My New Super Skin Hydrator Machine

Hello YouTubers, and microcurrent
fans, facial fans, I should say. Christine Byer, here. Licensed Master esthetician, for about
15 years, and just checking in. I’ve got a cool new toy. I was playing around with this. I don’t know if you can see but I
have it, eight-in-one machine. Take a look at this. That’s my eight-in-one. I’ve had that since I
got into the business. I actually, bought it used, but it’s
great little machine that’s worked. It’s Pibbs Industries. They’re still around,
they’re in Brooklyn. Works really well. I always had wanted
an Oxygen machine. One of the real reason I
wanted the Oxygen Machine, is because it’s super
hydrating to the skin. Which to me always felt
really weird like, why would a Oxygen serum be
so hydrating to the skin? I’d heard about a toner
made by Skins Scripts. I’ve read about them before. This is a Cucumber Toner. Probably, they sell
it in retail as well. I bought this size for size because
I’m going to be using it in cabin, in the treatment room. This is the Cucumber
Hydration Toner. It says, “With heavy water
and Hyaluronic Acid. As many of you know, Hyaluronic Acid,
can hold up to a thousand times it’s weight in water, so
it’s a super hydrator. Even though it’s just acid, it sounds
like an acid it is a hydrator. It has cucumber in it. I really love Skin Scripts, for their
enzymes, and for their chemical peels. Some of the retail price, is not crazy
though, and I did not go with them as a line for that reason. It’s still a young line. I think it’s got some kinks
to work out in the retail. I’m sure people will
get on here, and say, “No, no, I love them
blah, blah, blah.” Props to the company, they
make a lot of good products. Some, I like, and some I don’t. That’s true with any Company. I wondered if I could take
this hydrating toner, and spray it on with an
airbrush gun like they do when you get an Oxygen
treatment, and just re-name it. I’m not going to say it’s
Oxygen, because it’s not. I’m calling it well– I don’t
even know the name for it yet. If you can think of
a good name for it. I’m like, “The Squeak, The Spray
Quench, Spray Skin Squelch Quint.” It’s to hard to say. I don’t know what to call it, but
it’s a Super Hydrating Treatment and it gets sprayed on the skin. You open this, it’s just an airbrush
that I bought off with Amazon. I love Amazon , I think, . It’s really funny, and I
just dropped the lid. I paid $14, for this. Now, it’s not top of the line but I
just bought it for an experiment. I just dropped the lid. I bought it for a experiment,
and it works great. I thought it had to get an adaptor
to hook it up to my spray machine, but I have my little rubber
hose, and I just hook it up– I want to move this way. I just hook it up to this. I pour a little bit in here. I will do it, but I
hate the smell of it . To me, I just hate the smell of it
but the client, I just used it on, she loved it, she loved it. Granted I fill this
just a tiny, tiny bit. Maybe, one quarter, to way full and it’s a tiny little
container as you can see. Then I put in essential oils of
lavender, just now, you can get these at Whole Foods. Lavender and orange because citrus will
cut through any nasty stingy smell . It’s funny, I was talking
to another esthetician who has the same toner,
and she loves the smell, so smells are so personal. I didn’t like the smell so much
that I had to come home last night and take– after I
picked up my daughter. We came back, I’m like, “Let’s get
in the bubble bath right now.” I have a three-year old,
and she loves bubble bath. I’m like, “Let’s go right now.” Because I just wanted to
get the smell off me. On the other hand, it’s
super, super hydrating. It’ looks great on. I sprayed it right over my make-up. I’d been in training all
day long at the ‘Spa, that I worked for and that my
skin was dehydrated, I was tired. When I sprayed that on, and I
looked at myself I was like, “Oh my god, I don’t
have any wrinkles.” . It’s fantastic. I used today on my client. I only charged her like, $10. I’ll probably end up charging–
to have a little $20 upgrade, or something because it is
super, super hydrating. When I put the essential oils in there,
it makes the smell more tolerable. Although, like I said my client, she
said, “Oh, I love the smell.” . So, go figure. Anyway, if you’re really bored and
you want to try out something new, this cost me 13.99, including
shipping from Amazon. I can’t even remember who I bought it
from but I’ll put it in the notes. If you have a spray vac on your
eight-in-one, and a little rubber hose it connects perfectly. It just slid right in. I don’t even have to get
an adapter, or anything. I’m so surprised. Then you turn it on. I’ll put some water in
this so you can see. It’s just like this airbrush makeup. You turn it on. This thing is loud [device chimes]. Make sure it’s double action. If you buy it, make sure it’s double
action because single action means, it’s either on or off,
and double action means that you can control the spray. You probably couldn’t see
this but I’ve got on it high then you can turn the spray down. So less more, and that’s just water. Less more, and less out, depending on how much you
rock back this little button. Those of you who do makeup, and do
airbrush makeup, this is nothing new. I just tried something cool to try. The toner cost me $40. I already had the spraying machine. I’m actually going to turn
it off because it’s loud. I turned it down. It’s not that loud during treatment. Yes, $13.99, $40, and they
only charge $5 shipping ever. That’s why I love Skin Scripts, because they don’t gouge you on
shipping and there’s no minimum order. I have a new thing I can
offer to my clients. If are an esthetician,
please tell your friends, like this video, subscribe, post any comments below
and I will answer them. When people email me, I
don’t always get a chance to email you back very quickly. I will definitely post it, your
questions and the comments, because I react to those quicker. Anyway, thanks for watching,
and I will talk to you soon.


