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hi my name is Eleni I’m an illustrator as you can clearly see and I wanted to make this video for a long time and I was waiting for the Sun to turn back to England but it never did and now it’s raining but the lighting is still ok so why not so this video will be about our materials and particularly about colored pencils probably already have seen the title of the video so yes I used to color pencils my whole life in comparison to what circles that I discovered I think only when I was 15 so colored pencils we’re there with me my whole life and I love them and I should predict them you I should predict you that I love them really much so at some point maybe the video will be kind of cringe I’m not sure but I warned you so as we say in Russia you’re warned so you’re armed I’m not sure that it’s a good term translation of this phrase but let’s start also this video is for those that ask you me under my each post what colored pencils they use so you should watch this video and never ask me again ok and probably this won’t happen the rules will still ask me but maybe there were less of them so yeah let’s start [Music] so today I’m going to talk about my favorite colored pencils I will show how and where I use them and also some of my favorite ones are bra bra bra bra bra brand list they are groundless and because probably I have them for almost 10 years or something like that I don’t know since I was 6 I’m 19 so more than 10 years and yes also some of them are kind of small so usually I just touched them with something to a bigger pencil like this one I mean such a professional so yes so the oldest and most favorite brand of color pencils is colored lips Muppet I have really deep attachment today’s colored pencils because they have it it has to do with my childhood okay it’s really long story but I love these pencils and they are really cool and they are quite cheap which is good I mean I think the pack of 36 pencil skin is around 10 dollars or so with that I’m quite like on Amazon for sure so they quit cheap and the quality is still amazing yes so that’s really good and they are bright they’re vibrant I use them mostly for sketches and they are real nice with watercolors but of course dry it with your colors like it should be completely dry to seem okay but like any of any color pencils that will you will use them water colors so and sometimes they use it on brush because um some colors are vibrant enough even for gouache which is also good I don’t know you can always buy a smaller puck to check if they work for you and then you can buy a bigger part because I think the last one that I bought was the biggest one and I think it cost me around $15 and it has like I don’t know a lot of colors and it was really good and this bran has also fluorescent colors like yellow green and pink and also it has two metallic colors or three not too too metallic that Goldman and the silver one which are also quite good yes so the only disadvantage of these color pencils that it’s that they quite easily can be broken so you should be really careful when you sharp them because if you broke them during the sharpening there will be broken all the time so I just learned how to char them like in my own way and they work for me not good sometimes they like they just broke more often than other color pencils but still they worth it so that’s why I continued love them and use them say yes also watch what is amazing for these colored pencils is that they have jumbo colored pencils which are really good and you can cover with them big spaces and they still vibrant and they know that easily like it’s kind of difficult to finish this colored pencil they are not like if you you will use it a lot it will be okay like for three or four months which is good I mean a lot so yes I think they are quite nice and you should give them a try um my next favorite brand is fully Cruz fabric Estelle it is important that I mean I mean polygamists none to watercolors ones I hate watercolor pencils don’t ask me it child trauma but I don’t like watercolor pencils at all so I mean the simple cloth pencils and I think first the first time that I use them my own to both me five years ago at back of 36 and I haven’t use like I haven’t used them for one year because I was so afraid to touch them they were like so perfect and I after that I was using them only for special occasions like oh my god like I will use this color for like I know Ferb automated here and never use it again because I was so afraid to finish that everything burn like so cool but now I oversee just a memory where I said I passed this a face of my color of my life and so I usually use the memory where I said I love sketching with them and water colors especially colors they look so nice of them and I just they want to go wash as well I think for me it’s the best Brown to use on the garage because they look still really vibrant and they can make great doll outlines so that for me that’s perfect for me and my style also mostly I love the combination of color peps Muppet with polychromos either honest my sketches either on registrations because like color pipes have some specific colors that I know make a great combination between polychromos swans which is I know my personal know discover formally but still they are real expensive and I think color pipes are really good alternative for fabric estelle for me at least so usually i buying polychromos castel separately because they cost a think around $1 30 which is okay it’s a load but still okay so usually I just like both I can buy the colors that I use mostly or some additional color that I don’t already have so yeah but still of course it’s way more cheaper to buy a pack and I’m dreaming about this huge box of polygamous fabric Estelle I mean look at this I mean I need these books at some point I’ll give all my money for these books and I think the day I will kill myself more proudly as an illustrator around our give like $200 for pencils that’s what your sweaters are doing in my mind so yes so next brand is told Julie and I find them quite good and they are also cheap which is also good and they are mostly like for sketching and I don’t really like to use them on watercolors and on gouache because they look kind of strange still okay but for me kind of strange so I prefer just sketching with them because they are also really bright but the way that they lay of the paper is kind of like weird I don’t know how to explain that you just like kind of dry from maybe they are kind of dry so they look weirdly on the paper so the best color pencils for sketching which I will you 100% as a professional it’s beak tropic colors too I don’t know why there is a – I never meant the first one but okay they’re really nice because they are bright but they are perfect for sketching because they are really easily erased so I usually sketch with them for big illustration because they cannot be seen after layers of watercolors or other color pencils so they kind of like it’s way better than using simple pencil because it will swatch and look awful at least I never like manage to make it look good so for me they work really good and I usually use the pink orange or red one for sketching for a big illustration because they all of them they kind of have a light color and they can be easily erased also maybe sometimes I make a sketch for not illustration with water cause was just illustration like in my sketchbook because again they are real easily erased from any paper and they are really useful for me because I made I can make a lot of mistakes during the process the last ones are money arrests and findings the first one is academic cold or the event they are kind of dry for me which is nice for some works and but the strange is that some colors are dry and other are not so it just like kind of strange but still they have good quality and mostly I like few specific colors from this brand and they are looking a really good on the paper and the red one I use for mostly for portraits pick one pink one as well also these light green is amazing the water colors and I guess it’s like all the time when I am drawing plants also they are some of the colors they are really smooth and vibrant and they don’t good so cuz I sopran is really really really really resin finding they are from the brand or Tessa I’m not sure if I pronounced it the right way this bronze I’m sorry and they kind of remind me of polygamists but they have a bit different consistency and they are also real smooth and vibrant but still polygamists are more vibrant and I think I like them a bit more but our Tessa is way more cheaper and I think that’s cool because it’s I think coal pipes are not as US are the best alternatives for polygamists but color pipes are bead cheaper and our case is a bit it’s more expensive that color prep so there is like a line so here you can see all the bronze that I mentioned like the comparison of them and you can make your decisions or you can watch some clips on YouTube which show each paint pencil how it looks on the paper which is good and I think all my descriptions are based on my own experience and the way that I draw so probably some of the pencils won’t be good for you that’s why it’s good to experiment and search for the perfect art material for you so that’s why you can just go to the art shop and try separately some pencils watch how the work for you watch are they combined with other materials that you use and choose your favorite bond also I’m not sure if you’re ready but I have a pencil isn’t that cool well I think that’s all I hope this video won’t be too long and I hope it was informative for you because so many people were asking me about colored pencils and I hope I helped a bit um also I know how to say but this t-shirt is made by me I don’t know if you can see it because probably it will be like a mirror it will see me like a mirror but here it says choose your weapon to fight but we are key and I find it perfect because I made it and if you want the same t-shirt there is a link below and you can pre-order it till 13th of March maybe no I think there is more time so you have some time to do it and I think it’s all so you can suggest me some other brands below I will try them because I like trying color pencils it’s my passion I really like color pencils I mean I have a lot of them so I’ll see can I know describe your experience with the color pencils that I don’t already mentioned and just be a bit interactive thank you [Music]


