Mundo al Revés: Hombres y Mujeres 4

me la pelas gringo de mierda jajajajajajaj Calm down! I’m going to give you something that helped me a lot there are some pills, that you haven’t to eat half of it, then they take you to the bathroom no way! Gua-ran-teed they have helped me a lot! hopefully, we’ll look like this … Cutie! I’ll request you for 3 pill bottles * Burp + fart * I’m getting hotter every time Go buy me lunch and bring back the change -But this is not enough!
-The change, I said I’m sick of this work, they don’t appreciate us Don’t be dramatic!
I think that we’re going to get the raise we asked for Yes!!!
They raised my salary And they put me on charge
of the entire financial area Really?
That girl started working yesterday We’ve been here for 10 years You know how they’re in this office!
you have to have an uterus to be valued! I’m tired of making less money
just for being men Of not being allowed to be in charge
of any project and that all bosses are women
This matriarchal system is bullshit! -No, there have been male bosses !
-Lies! Well, I have hope that
things will get better Yes, Yes!
They gave me a car for being the new supervisor See? Babe, you have a 42 degree fever! I already put wet towels on you, you already bathed in cold water
and it’s not working. We have to go to the doctor! No, I’m better But pus is already coming out of the ra… sh I’m fine But your arm fell out,
I think you have leprosy I’m fine Oh, I don’t understand why the f*ck
they don’t like to go to the doctor! For sure you reach the pool
The video will be crazy af and go viral! c’mon, c’mon, c’mon! Okay, fine, who said fear? Hold on!
Something’s missing What’s missing? For the video to be cool, you’ll get into this shopping cart with added rockets to propel it Through that ring lit in flames Girls, don’t you think this is a little
dangerous? Oh, do not be a faggot! Faggot! Faggot Okay,
Fine, fine YOLO, dude. Wait! I take off your helmet, a lot of weight c’mon, c’mon, c’mon! Ahhhh!
holy sh … (ah, she killed herself!) Well, at least we’ll have
a good video You turned on the camera, right? daddy! I would like to be a hamburger,
so you can cover me in mayonnaise Hey, respect! Stupid! Why do you dress like that!
You provoke it , chch Motherfu- * They put dirty perreo * ♪ I whipped you hard hard you like the banana ♪ Our song!! ♪I whipped you hard hard you like the banana ♪ Listen, listen! Have you heard the lyrics of this song? ♪ I put it hard
you’re my dog ​​♪ ♪ like that, very dirty ♪ I make you my slave
and on the floor i grab you ♪ ♪ I put it hard
you’re my dog ​​♪ What if we watch the journal of Braulio Jones? We’ve already seen that movie like 10 times How to lose a woman in 10 days? Are you serious? Never kissed? Legally Blonde 2! You know what? Put whatever you want! Whatever, we’ll end up watching the same movies I’m tired of seeing
those romantic comedies But you just want to see “Fast and furious” or “Transformers”, just because Mie Fox comes out I mean, I’m tired of only watching movies
with muscular men on them I mean, what are you trying to tell me?
That you don’t like my body? You want me to get pectoral implants
or what? Oh, well, fine!
Let’s see “The prince diaries”, then, ok? -OK!
-OK (And like this the ends inauguration
of the first president man of the nation) (Finally!) A man president?
Chiiii How dumb people are!
Surely they’ll pass sh*t laws Women are better YOLO! c’mon, c’mon, c’mon! The good thing is that I did record it Hello how are you?
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