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Wow! Finally the junior
boss has responded! Wow! Finally the junior
boss has responded! He has cut the phone. It is not cutting the phone sir.
It is cutting the call. Of course. It’s because ofthis grammar
& glamour that you are appointed Thankyou sir. What? What happened sir? Junior boss is in Europe from a month
and has already spent 5 million.
for 25 million more. Tell it to senior boss sir. What’s the use? If he asksfor 2.5
million, this man will send 5 million. Do you know why?
Why sir? Because if son is golden
star.Father is crazy star. Wow! Super combination. Should I get their
autograph for you?
take a selfie. If you don’t mind, can I know why golden
star spends so much? For his excitement.Whose
ointment? Not ointment dear.
For excitement. Mam, there is something for you. What’s this?Hi.I saw the most
exiting girl today! That moment! You were not treading
over the floor, but over my heart. You look ravishingly beautiful
in 18 different angles. When you sip coffee, it seems like you are
making love to that mug. Lucky mug! And that graceful walk when
you moved towards the pool would have knocked 100
miss world crowns. Ah!That hot look you gave to the
swimming pool after finishing the coffee! The water must have reached
its boiling point. You impressed me in
just 18 minutes. By the way, I wanted
to personally ask, were you swimming in the pool or were you floating in heaven. We will meet at4 p.m
in The Park hotel. I’m damn sure that our meeting
will be filled with excitement Preetham This way madam. I can breathe without oxygen. But I can’t live
without excitement Right now, for this Preetham, you are the most exiting factor. Wow! This is so amazing! Shreya, I love you.
Will you… Wow PreethamlYou
are so amazing! Thankyou. I’m so thrilled! Hey hi. Ni Sorry. I was a bit late. Ifsfine. Were you getting bored? Hmm Now I have come right.
Your boredom will vanish. But, I am bored of you. What? Are you serious? Shreya,the way we met,
the way we proposed, the way we strolled around, was all too exiting! But, now I find all
this very boring. But why] I don’t know. Then what do you know? Shreya, I know only one thing. Once you start to feel boredom, we should stop continuing
such relationship. If you continue, there will be unnecessary
anger, tussles… Don’t you feel so? SQ? So… let’s breakup. How many girls have you
been with prior to me? I won’t lie. I don’t remember. So basically, you are not
interested in commitment. You are trying to escape! Just go to hell. Sh reya, Forget it Preetham. Shreya, let me finish Forget it Preetham.
It’s over! Listen to me. I wouldn’t have been
explaining you all this. Oh!Thanks a lot! You know what? You
are a good guy. But too confused. No! I am not confused.You are. Iam clear about what I want. Oh! So you don’t want me. Right? Shreya please. Look You are beautiful. A good girl. Its all true, but. . You are not the girl I expect. Can I know what’s your
expectation from a girl? One who will never bore me. A non-boring girl. Sounds good. But
practically impossible. No, no, no. It is possible. And exiting also. You and your excitement. Anyways, all the best. Thankyou. Thankyou very much Shreya. We will be friends forever. Preetham! Hi buddy. Welcome to India sir. Thankyou.Where is dad? Our crazy star has gone to bring a
new car to maintain your excitement. Wow! That’s my dad! Yes sir. Hey! Dad! I love you dad.You are the
best dad in the world. This dialogue costs 1.6 cores But uncle, doesn’t this
car cost 1 .5 cores Ofcourse, but he has paid 10 lakes
extra to purchase it today itself. Let’s go dad. You come in your car. What? This is not for you.
It is for me. Now this is a crazy twist. You have always
defeated me in racing. Sol have bought a new
car to win this time. Come on let’s race. Come on. Sir,there are many
pending works. Shall I leave for office. Your office is standing right here.
Just get in. Fine sir. God protect me from
this father son duo. Please save me god! Sir, do you really need
such craze at this age? My craze is not in my body.
But in my mind. Sir! Dude,judging by
your dad’s speed, it looks like our
defeat is guaranteed. Tell me who is he? Your father. He should always be victorious. But I too don’t like
failures…Hmm Because I am his son. Hey dad! It’s not about the car. It’s the one who drives it
that makes the difference. No matter how fast you are,I
will always be yourfather. Don’t forget it. Wow! But I too am your son. Hey! Open your eyes. If I open my eyes gods
will dissapear sir. We did it dude. All the efforts became in vain. Sir! You morbidly
lost a winning race. Tell me who won the race? Your son. No one should snatch his
excitement away from him. Not even me. Iam nothing without my father. Nothing exists
without my father. I love my father too much I shall never hurt him. Iam nothing without my father. Nothing exists
without my father. I shall never hurt him. My dad never rebukes
me no matter what. He did teach me ABCD
when I was a child. One should learn to
love by seeing my dad. He is the best piece created
by the creator himself. Dad you are my He-Man. Dad, you are the Show-Man You are my everything. So let me tell. Listen. My daddy is my hero. My daddy is superstar. Oh daddy. Daddy. Daddy My son is a million dollar baby.
A one and only piece. Like a fully loaded
golden gun in my pocket. There is no happiness
without my son He is my sight and vision. He speaks a ton, for he is No 1. My daddy is my god, It’s impossible to
match his speed. Will lay down my life for him and this song is for him. Iam nothing without my son Nothing exists without my son
and I won’t hurt him lam nothing without my son Nothing exists without my son So let me say this. Listen. My sonny is my hero My sonny is superstar Oh Sonny. Sonny. Sonny Afather means there
is no fear in life We booze together. We
have fun together. This understanding
can never be missed Oh my daddy. Daddy. Daddy No one will get a son like you You are my baby. My sweet pea. My cutie pie. My sugar candy. My baby. My boss My gold. My hold. My child. My rascal. My embrace. My kiss. Myjoker. My ruler. My daddy is my hero. My daddy is superstar. (Scream) Dad your tears will
make my mother sad. On her birthday, you should
be the most happiest person. Just as how mom
took care of you, I too will take care of
you for this whole day. I prepared thisjamoon with my own hands.
Open your mouth. It’s delicious. Really dad! Oh shit! Dad! It’s too sweet. Wouldn’t a son’s and
mother’s love be so sweet? Oh! I have left the dosa on the pan.
Will get it. Dad! Iam very sorry dad. I had poured ghee like water.
Dosa has belittled into pieces. It’s alright child. Good morning sir. What’s this? Am I witnessing
the 9th wonder of the world? Have a seat and have
Preetham’sjamoon. I will explain it.
make a perfect dosa. Thanks Dad. Aha! It smells so yummy! He has added garnish to it Garnish forJamoon! Howis it? Dad. Your favorite suit. My mother’s last gift to you. Wow! Sir. If you just shave a bit,then even now
girls will stand in queue to propose. Dad, the way you keep those two
buttons on the shirt open. That’s extraordinary. exactly Your mother had gifted me
this shirt 18 years back. It became tight and I had to open
these two buttons to fit in. And like her love this style
has stayed with me henceforth. Preetham is too blessed to
have a father like you. Anyone else in your place would
have got him a step mother.
replacement for everything But nothing can replace love. What words! But Preetham’s
thoughts are completely opposite. He befriends a new
girl every 3 months. Today’s generation is like that. They have too many options and
hence too many confusions. They feel trial and error method
is the only plausible way.
understand that. Super sir! If every parent becomes
so accommodating, then our nation will
become Eden (Ram Rajya) Ah! What theatrics is this? Sorry sir. Got bit emotional and
became little dramatic. Take it I will wear it myself. No no. I will put it myself.