  • Yara Ramirez

    Love the cucumber toner! Aww you mentioned me doll!  The smell is great but yes the aroma might not be for everyone. It was voted #1 Face mist of 2013 by LNE! Very very hydrating!!

  • Christine Byer

    Yara, that's why I bought it! I'm more used to it today. I have it on right now and I'm ok. The smell doesn't seem to knock me out like it did yesterday.

  • Christine Byer

    Hi Jamie,

    Do they also call that the Dr. Lucas? We used those when I used to work for Dermalogica in Miami. And Yonka, talk about yummy. Such an amazing smelling line!

  • Christine Byer

    Thanks, Melinda. It's so easy. I was surprised it worked out so well!

  • carol fennell

    Hey Christine
    I recently started with the microcurrent machine and wanted to know what gel you use

  • Alessandra Caceres

    I got mine today, it's great, thanks for sharing!

  • mzkdluster

    Hi Christine.  Thanks for this video!  I love this idea.  Also, which products do you prefer to retail?

  • DeAndrea

    I'm so doing this! I do airbrush make up, but I'm going to buy another gun. Awesome idea!

  • Khaled Alomary

    Hello , 

    My wife sent me your video link and she likes the machine. Is there any way to but this machine ? thanks  

  • VanityVain1

    Great tips! Thanks so much!

  • VanityVain1

    Love your channel!

  • Advanguard

    Name it: Byer-drader

  • Ele Di

    Hi Christine, tnk u for a gr8 idea! But could u tell me were u get this cucumber toner for the $40?

  • Christine Byer

    Elena, the cucumber toner is a product by skin scripts in Tempe, AZ. If you are a licensed Esthetician you can buy it directly from them. It's possible they sell a smaller retail version too, but I'm not sure as I don't sell their retail items.

  • Robyn Benson

    I'm not crazy about the smell. either. I think it's WAY too strong! I'm going to try 'cutting' it with distilled water… maybe if the smell was more in the background it would be better, but may not work as well.

  • Nancy Squier

    Love the concept, but would are your thoughts on a Lucas Sprayer?

  • scott smith

    Curious about the setup. So through the tube from your 8 in 1 does it just blow air or is it blowing water and the airbrush cup with the essential oils are mixing with that or is the only liquid coming from the airbrush cup that you put the product in?

  • Midwest Girl

    Okay, what am I doing wrong? I can get air to come out of the sprayer, but no product??? When I press down, I get air. When you press down and back, you are supposed to get product, but I get nothing. ??? Any suggestions? Thanks.

  • elendir84

    Good evening Dr. Christine Bayer wanted to know from you whether the machine works I saw it for sale on ebay but I'm not really convinced me it seems something a bit weak as a treatment

  • Savannahali

    Hi Christine, Would you happen to know which Intraceutical products are used with the oxygen machine?

