do to my face? Jordan, really? – Thank you for watching. Make sure you like, subscribe,
and share this video. – I’m pretty sure the markers
on our face are not going to come off very easily. So if you want to see us
try to take it all off — – Go watch our vlog channel
at That YouTub3 Family where we will be trying to take this off. Yeah. – So it’s going to be like
a great blur all over. – Yeah. Also comment down below
which face looks better. Mine or Audrey’s. – Mine. Hands down. (laughs) – We will see you all later. Bye. (upbeat music)

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