Or else mom will feel bad. Yes. Watch this SundanSir This generation does
these things also. Correct Sir. But a moment before you were
complaining about my son! Sorry sir. Dad, this noon I will
prepare lunch myself. We will have food together. Uncle, you too. Fine? Today I will do
whatever you tell me. Just order. If it is like that, I’m going to Kashmir for a
business trip. Join me. KashmirlH mm Sure dad. I will come. Sir! I had booked only two
tickets for both of us. Should I book another ticket? Yes. Book it. If my son is coming along then why
are you tagging around as an extra. Iam an extra! Preetham, will you surely go? Yeah sure. Sir please consider again.
You know about Preetham. By the time he wakes up
in the morning, no one knows what mood he will
be hanging around with. Why don’t you do what
I tell you to dol? Should ltrust my
son or your son? Good one dad. Why should he pull down my son
in front of his son. Poor son. Should I wait at the
parking lot sir? Why? You have finished
dropping us right. Go back to office and
look after the works. What are you intending to say? That I would come all
along till here and then have a change of
mind and would go away? Err Dad, this is ridiculous! Preetham, is there a relation to his
name Sundar (beautiful) and to his face Right. Even his thoughts
and words are like that. They are never related.
Don’t stress. He thinks everyone
is like his son. Dad, I will get some snacks.
Do you need anything? Get me a fruit punch.
Yes. Hi,
Sir One Italian smooch andone fruit punch. Sure sir The travel is enchanting. Places are pledged to see. People are pleasant, Excuse me sir.Your order is ready. Tradition is rich. Indian railways. Helps you touch and
feel Rajasthan. Preetham, where are you? Dad! I am going to Rajasthan. But. .
Will be travelling in railways for the first time.
Dad I am so excited. Please travel to Kashmir alone. Love you dad. Love you, I’m
very sorry dad. Ummma. Hello. Happy journey sir. No sir. Being practical But don’t worry sir.
I will board my son, sorry, your son on the
train, switch on the a/c and buy him some
confectionaries also. Along with that, send our
car behind that train. Ah! Preetham’s first train
journey begins now. Stop the train. Stop. Aishu. Come fast. Fast. Someone please pull the chain. Please stop. What chain? Pull the chain to
stop the train. Where is the chain?There.To stop train pull chain. Come. Come fast. Hand please. Aishu your perfume smells good your eyes are beautiful Thanks Oh sorry. I am very sorry Sorry isn’t enough “Then?
_ my bag please yeah, Sure. Thankgodl! I got
into the train. Me & my FB friends are
going for a Rajasthan Trip
missed the train, I just can’t Explain oh!! I’m sorry I love travelling I also love chatting 84 dancing Dating? You naughty. Hi! How are you? Hi shilpa. How are you? Hey Nikki! By the way, meet my boy friend. Preetam,Hello But he’s engaged Aishu, don’t you share
everything on Facebook So why don’t we share him also. Yeah!!! nice idea Hello, excuse me pleaseYes pleaseWho pulled the chain? He did it sir. Is it! 0h my god!! You pulled the chain for mel? Love you darling, Wow!!! Have you finished? Did you get your kiss? Now pay thefine Because of you people, I have
not had my breakfast also. Fine! For what? Are you a child from
pogo (cartoon) channel? That’s why they have
made fool out of you If you pull the chain
ofa running train, you have to pay 1000 Rupees fine Ohljust1000 Rupees take it. Oh!! You do have
head light problem. Sir, you are wonderfull Thankyou Madam, train has already arrived
at the platform. Please hurry Madam, your train is leaving and you
are sitting here gulping chocolates! You will definitely
miss your train. Ordinary girls board
into standing trains. But someone who catches
a running trainis…extraordinary girl! Oh! Shit!
missing the train Stop the train! Shitl! Come fast come, get in Did you pull the chain? Yeah!! I will even pay the fine 0h god!! Who pulled the chain again? I haven’t had breakfast yet. Did u pull the chain again?“Mm!ls this Rajasthan express
or a local city bus? Are you people playing
stop-start train game or what? What can I do? Everyone
keeps pulling the chain!
if you can’t do anything?Throw it. Who the hell are you to
tell me to throw my coat?
then lwill say who I am? Am I not aware of that? It’s my train!
I’ll get in.Who are you to tell me? What are you aware of? First
learn to do yourjob correctly. You are talking to
me about my job?! Nonsense! I’m the most
sincere officer in railways Hello Mr. wonderful. You are
the one who has got outside. Hurry up and get in. O my god! Stopl! Pull the chain Common jockey, come
on you can do it. Preetham, if he boards the
train he will fine you again. Please pull the chain! Seeing my wife’s face in the
morning was such a bad omen (playing anatakshari) Come pritam Hi beautiful girls!Hi.So we are Facebook
generation, right? Yes so now I will sing
a Facebook poem Ready? : yes : It is already sweet.It gets sweeter.If given to the girls What is it? Kulfi ice cream Chocobar? Lolip0P-7 Then what? Kiss wow If you give a kiss to the girlIt becomes sweeterWow!!! nice Preetham. Now one more. Come on. See,yes Once on forehead Yeah!!! Twice on chins ok Once on forehead Twice on chins Only once on the lips What is that Apply cold cream Winter has arrived. Aishu looking hot!! Ok, now next one what is your name? Say your name Nandhini Nandhini? Miss Nandhini you should not miss this poem when Nandhini stood smiling in front of a mirror when Nandhini stood smiling mirror said Wow!! Beautiful beautiful WOW Nandhini got shy and went away, and then mirror said April fool, April fool April fool Nandhini nice nah hey Nandhini you Girls are very delicate. Say something and
your face bloats.Leave itWhy did the train stop again? Can’t you see?
There is a signal. Dude, will we reach
Rajasthan by morning? Yeah we will. Sorry miss Nandhini if
my words have hurt you. I never hurt girls. But yes I have done breakups. I’m both, angry & sad Can you please leave me alone?
the train 84 paid the fine. Iam the one who should be sad! Why are you sad? I had a deep wish to get
into a running train. I was planning it from one year. I was fully prepared today You ruined my whole
excitement in the last minute Leave my hand. I don’t think that
time has come yet You! leave me. Don’t you have manners. The train is leaving! leave me wait train is leaving, leave me lam giving back your excitement go catch the train run! Run! Run Run Fast. run If we had missed the train? We didn’t miss the
excitement rig htIf we have excitement nothing
becomes boring right.