  • Анастасия Зотьева

    It's cool. Thank you

  • Seoah .z

    Ahh your shirt!! Also this was such an interesting video💓

  • ari

    Можно тебя попросить, пожалуйста, либо добавить в описание/комменты марки карандашиков, которые ты назвала, либо может какие-то тайм-стампы отметить, когда ты каждую фирму называешь?? Нет возможности сейчас полностью видео смотреть и не очень удобно проматывать искать!

  • R0B1N

    yay! nice vid, i really enjoy your artwork! can you get caran d'ache luminance pencils where you live? they're my favourite coloured pencils next to the polychromos! (yes they're also on the expensive side.. i never buy boxes, i just go into the local art store and buy a few at a time so i can choose my favourite colours and so it doesn't hurt so much to spend all that money at once hehe)

  • lina loveart

    Я однажды купила себе карандаши kores (где-то 8 лет назад!!вау) и пользуюсь ими до сих пор, они довольно яркие и приятные, мне кажется по насыщенности как maped и тоже неплохо ложатся на акварель. Но конечно же теперь мне с новой силой хочется купить набор Faber Castell 😄 спасибо за видео!✨

  • Марта Шпигельман

    Я не могу понять почему ты говоришь на английском. Даже точнее зачем.
    Если ты русская и переводишь все свои видео на родной, то зачем вести инсту и канал на иннлише? Или ты все таки не русская? Не понимаю…

  • Rafi Fernanda

    so cute

  • Saba

    your accent surprised me omg! I thought you had an american accent but this is so much sweeter I love hearing it!!!


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