  • Cathy Hille

    Great video! If you hook up your brush to an oxygen machine you can pump the serums into the skin with oxygen. Spray the serum onto the skin with the trigger pulled back then pump it into the skin with the trigger pushed forward so just the oxygen is being used in conjunction with the serums. The oxygen itself is part of the treatment as are the serums. Double whammy. The spray vac machine only allows you to dispense the liquid. Also just a heads up be careful with the essential oils they can clog the gun pretty quickly. For a WAY less expensive way to buy a medical grade oxygen machine here's a good way to go. We offer the hydra-oxygen treatment at our spa daily it works so great and no need to spend thousands of dollars as with the machines designed specifically for facials.

  • Roxanne Marchese

    what type of machine are you using to power the spray gun? Can you use a nebulizer compressor as well?

  • Melanie Torres

    quick question.
    what is the difference of spraying the toner on your face rather than just wiping it on with a cotton pad?

  • Yolanda Zdancewicz

    Thanks for this. I had the same idea and was researching products to use with my airbrush and found your video. I'm gonna order a bottle of toner as I already have an account with SS. Thanks again.

  • joana vu

    a have a thiroide problem hasimoto.can a do this tritment.thank youu

  • Real Chicks TV

    Wanted to share something about this great Cucumber Hydration Toner – I use it with my Mini by Clareblend! It's amazing!! My skin is so hydrated and my lines are disappearing. I'm sure it's because I use the Mini and the toner!!! Going to also post this on your 12 day mini challenge!!! Pop by and visit us if you have time! Cindy & Carla = 2 Real Chicks!

  • Adrienne Berkman

    cristi ne i looked and they did not list the toner & wby would y need to spray it anyway i already xrink cucumber juice but they did not list this toner. whats up?


  • humanity is the only religion

    what the name of this machine ?

  • white blanco

    Hello there,

    I am looking to purchase an oxygen facial machine to use at home.
    I am not an esthetician and just recently started gaining knowledge in this field.
    I found only one article on the best oxygen facial machines for home use and very few options to choose from, usually, there will be plenty material on beauty technology.
    Apart from that, I was looking to educate myself on the difference between a professional machine and one for home use so I can understand better how this thing work and what precisely makes it work but again I couldn't find material on that either.
    What makes an oxygen facial machines promising?
    Lastly, I would like to learn about the best products that I can use with the machine?
    The types of oxygen facials available are atoxelene, clarity, opulence and rejuvenate, do I need a different product to achieve these treatments or different oxygen facial machines and different handles?

    I am currently looking to purchase this machine

    I guess what I like about it in comparison to the only other two machines I found for a reasonable price is that it does not look like a toy and apart of the Oxygen sprayer that it comes with, it also offers a Vacuum de-toxin handle, but again I don't know what I am looking at. I guess in my case of knowledge on this particular subject is the more the merrier, yes it makes me laugh.

    Thank you, Christine, if you choose to take out of your time and share your professional knowledge and opinion, it would be much appreciated and thank you in general for everything that you teach using this outlet!

    Best regards!

  • jbc for all

    hi, am new to your chanel. i want to learn more for you.

  • Katie •

    Easy breezy🤗

  • eva Lia

    Hi Christine can I just use the airbrush machine if I don't have a vac spray. I'm assuming yes. Will it clog up my airbrush that I use for make up? Thanks in advance.

  • Gloria Losada

    You are a genius 🤗 I am doing it and my skin looks amazing!! Thank you

  • jenjen val

    What oxygen facial machine would you suggest?

  • Linda Gonzalez-Johns

    Another excellent hydrating toner that I highly recommend… it is sold to Esties only, by DermaMed Solutions its their D20 (DEE-2-OH) toner.
    Its not sold for retail. Its a liquid infusion of botanical extracts blended with deuterium oxide ("heavy water") hydration. This toner intensifies moisture and oxygen giving the skin a better chance to heal and repair. I love it and my clients do too.

  • Rose Mangat

    What is the best serum you can recommend for this machine?


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