What is your definition
of excitement? All the thing we do
for the first time Like first day of collage, First day of school First friend First love and First night. Doesn’t your brain think of
anything other than girls Doctor has said that I will
get migraine ifl do so. Cool drinks. Lets have some
cool drinks and become cool We should. Ok bye!! Good night Hey!!! Whom are you
kissing when lam here? Show me!! Show me You know what? All my facebook
friends have said that we are the best
pair ofthe year, and all the pics have
got maximum likes. See So in this happy moment
lets sleep together!2bodies in 1 seat crazy sandwich Aishu, can I say
something seriously? Hmm You are very hot very sexy, very modern but boringWham!What happened? He said I’m boring! That Preetam is a selfish pig Hey!! Aishu had breakup. Yes, let’s try If I get him he’s mine, if u get him we’ll share. What!!!? You thought I won’t
come back right? Yes sir, uh no sir Answer pr0PEFIY7 Do you know who I am A lion with sugar! Saate Prathapa Nobody escapes me. Now I have to pay
the fine right? Hill Good morning Will u come with me? Where? I don’t know Don’t know!!Then
I’ll surely come If you go with this girl what about the other girl? You are here right.The
lion with diabetes Take this. Let’s go, let’s go. Instead of 1000 he
has given 2000? Bye!! Mr wonderfull I thought that extra
1000 was tips you pulled the chain &
swallowed even that. Because of these people I
have had no breakfast yet. Hello excuse me Who do you think I am? A boy
or some old tornjeans? You are dry washing
me in the sun. Could you stop
addressing me formally. From now on, treat
me like your friend. Ok (shows him biscuit) bow bow Yes Catch.7.I have heard that if boys
don’t eat biscuit thrown at them by girls,then they are
bound to get ulcer in heart Yes. I too have 3 rules We should follow that
rules at any cost. Oh! is that why you
gave me 3 biscuits! What ifl don’t agree Just good bye. Rule no 1. From now on, we are temporary Boyfriend & Girlfriend Just for 5-6 days,that’s it really super If all girls think like you, First of all, boys
won’t commit sins They can do whatever they want,
they could roam freely & be happy. It would lead to
population control too. Ok, next Biscuit Rule no 2 There should be no physical or mental relationship between us. No relationship at all Mentally, is ok But we will have to think about physical,
because it is out of our control ok. We don’t need it. If both of us don’t want
it, then we don’t need it. But if both of us do need it,
then too we don’t want it. Force is never an option. No,
no, no, we don’tneedit. Rule n03. No meeting again. VWth the end of this trip, we end
our contact. No more rendezvous. Double 0k I won’t talk to you even if
you greet me in my dreams. Okay? Hmm. One minute please. Rules are meant to be broken.
What if I break these rules, and do something
unplanned to you? Iam fine with it. Hello! Nandhini, give me your
cell no for safety. For emergency. Give me your purse and mobile. A girl robbing a boy in
this forsaken desert. Something like that. From now on, we are forbidden
from using mobiles. And only I will determine the
expenditure of this trip. Okay? Okay madam. I accept all
your terms and conditions. Our vehicle has arrived. So
let’s rock Rajasthan! Come on.“A; step.There.Okay. Lets go. Run. Run. Run fast come. O my saffron Climb up Become saffron and make me too. O my saffron, let no evil
eye be cast upon you. One two three four Everybody’s mind has gone wrong. Bang bang, this is camel song. Keep dancing life long. Bang bang, this is camel song.
trials and tensions. And do what you wish
without any regrets. Sam ba r? MTR OLXz Sale is fixed. Potato? Gas trouble Ragi ball? Deve gowda (Ex P.M) Six pack?Salman Khan Terrorist? Pakistan Dam Doom Dus Puncture A life lasting for four
days is like chewing gum So make the camel drink
beer and hit those drum. Bang bang, this is camel song. Oh my dear is deep and dark But my dear is also my master.Desirealotand build your dreams. If it doesn’t realise then cut off from it. If you sit idle what can one get? Everything will be fine if we keep running. Ifthere is a will
there is prosperity. If you loose your
hold, you will die. Newspaper?Rape and muder. Facebook?Million news. Shopping mall?Festival everyday Tube light? Your head. Dam doom dus puncture. A life lasting for four
days is like chewing gum Don’t care for anyone
and hit those drum O my saffron let no evil
eyebecast upon you. Get down. Na ndhinLWhat? I have to urgently pee.
Let’s go to a room. Brother, please hurry. Drop us at some 5 star hotel. Rate should not
exceed 1000 rupees.
get room in hour basis hotels. Yeah ltoo want such hotel. Now I get it. You got it right. Hurry up.
Its urgent. I got this one too. Brother, give us a good room. 1000 rupees per day. Give it fast. I’m in hurry.
our hotel in urgency. That’s why we never
lock our rooms. Nice culture. Make it fast please. What’s this? 600? 600 for 6 hours. Perfect right. Like that! Okay for you Go to room no 110. 110.110.110. Hello madam. Sheela from Madras Sheela (dignity)!!! Good. I will not forget it. Oh shit! Cheating! There is no commode here! What? What is that? Is this hole a commode? This is Indian style toilet.
People here use this. Why did you bargain for 400 rupees?
That’s why he gave this toiletEvenifyougive 1000rupees, youwon’t
getawesterncommodetoilet here.Now relax You have mademea multiple charger
and are fixingmeeverywhere. So what? Just because this is a new
experience, I am not protesting. What’s that? Why were you so
interested in that painting? Were you present in that
group in your past life? As ditto as in this painting, I want to
steal men’s clothes when they are bathing. I thought you were just mischievous.
But you are dangerous Yes You don’t have desires like standing on
the top ofthe falls and shouting 0. D0 you? No. Why? One of my girlfriend had such desires.
So I left her there itself. Crazy fellow. Yourfood. Thankyou. I was wondering about our dinner.
Thanks for ordering. Iam famished. Let’s eat. Hey what are you doing? Sh hh Wait for the surprise. We will make this night
the most colorful one. Now open your eyes. Candle night dinner. How is the surprise? I was expecting something else. So you forgot all those
conditions so soon. Have yourfood.
Rajasthan special. Jalebi and Kachori. No girlfriend of mine had
ever given me such dinner.
to you that you are boring? I have never given any
girl so much of time. Why? Do you intend to say so? You should make sure I never say it.
Can you? One should always try to
do what’s impossible. Then something will happen. Oh! ls that why you have
had so many breakups? Yes. But none of my
breakups are boring. Each one of them are
colorful and interesting. Should I narrate it in
prose or in poetry. Mind you, they are all original. Preeta m …Yea h! Imagine both of us
riding on 100 kmh. Wow!! And then? Then you apply break. I will hug you in slow motion No. It cannot happen why? If I drive the car, you’ll
be sitting next to me ifl hit the break your head
will hit the front glass“W DummyNot the car on Bike On the Bike!!! Yeah!! I’m sorry. I don’t know
how to ride a bike Whatl! Are You Joking? I’m telling the truth Because 2 wheeler is risky, my
dadneverallowedmeto learn it You Father’s son! Why didn’t you say this earlier You asked me today right? Ok,Thank you. Take this. Brother Yes! Your Helmet is better than that Thankyou ls it waterproof? No it is Bulletproof Nice dress!! Thanks Nice Thighs!!! Jai ho!! to Rajasthan. A life lasts for four
days like a chewing gum Don’t care for anyone
and hit those drum Thrust into your pocket
what is necessary. Throw into dust
what is unwanted. Bind all the happiness
and courier it to me and get all your friends
to honeymoon also. Life means searching for
something new everyday If we keep scratching about
what’s this & why is this! Biriyani becomes boring Your pant gets torn You arefilled with gas Everybody’s Everybody’s Everybody’s mind has gone wrong Bang bang, it is camel song. Keep dancing life long Bang bang camel song. Hey Nandhini, Stop!! Stop Stop it. What happenedl! I think I’m Pregnant You are incorrigible Miss Nandhini, you know what is the
moral of the story is? What? If an untrained tiger eats footpath
grass, it is bound to get food poisoning. No matter what, you boys
don’t lessen your buildups That’s Right. It would be a shame to our beard Brother, he is suffering
from ill health. Ok Open your mouth Preeta m Preeta m? Hey!! Happy new year, Happy Sankranthi
(Festival of Fertility), Happy Birthday Good Morning, Good Night Good What happened to you!!? You gave me the pills
that ladies take right. So I was thinking what would
happen in the morning You!!! If! give
medicine out of sympathy you have the audacity
to tease me right! Tease me again 84
see what I will do Oh my dear Prince. Look son.The moon Why are you acting crazy? Hey!!! What’s wrong with you What’s your full NameNamdhfimHow many of you
stay in your home? Me, Cat, Dog Cockroach 84 Ant So except humans everyone! Rabbit? Yes. Even a rabbit. Is his name Devdas? Hal! Correct! How do you know? He had come in my dream
yesterday &told me everything Mr. Preetam No matter how hard you try, you will not get any
details about me. As you helped me in this
desert by giving those pills As you helped me in this
desert by giving those pills So I thought of thanking
you with yourfull name. If you don’t want to
share no problem, Goodnight Mommy, I love you Mom I like you so much Mom I love You Mom Mom When I grow up I
will become a pilot & show you whole world in a plane. Mom, I love You Mom. Sir, haven’t you
left for home yet? For whose sake
should I go to home? Mom, Dad or wife? No one
is waiting for me there. All I have is my only son He’s gone out of town Without him, my home
and office are same. So you keep watching
your son’s video? I have recorded him
talking in his sleep He murmurs his mother’s name in his sleep.
But not mine.
a good physiatrist Why? He might give an idea after which
he keeps murmuring your name First send your son
for consultation.
then we’ll think about it No matter which topic, he
has to end it on my son. Hey!! Looks like some
cultural activity is going on Can we go? Yeah Sure Drink the milk May your child be as
strong 84 fit as a camel. Let your life’s journey
be happy & peace full It is so hard to give
birth to a human child He blessed us to have
child like a camel. Did he think that we
were husband and wife? May your child be as
strong 84 fit as a camel. Please stop. Stop. Please stop sister. Please have a ride.
Just 200 rupees. Missing a camel ride after
coming to Rajsathan Missing a camel ride after
coming to Rajsathan is like missing meals
in Dharmasthala. What do you say? I will ride the camel myself.
What do you say? You know Nandhini. Iam taking you to Pakistan. Of course you are. Can you
afford Paris or what? Pakistan is just 65
kilometers away from here. I was planning to give you to them
and ask to forget about Kashmir. Don’t you think it is a
good exchange offer? If you have guts then go. Wow, my temporary Laila! Now watch this temporary
Majnu’s guts. Run my child. Hey! Be careful. Don’t worry.This
is four wheeler.I’m expert in all
four wheeler driving.
Run my strong camel! Slow down. Okay okay. Slow down Thanks. For a moment I thought
you would go to Pakistan. Hey baby! Ride with me also.
We will also make you famous.
and then I will come there. You whore! I will… Salim! Are you hurt? Hit her. Hello brother! Do you
want to land in prison? Do you want to fight? See if you hit me once, I assure
you, you will be beaten twice. Then I will have to take you to hospital,
treat you for fracture and all. See my dad is a minister and
her dad is commissioner. You abused her, she hit you back.
Account is settled! So you decide, war or peace? Forget it. It was our mistake.
Let’s move. Now that’s good. What type ofa guy are you? I thought you would go
after them and belt them. But you frightened them
with your dialogue itself. But you frightened them
with your dialogue itself. God has given us
brains to use it. Those who don’t have it, use their
hands, legs, machetes, guns etc. Apart from that, you are
my temporary girlfriend.
Don’t you think? You… Even if we share it equally,
it will be halfa bottle. Can you drink that much? One should try to do
what is impossible. Then something will happen. Wow! Now you are a raw girl. Mr sure, answer a
simple question. Will you answer it surely? Yeah sure. All the men in Rajasthan
were wearing white dhotis. Were they all wearing underwear? Are you sure? See!You are not sure. Oh shit! What? Doctor, you forgot to give me tablets.
Give it. Alcohol is medicine
to all ailments. Drink it. Doctor,
hmm Ask If boys talk dirty then they
are perceived as perverts. What should we call
girls who talk dirty? F pervert. What?Female pervert.You know F pervert, of all the F’s I
have met, you are very different F. Mr Sure. Let me tell you a secret. Yeah.Tell me. A girl’s character is completely
opposite of what she appears outwardly. What she hides to the world,
is her true character. So Are you original or duplicate? Why don’t you confirm it first? Are you original or duplicate. Iam always virgin. – Hmm Oh sorry! Original. Correct. You are nuts and
you act like nuts. You dump girls
because of boredom, and when asked why
you have no clue! Yeah correct. So now confirm who are you? Are you original or duplicate? I won’t say. No son ofa tonsured woman
(bastard) can find that out Son ofa tonsured. . ..
It sounds good yaar. What does it mean? You don’t know who is a
son ofa tonsured woman! No. Son ofa tonsured woman means
son of a tonsured woman. You know one more word? Your father’s . .. . do
you know what it means? Yourfathefls! Very good. Every other moment you
keep mentioning your dad. But your dad hasn’t taught
you any of these wordsl?Here, have it.Call him right now and ask him why
he hasn’t taught you proper Kannada. Yeah sure. Go bring thejuice. Yes sir. Check who is calling. True caller app says
it’s some Nandhini. Hello Sundar here. Your grand mother Son of a tonsured woman. Yourfathefls Sir, your son is
talking nonsense. Is he your son to talk nonsense.
He is my son. Put it on speaker. Yes sir. What’s it Preetu? I hate you dad.You haven’t
taught me proper Kannada. He has taught you
nothing properly. You can’t ride bike.You
can’t use Indian toilet. He knows only”yeah””sure” You are sure! Your dad
is surely father. Did you listen dad? Just because you are fixed,
don’t fix me either. Call me in morning. Bye. It’s not my son sir. It’s yours. There is a new name to the list.
Nandhini. Speaks like toned milk. Speaks like toned milk. I had a great desire of getting
drunk and to speak incessantly. That got realized
today with you. Aye Nandhini, You look so beautiful when drunk So what? If boys look into your eyes, then their
hearts are bound to be shattered.
the mirror daily? Are you trying to propose me? Your smile… is a wonderful painting. I want to hang this painting on the wall
of my heart for eternity. Would you permit
to do so Nandhini? Even if you permit or not, even if you forget
or remember me, even if you get married,
bear kids and become old and even if you die, my love for you
won’t die Nandhini. You believed it right? You thought it was true right. Hey Nandhini, you
should see yourself. Look at your face. Hey Preetham Sorry. Free tham. See how you are sleeping? Just like a child. To be honest, you are a child. Afather’s son who keeps
murmuring his mother’s name. You keep saying ‘sure sure’. But you are the most
‘unsure’ boy in the world. Anyway, for being my
temporary boyfriend, for laughing a lot and making
me laugh a lot, for everything Now let’s breakup. I won’t meet you ever. I’m sure. Bye Congratulations sir.
you and your son. Double congrats. What is the matter? Just a minute sir. Play it Yes sir. Open your mouth sir. Stop it. I can’t bear this happiness
and am dancing Sir. Our company has earned a profit
of 150 cores in three months. 1.5 cores This buildup is too
small for 1.5 cores. No sir. This 15 cores is
equivalent to 1500 cores. How? Because it’s my son
who made it…Hmm Err your son has made it. My Son! Yes sir. One an average Preetham
used to spend5million. But he hasn’t spent a single
pie from past three months..5million thrice is 1.5 cores Really sir. Usually one becomes happy
when kids make profit. And sad when they make losses.
Rig ht?…Yes sir But our boss is opposite. He is so sad that his
son has made profits. This isfor you. So… tell me.Preetam
What’s your worry? Doctor, I think… Slowly. Relax and narrate.
Slowly. Relax and narrate. Doctor I think, I have gone mad. I think I have gone insane. Yeah it happens. It happens! But why do you feel so Preetham? Because. . . .l think I am not normal.
lam abnormal. Possible. Please have your tea. Yeah!! Thank you So what’s normal &
abnormal according to you? Doctor you are so
beautiful and hot. Then you are normal. Your reactions are normal. No doctor! If I was normal, by now I
would have proposed to you and we would be in some exotic
country doing. . . . .you know But I am not feeling to
do such things you know. From past three months,
nothing or no one excites me. Do you know why? Because I am not normal.
I’m abnormal. Yeah sure. I am abnormal. You must be the only father who must
be rejoicing at his son’s insanity. You keep looking
elsewhere in Pubs You keep looking
elsewhere in Pubs You have stopped
mingling with people. Do you know why? Because you are present
here only physically. But your heart has gone away
with the one who has left you. That witch from Rajasthan
has disturbed your mind. You are in love Preetham. No! I don’t believe this. No! No chance. Like a travel agency package,
after spending, 6 days,3 hours, in Total 147 hours, she left
without even saying a word. That Nandhini! Am I loving her? No chance dad. Preetu, when is my birthday? May 23rd . . . 24th …
correct, it’s 30th. Do you know in which cross
is our house located? Dad! Am I a postal guy? You don’t remember your dad’s birthday.You
don’t even know your address. But you remember those 147
hours spent with Nandhini. That too after 6 months. My dear dad, Rajasthan trip is an
unforgettable experience of my life. That is why I remember it.
That’s it. Nandhini. . . I
miss you Nandhini. I miss you. Why did you leave me
like that Nandhini. Why did you not say
a single word? Why did you leave me? You have always mumbled your
mother’s name in your sleep. You have always mumbled your
mother’s name in your sleep. But for the first time
you have taken a girls name,and that too Nandhini’s
name in your sleep What do you have
to say about this?
her name in my dreams, is it love? Preetu, Nandhini has occupied
your sub consciousness. That is why, you keep mumbling
her name in your sleep. This is your true love. Dad that means, I have
never loved anyone truly! If you had loved them truly, none
of them would have bored you. Even if you had broken with them, their
memories would have haunted you. See, how deeply Nandhini
is haunting you. She is that non-boring girl you had
been searching all along your life. It is going to snow and rain
in another ten minutes. You got her address right dad? Yeah!! Love you Dad Nandhini!!! I’m Coming!!! Nandhini!!! I’m Coming!!! I remember it vividly It was your smile
that started it all. To every nook of my heart you tread with a
royal procession. Into the furnace of my dreams I’ve been blowing my breaths. Iam damn sure the
sparks will raise now. I remember it vividly It was your smile
that started it all. My eyes behold all the letters. You are my postal box Everything I see
reminds me of you You are the remedy
for my insanity. After starting this
beautiful chapter it would be grave injustice
if I don’t get you. My thoughts and actions after desiring you are metamorphosing for sure. I remember it vividly It was your smile
that started it all. Has set the stage
for you to dance. My life without looking at you is like a newspaper
without news. I don’t need bail
if I get arrested From now on, it is my
rules for romance. In burning memories I have spent nights. A dawn will break now for sure. I remember it vividly It was your smile
that started it all. Did the wheel get punctured? What Happened? Now where shall I
go to get petrol? Now where shall I
go to get petrol? Nonsense Sir, there is a
marriage function lam taking my wife 84 vegetablesThere is nothing elseinthe vehicle.
Please let me
go sir. Ladies!!! Get them down from the vehicle. It’s already late sir. Go! It is a major’s order. Get down Everybody, Rejected. But he has cheated
you more than me. I would die byjust
paying the hospital bills You are my true medal of
honor (Paramveerchakra) I would felicitate you? Oh! I asked you to lift your sari
to see your original height. Are they going to
fall at my feet No Mister. Major sir, did your bike got
skid over this drumstick. The reason lfall isjust one. But what falls on me
is of many varieties. What to do? Please drop me to my home
and gain some blessings. Major sir, I am
searching for my girl. Show me her house 84
gain some blessings. Are you searching a girl?Dear brother,I
have been born hereand grown from being a sapling
cucumber to samba cucumber
rotten cucumber’. Yet I myself haven’t
found a girl. On top of that, you
have come to compete. So does that mean even you
are searching a girl? I was rejected in military due
to my short height…What? Now girls are rejecting me. So you are not a Major? Then aren’t you cheating wearing this
military dress and riding this bike? My son can grow 6feet
&join the Army Sex. . .err.. .Six That’s why it is
called Madikeri. Thankyou very much how can I search my
girl in this rain? Your girl! Who is she? Hey!! Freetam Hey!!! Sorry, sorry, sorry PreetamlWhat a surprise yaar? Excuse me, No Earlier a girl was standing
there, I was talking about her. Excuse me Can you please put a
subtitle to your language? I wasjust telling him who
you are & where we met. You’re not the only one.Everyone feels the it? Yeah He is a bit insane. Oh, I thought you were the only one,but
it seems like a family problem. What did you say? There are already so many tensions
and now another one to the listHi, PreetuDaddy what happens if we
drink a cup of Coffee? Your mood gets refreshed. It feels good in that climate. Why? Have you got Diabetes? You are not angry
about it right? All those conditions were
just for self-defense. Defense!!! I had this deep wish
to do whatever I like, in a place where I don’t know
anybody with a temporary boyfriend. Hey, however you have come here. Please make videos of me cleaning
my nose with henna in my hand, Ok, Sure. Iwilldo What’s the occasion? VWth my maternal
aunt’s son Siddharth When I came back from Rajasthan, my marriage matter
was discussed. I know Siddharth
from my childhood. Even I felt okay &
accepted to marry him. Hey!! Won’t you congratulate me? Thankyou That crazy Rajasthan trip!! Now this marriage with a
good family relationship. And you are part of my2
important events Preetam! In life, enjoyment 84 commitment
are so important right? First tell Nandhini
about your love. But Dad, her marriage is fixed? Not consummated. Looks like there is
some crazy twist Desiring someone in heart & is common in our country. Same might have happened
with Nandhini also. Loving is never a crime. Separating lovers is a crime. Our rain is not
that easy brother.
subtle and yet dangerous. 0h!There is a minor
poet inside this Major! And you will be acquainted
with my inner most talent. Sir. Okayjust wait. It is not ladies club. It is my sister in law’s club. Our servants. Come, let me introduce you. Different family! Sister in law lam not getting a good card. Thanks chotu. . . .you are??… Hi! Are you NandhinVs friend. I have won today.
Thanks Preetham. You arejust like me. Even if you have the cards to
show you struggle to do the show. What do you mean ‘like me’? Is it a bar or an
interrogation chair? Hello hello. Maadamma come on line.2chicken kabab please. Over. This mental major has opened
his own camp in house. Ishould be alert. Meanwhile, we will
talk about something. Yeah sure Earlier, you had
mentioned about a girl. Explain it in detail. In detail? Shall I show a demo? Show it. Show it. This is my girl This is your girl I have found my girl. Your girl, So, I will confess all my
feelings to my girl & clear them. Did you understand? This is my girl. This is your girl. I have found my girl Dad I will call you later. Good morning, Preetam Hi, Doctor Doctor,You are studying in
Michigan university right? Yes. There is an africal girl named
Michel studying 3rd year B tech. She’s a beautiful belly dancer. I don’t know how to dance She will teach you. Late night party, midnight racing,
Ganja, LSD she knows everything Shall I send her number? Siddu, he is also
specialistjust like you. But you are heart specialist
& he is breakup specialist If you mix with him, you are bound to
forget everything you have learnt. Ok, bye Doctor, listen to me. Doctor, listen to me. I was just improving
his general knowledge. Nandhini, Come, lets
go to our site. Coming Uncle Subtitle please? Come. I will introduce
you to my Dad. Gov’t officers had come again I have all the legal
documents in a proper way. Lets see, what they will do. My brother is very strict. He has a Gun Don’t do loose talks with him. Ok sir. I will become
tight and talk to him. Very good Hi uncle, good morning My name is Preetam. I have been staying in your home since
yesterday night But you didn’t notice. Nothing happens in my house
without my knowledge. Many things happen uncle. Wow! such good height,
personality & maintenance! Let me be honest. You look like younger
brother and he looks like elder. Am I right? Dad didn’t I tell you.
He is so mischievous. He tortured me last night
about an invisible girl now he’s torturing me with
this visible stomach. I should kick him out before he
starts eyeing on my other parts. Uncle, who is the inspiration
for your fitness? Is it Aunt? It is our family Physician ls she more beautiful than you?
Our family doctor is not a lady. It’s Siddharth. He looks after
Dad’s calorie, diet from U.S. This hospital is
being built for him. Is it? Health Business! Fantastic business.
It is very good idea This hospital is not being
built for business. SiddhartHs dream is to serve
the poor and under privileged. SiddhartHs dream is to serve
the poor and under privileged. When he returns from US
finishing his studies, he will marry Nandhini 84 then the hospital
will be inaugurated. Oh!!! For every word they
chant SiddhartHs name. Preetu, Stop
thinking about them, first tell her about
yourfeelings. Send their family photos
to me, immediately. Yeah sure Dad, Love you. Love you dad
are seeing refers to the new equipments developed
in Hotel’s & restaurants that are being adopted
in European union. Actually the Mittal towers
have even given an order to construct 5 new Hotels in France so we just taught that
entering to Asian market ml! Oh!!! Sorry sir? The theatre of my soul Gentlemen,there is an
urgent family matter. Please excuse us ok, let’s go Everything is fine. But the girl’s
father looks little authoritarian. Looks like he is the villain
in Preetam’s love story. If the girls accept his love then
I won’t care about any villain. I did not get you sir. We will ask him with
love and respect,if he rejects,then
willabduct her.I thought only boys
are violent in love. But there fathers are
even more violent Thank god, I don’t
have any daughter Ponnapa, only god
can rescue you now. Come! Wow!!! Beautiful ls this a gift for me? It is a gift. But my
dad’s gift to Siddharth. It is a gift. But my
dad’s gift to Siddharth. Do you know how well
Siddharth rides this?
me how to ride the bike. I will sit on your girls bike can you please take a pic? You are only good for that,
take a pic 84 post it on FB as ‘hopeless boy who doesn’t know how to
ride a bike’& you will get maximum likes Thankyou for your suggestion. Ready? Yeah Yes! Thank you Hey!! Be careful, this
is 18OOCC engine bike. It go in 300kmph
speed in seconds. Ok, lets see. Do notjoke Preetam! If
anything goes wrong, we will to have search your
body parts in Charmudi ghat No!!!! Uncle are you a judge? This is part of our
Kodava Culture Sorry uncle. I thought
you werejudge. Uncle, you look so
good in this dress! Mind blowing Uncle. If you don’t mind, can I take
have a ride on this bike? Stand in a line, let him see Dad please, I haven’t taken him anywhere
around. We will just go for a round. Bye Dad, Bye Mom. Thankyou uncle. Still Young Which girl taught you
to ride the bike? Which girl taught you
to ride the bike? The girl who made me drink
camel milk in Rajasthan Next time I will make you drink elephant’s
Milk. Then you can learn to ride cycle also Wow!!! It’s amazing Preetam!!! Next week is my Marriage Next year children!!! Life is Beautiful!!!! Nandhini I love you ls there a possibility of
true love happening to you? &that too with me? When 84 where did it happen? In train, in lodge, in
village, in desert? Or was it now when
we came in Bike Nandhini lam serious. Even if you are in
love with me now, by the time we go
home & park the bike. You will be bored of me Then? Which happens faster to you? Love or boredom? I’m telling you with the freedom
of being a temporary girlfriend. This love 84 commitment doesn’t
suit you so don’t try it. Nandhini please. Believe me. Nandhini please. Believe me. But you are too late now! Do one thing bury your
love somewhere here & inscribe on some stone
” A love of some days” Preetam!!! So according to you Preetam!!! Nandhini Nandhini Nandhini Nandhini Preeta m Preetam, please stop Preetam, please stop
Preetam, please stop Don’t, Don’t come near I will fall down…Preetam
don’t go ahead Listen to me Preeta m Me? My hand!!! How dare you touch
the girl I love! Yes!!! lfell in love. Iam in love My Marriage. It happened on the girl who left
me saying I don’t need you. I don’t know whether it happened
knowingly or unknowingly. I don’t know. But
I know one truth He’s a good guy, My
parents like him. You are the only woman I have
loved so much after my mother. It doesn’t matter whether
you believe it or not. Or whether you accept
me or reject me. I love you very much. I really love you. Every morning I remember you It’s ju st fixed rig ht. Every noon, every night Every noon, every night I’ll be there for you. Marrying someone else
for family pressure My heart sings that I love you Then it won’t be wrong
to propose her right? & my soul will call
always for you Song Don’t know whether it is
the son or the father Who will loose their
mind in this crazy game. God willing it won’t be my mind. Every morning Every morning I remember you Excuse me. Every noon, every night I’ll be there for you. My heart sings that I love you & my soul will call
always for you It’s bar for me. Chair for you My world has been
caught in your hold. Just because they didn’t
enlist him into army, It has been shattered by the
blows of myriad emotions. It will take another five minutes
for the kabab to arrive. All the words that
are restrained, shouldn’t they reach
their destination. Can one smile without
breaking the silence. Can one meet without
growing apart. Iam a child who is lost has not been found yet. Without you. Every morning I remember you Ok, I will explain again. Every noon, every night Hey!! Get down Do you thinka girl’s heart and
her house is a religious inn? One can come without informing
& say anything. Right? Are you the only one or
is every boy like this? When it happens to you, it
is supposed to be real love! After 6 months & only when
you feel free, you say it! And we are supposed to accept it
instantly with a grin! Right? Answer me? I have not forced
anyone, anytime. Oh!! So you get angry too? Scold me, come on. Curse,that let Nandhini,the girl
that I didn’t get, die in an accident. Curse,that let Nandhini,the girl
that I didn’t get, die in an accident. Nandhini please. Nandhini you are an excellent
painting etc, etc… If you permit, I will keep you in
my heart for eternity etc, etc… Even ifl die, my love
won’t die etc, etc… You were so close,
just like this and you had said these words
looking into my eyes. But in just 4 seconds you flipped 84 laughed saying did you believe it? I’m Sorry I’m Really Sorry You did not fool me. In fact, you had
fooled yourself. At least have you
understood it right now? Me getting fooled in life 84 understanding
what is true love, were both because of you. Thanks for that. I will never come back again. I’m sure. Preetam is a guy who
spreads excitement. A bold guy who would honestly
say that he is bored. A bold guy who would honestly
say that he is bored. A nice guy who has
changed for me. I had left this good guy
once without informing. I will be a fool to
let him go again. I love you Preetam Really, I love you!!! After your entry into my heart My heart has become a
culinary school of dreams. Byjust smiling, you opened, a school of love
through your eyes. Tell me o friend, how am I to survive now! Tell me o friend, how am I to survive now! Tell me o friend, how am I to survive now! How am I to survive now!
Without you. Without you. Without you I need you my love. I can’t live, without you. Without you. Without you. Without you I too can’t live. After your entry into my heart My heart has become a
culinary school of dreams. You are the one who
came in my dream You are the one who
brought beauty to my life It hurts me to await more Please don’t leave my companion This heart keeps
putting tantrums like a small child.That you ought
to be with me for eternity. The clock has picked up pace. Like time flies, in
your companionship. Like time flies, in
your companionship. Tell me o friend, how am I to survive now. Without you. Without you. I need you my love. You are the one who
came in my dream You are the one who
brought beauty to my life It hurts me to await more Please don’t leave my companion In search of some solitude I went into the forest. In every step of mine I was haunted by you. The wandering heart has been
smitten by your desire. Ifeel like I have found
my way to heaven. Tell me o friend, how am I to survive? I need you my love. Without you. Without you Without you I need you my love. I can’t live without you. Without you. I can’t live I can’t live. Hellol! Hello, hello, hello. Over. Now I have to even wait
for a cooking contractor. I should interrogate him
as soon as he arrives. Oh!!! He has a good car. Oh!!! Even looks like a hero. Hello.What’s your name? – Hi Surya ka nth, – Suryakanth. When you have not arrived in
time to collect the contract. Then, what is the assurance that you
will cook 84 serve the food properly What is this? Confusion as
soon as I enter…Hello The thing is major sir, What is this? Your major
body has become hollow! Iam aged right. Keep my matter aside.
Why are you late? There was a function on the
way, so I got delayed. What types of food do you cook? South lndian…Oh,ok. North Indian, Continental,
Chinese & Italian We don’t need Italian idly. It is enough if you make
Udupi idly properly. Sir,We even make military
idly…How does it look? It looks like this…how? It looks green like this Sir. Ok, do you wear suit like
this even while cooking? No sir, we wear gloves 84 cook New idea, get in please. Brother Who is this chotu? Cooking Contractor. Hi, Ni He is wearing suit now but will
wear gloves while cooking. Oh!! Sit down All the Guests who come
to this wedding are from
& Foreign countries. So, you might have to cook more
North Indian & Continental Dishes You can do it right? Yes.
-Yes!! He will do With thatthey will also do military idly
also. Please tell him to prepare that also. With thatthey will also do military idly
also. Please tell him to prepare that also. What!! Military ldly? Yes Hello my son! Sir, Sorry sir. We couldn’t recognize! Hey Chotu, Can’t you realise!
hotel owner as a chef!!! It’s ok, forget it. I was aware of him. I wasjust having some fun. How does he know about me? My Dad is always jovial. He is notjust my Dad.
He is my best friend. I should find out whether
he is a real father or not. Love you Dad Now, I will come
directly to the matter. You daughter’s wedding catering
will be arranged by our hotel. It is my Preetham’s wish also. Our staff will be
here in two days. You just explain
what you desire. They will provide
you with samples. Pick only what you like. Don’t worry about the Money. So does it mean free! It is not free.You
have to pay with love. Which love?Who’s love? The one which you give us
& which we give you back. Don’t Confuse me.
Say it clearly. A marriage in your house is
like marriage in our house I thought only the
son was baffling. But the father is
even more confusing Uncle,Why are you thinking so much?
Just say yes. The whole of Coorg should melt
in NandhinVs wedding feast. Say yes. It is so good. Fine. Please call your staff. Why are you saying yes
to him Sir, tell me. There is some secret
behind this contract I should interrogate this. You both are a beautiful pair. Isn’t this is the first time
you are seeing us together, please bless us. Lead a happy 84 prosperous
life for 100 years 100years!! So 1 in 5 years then for
100 years 2O children Are you ready to
give 20 children hey!!! 20 is too muchjust give 11,
we can make an lPLTeam Dad, talk to Ponnappa & fix our
marriage today itself. Isn’t that why I
have come this far? I love you dad oh!!!! I cannot control this. Hello Sir!! I have wandered
around for 2 years. I started the construction
only after DC’s approval Sir! I have spent 1SCrores
on the land & construction! I will be doomed sir. DC has changed 84
also the policies. Try 84 understand. What happened? At least finish your lunch 84 go. What happened dear? What shouldn’t have happened. My dream of building a hospital
& also the land is goneHow can Haze iddhawth now’!?Hi sir. We are coming
from the DC office.Hi.Sir Please forgive us. We did not know that
Ponnappa is yourfriend! Keep that aside, is our
friend’s problem solved? My superior with greed
created this problem. But as soon as you interfered,
hehas become docile. Check if everything
is alright Ponanppa. Sir, please call the minister
& say that the job is done. Or else we will lose our job. I will. Leave now. Thankyou Sir Thankyou Sir, I don’t know how to thank
you for this help. You have come like god at the
most appropriate moment. After2hour this god will drink here.
ls it 0k? With pleasure sir! Cheers!!!! Sir Yes To be frank, I did not like Preetam
when he came to our house. He might be a close friend but, roaming & staying with girl
whose marriage is fixed, looked awkward. But look at how destiny works?
came to my house and you solved my
biggest problem. Now shall I tell you a truth? Say it Sir. I came to your home
to ask for a favor Preetham is my only child. Preetham is my only child. He is the heir for assets
worth hundred cores. I have not said no to
anything he has asked. My son Preetham loves
your daughter Nandhini. Even Nandhini loves Preetham. They have understood
each other pretty well. If they marry, they will
lead a happy life together. But this house will become
a burial ground Sir! Sir, NandhinVs marriage
is notjust marriage. It is repentance
for all my sins. It is the bond that is binding
the broken blood ties. My only beloved sister, was in love with
my estate manager. I did not like that. So I tried to scare him away. But he was as adamant as me. One day he came to my house & tried to take away my
sister in front of me. I tried to scare
him with the rifle In that chaos, I accidentlyfired a bullet
&it pierced his heart. Only after his death
did I realise, that my sister was pregnant. TMth the angst against me, my
sister left my house & went to his. TMth the angst against me, my
sister left my house & went to his. Even my mother went with her. No matter how many times I
begged for forgiveness, my mother & sister
never forgave me. I continued to burn in
my guilt and repentance. At last, only when I promised
my daughter to Siddharth, my mother & sister forgave me. My daughter does not
know about this. I can understand your pain But, won’t this be an
injustice to Nandhini? Before your son’s arrival, Nandhini
had accepted the marriage. Wouldn’t it be injustice
to Siddharth now? Iwill find a rich &
intelligent girl to Siddharth. I will find an even better girl
than Nandhini for Preetham. Is it 0k? But Nandhini & Preethan are
abysmally deep in love Ponnappa I had taken Siddharth’s father
away from him before his birth. Now I have given my word &you want me to take
Nandhini away from him? Should I loose my
mother&sister again? You came as god 84
have helped me once. Now I ask you again.
to this house after 26 years. Please! Please don’t kill
our happiness Sir. Ponnal! Mother!!!!! Mom!!! Lakshmi!!! – Brother!!! Forget Nandhini Preetham. Dadlll! Did you get emotional after
hearing Ponnapa’s story? Let’s do a thing. We will talk to Nandhini &take her with us. If we take Nandhini with us, she will loose her family. We will be the reason for that Ponnapa’s family, which is reuniting
because of this marriage, will break again. We will also be reason for that. But Dad, my heart will break
if I don’t get Nandhini, Humanity is bigger than love. No, no , no, I don’t
know that Dad.Hustwanfliandwm’.!Dad, I don’t believe in this
sacrifice bullshit and all dad. Notjust you, even if my dead mother
comes back, I will not leave Nandhini Preetu!!…No Dad. No. I will not listen to anybody
in NandhinVs matter. Dad, when it comes to being
obstinate, I am yourfather. Even if you don’t accept, I
will take Nandhini & go. Yes!!! I am sure 84 I don’t care
about anything or anybody. There is no doubt about
leaving Nandhini. Preetham, come in. Hil! Hey Bangalore boy, are you
enjoying Madikeri rain? Uncle, Did you talk to my Dad? Please talk to him soon Uncle. Siddharth is arriving
tomorrow morning. Yeah!! Sure. You are marrying a
big American surgeon Everything will be fine. Uncle, teach him
some seriousness. Iam serious Nandhini. The thing you said near
the falls is true! All this love 84 commitment does not suit me. Just 4 days after of your
acceptance of my proposal, I was bored of you. Do one thing. Marry Siddharth When you get bored, call
this temporary boyfriend. We will go to some exotic
country, enjoy & comeback. Even when I knew about
you, I trusted you. I should hit myself
with my own slippers. It is not your fault. It is your father’s
fault who supports you even when you are wrong. Never show me your
face ever again. You have already finished one bottle.
Stop it. What Happened? A heavy landslide has blocked all roads.
Pleas return. Preetham, where are you going? – One minute Preetu, Hey!! Preetu Dad, looks like this road is
blocked from here to Rajasthan RajasthanHF? You know Nandhini Desert, Camel, By 2 drink, rented
bike, ladies tablet, etc, etc… Oh!! No Now no Nandhini Dad said no. I said no That’s all. Full 84 Final Preetham, get down first Dad, this is a new experience!Preetham loves new
Dad.Preetham loves new
Dad. Till now it was falling in love. But from today, failing in love. Failing in love Dad I used to leave girls
when I got bored in love. Now life itself is so boring. What should I leave Dad? What shall I leave? Dad Love you Dad You are the best
Dad in the world What type ofa son are you? You are murmuring your father’s
name for the first time. That too on the day, when
he robbed you of your love! Iam hurting you &even in your dreams
you say I love you Dad. You are the best son
in the world!!! You are the best son
in the world!!! Preetu! I won’t have enough guts to
apologise when you wake up. Please!!! Forgive me Preetham. Forgive me. Hey hi!!! You are Nandhini Ponnappa right? I vaguely remember you. But
you haven’t changed a bit! Height, weight, smile &
style, nothing has changed! Height, weight, smile &
style, nothing has changed! What is the secret of
your eternal beauty? Oh!!! Correct! Your smile is your secret! But why have you come alone? Where are uncle, aunt 84 mom? They have gone to the city for shopping.
They will join us on the way. Ok, Let’s go Go out on a vacation
for some days. Your mind will feel refreshed. Okay Dad. Ohlll! Nandhinilll! Dadlll! Sidd ha rth!!! Siddharthll, oh siddharth See what happened!!! Nandhinilll! What happened!!?,
Say something!!!! Ohlll! Hey!!! Come here,
Help!!!!Take him Preetham!!! Nandhini!!! Preetham!!! Help!!!Please Help!!! Nandhini, don’t get scared. PreethamCome“!Come Nandhinil! Preethaml! Give me your hand..Give
me your hand‘AmPreetham!!! Preetham carefull!!! Preethaml! Nandhinil! Nandhini! Nandhinil! Nandhinil! Nandhinill, Nandhinil! Sir,You stay hereSKddhawkh“.!Brother!!!SKddhawkh“.!Uncle, how is Nandhini? Dad Shall I see Nandhini for
one last time & come back? Yes, go. Does love need such
crushing pain? Is it necessary for
the heart to burn? My life is tired being stubborn. It is crying incessantly inside. O rain, pourtorrentially and wipe
out what’s written on my fate. Both are close friends.
That’s why he is crying. That’s it. That’s it! Nothing else. Come. ComePweetamfiAfieethamPreethaml! What happened Nandhini? Dad, What happened to Preetham? I want to see him immediately. Nothing has happened! He’s
alright.Please don’t get tensed. Nandhini. Nandhini…l should see him listen to us, Nandhini I want to see him Nandhini, Nandhini!!!
Nandhini stop Preetham Nandhini, Nandhini, don’t run, stop. Nandhini, stop Nandhini, Nandhini, stop Preethaml! Nandhini control yourself What happenedl] Why are you acting like this? It is not her you should
be asking the question? Ask your uncle. You cannot bury the
truth brother. Speak it out. If Preetham’s father
had decided otherwise, none of us could have stopped
Nandhin 84 Preetham from uniting. But, he sacrificed his happiness
for our family’s! Isn’t that true love brother? I don’t want Nandhini to suffer like
I have been suffering my whole life. Sir, both you and your son have proved
that love can be won by love alone. Notjust that, you have made it clear
that my doubt was indeed true. Tomorrow is our
marriage anniversary I don’t know how a year passed! And I don’t know how I got bored
of you in just one year.So…So, if you get bored, breakup!
That’s it right. Let’s Breakup Thanks!!! For understanding me
in such perfection. Thankyou, – Thank you very much Nandhini We will be good friendsforever.Okay Jake care.Bye, Bye Why did you give
me a missed call? I haven’t brought my mobile. I thought of giving a
shock on our anniversary But you gave me bigger shocld! Someday I might get
bored of myself, but I will never be bored
of you Nandhini. I love you.

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