My Sister Wets Herself When She Laughs

Dyala: “*giggles*” Dyala: “Do you think like, pads can replace like,
going to the toilet- for peeing?” Kelly: “No way.” Dyala: “No?” Kelly: “No!” Dyala: “No.” Dyala: “I feel like we’ve had this conversation before-” Sultan: “Don’t pads work like diapers? Wouldn’t that…” Dyala: “That’s what I’m thinking. *giggles*”
Kelly: “No…” Sultan: “What if you-”
Kelly: “So much pee.” Kelly: “It would just overflow.” Dyala: “Yeah I think we’ve had this conversation before and then I was like-” Dyala: “omg wait don’t we… period a lot and you were like wait no.” Dyala: “*giggles*”
Sultan: “Use it for sh*t.” Dyala: “*Laughs* WAIT WHAT?!” Kelly: “You can buy like…” Kelly: “Adult Diapers.”
Sultan: “Sh*t Pads.” *everyone laughs* Kelly: “You can buy adult diapers.” Sultan: *makes ‘about to make fun of sister’ noises* Sultan: “Is that why you’re asking-” Sultan: “Do you wanna buy adult diapers?” Dyala: “No I’m just saying like-” Dyala: “Like if I peed-”
Kelly: “No…” Dyala: “You know how I usually pee myself.” Kelly: “Don’t pee-” *Sultan laughs* *everyone laughs* Sultan: “Oh yeah, THAT thing.” Dyala: “NO-”
Kelly: “If you just like…pee a little-” Kelly: “Probably yeah.” Dyala: “No but like if you’re like me and you like pee a lot.”
Kelly: “But if you’re like, doing a whole pee-” Sultan: “*laughs* Doing a whole pee. *Kelly and Dyala laugh* Dyala: “D’Angelo scared us through the garage the other day and like,” Dyala: “I didn’t wanna get up,
because I was scared I’m like-” *Kelly and Dyala giggle* Kelly: “You know when-” *Kelly laughs* Sultan: “No, she got scared.” Sultan: “Someone like- She heard a bang on the garage-” Sultan: “All of a sudden she’s like-” Sultan: “I PEED MYSELF!” *Kelly and Dyala laugh* Dyala: “At this point I’m not ashamed of it.” Kelly: “I have you on video saying-” Kelly: “I PEED!” *everyone laughs* Dyala: “Whaat, really?” Kelly: “Yeah *laughs* Dyala: “When was this?” Kelly: “It was… Kelly: “I’ve watched the video like ten times so I’ll tell you exactly when it was.” *Dyala laughs* Kelly: “Um… *laughs* it was when-” Kelly: “Sultan was punching Seb, they were standing right there Kelly: “And then-” Kelly: “Seb-”
Sultan: “THAT’S why my hand hurts…” Kelly: “Seb was like…” Kelly: “What’s the most-” Kelly: “He’s like trying to teach you how to punch and he’s like-” Kelly: “What’s the most important thing?”
And you’re like-” Kelly: “The face.” *everyone laughs*
Sultan: “wait wait wait what?!” Kelly: “You’re like: “The face obviously.” *laughs*” *Dyala laughs* Kelly: “And then Didi’s(Dyala’s) like:” Kelly: “I PEED.” *Kelly and Sultan laugh.* Dyala: “Bro that- that night was so funny.”
Kelly: *laughs* Sultan: “I hate ourselves.”
Dyala: “So funny but-” Dyala: “Do you know how much sh*t I got…for not even being drunk-” Sultan: “Shoulda got an adult diaper.” *everyone laughs* Dyala: “No I- I-” Dyala: ” *laughs* FOR THE SH*T?!” *everyone laughs* Sultan: “You’re so slow.” Dyala: “No-”
Kelly:”What, from your mom? Dyala: “Yeah!” Dyala: “When like, when she came in like when I was sleeping and you guys were there she was like-” Dyala: “Oh like you’re like passing out like ah look at you- so drunk.” Dyala: “I was like- I’m like f*n tired.” Kelly: “She was talking arabic but you told me what she said.” Sultan: “Yeah.” Kelly: “Literally-” Kelly: “How long were we in there waiting for Seb to throw up and he never threw up?” Sultan: “For ages.” Kelly: “The SECOND we got in my car-” Sultan: “He threw up.”
Kelly: “He threw up.” Sultan: “Yeah-”
Dyala: “In your car?!” Kelly: “Out my- down like- he was like- like this is- Kelly: “He put the window completely and his head was like this- and he like…” Kelly: “Threw up down the side of my car.” *Kelly giggles*
Dyala: “Ewwwww!” Kelly: “The SECOND like literally as soon as I turned around-” Sultan: “Probably ’cause of motion sickness or something.”
Kelly: “Yeah-” Kelly: “And he had heaps of water before we left-” Dyala: “He’s so like…” Dyala: “Full of sh*t when he’s sober.” Dyala: “He’s always like:” Dyala: *imitating Seb* “Oh LikE i CaN dRiNk Im NoT eVeN lIke-” Kelly: “Literally that’s what he said like, two seconds before we got here.” Kelly: “He’s like:” Kelly: “I’m a heavy weight I can-” Kelly: “I drink-” Kelly: “Sultan ???(Literally idk what she said)” *Dyala makes Psychic Pokemon sound* Sultan: “What did you say?!” *Dyala imitates Kelly* *Kelly and Dyala laugh* Sultan: “omg, so Adham does this thing where he just-” Sultan: “I don’t know, recently he just mumbles everything.”
Kelly: “Yeah-” *Dyala laughs*
Sultan: “For no reason, like I don’t know if he’s like-” Dyala: “Are you talking about yesterday *laughs*” Sultan: “About- No- I dunno just about like- ???- I don’t know maybe his confidence is down a little bit but he just-” *Kelly and Sultan laugh* Dyala: “Sultaaaan!” Sultan: “No- I’m just saying he’s like…it’s ’cause-” Sultan: “You mumble when you like, don’t wanna like speak up or something.” Dyala: “*laughs* He does it all the time.-” Sultan: “I don’t know, anyway so like-” Sultan: “He mumbles everything and whenever we give him sh*t for it-” Sultan: “He argues back like: ‘I’m not mumbling’…” Sultan: “But he mumbles back when he argues back.
So he’s like- like- he’s like:” *mumbling*
Sultan: “I’m like what? He’s like:” *louder mumbling*
Sultan: “I’m like stop mumbling! And he’s like:” *even louder mumbling* Kelly: “Make sure the mic’s on: make fun of him.”
Sultan: “*laughs* To get him mumbling?” Dyala: “Yesterday-” Dyala: “They were sitting here- Adham was sitting where you’re sitting and I walk in I’m like-” *Sultan laughs*
Dyala: “I’m like- *giggles* I’m like-” *Sultan and Dyala laugh* Dyala: “I’m like: Do you guys want coffee?” Dyala: “Sultan’s like: ‘Yeah okay’.” Dyala: “Adham’s like: *mumbles*
I’m like what?” Dyala: “He’s like *louder mumbling*
I’m like, ‘what?’ to Sultan-” Sultan: “And then I thought I heard him.” Dyala: “He was like, ‘Oh, he wants tea.'” Dyala: “And Adham’s like:” *angry mumbling* *Sultan laughs* Kelly: “Why is he mumbling so much?”
Sultan: “I don’t know! Cause like-” Sultan: “He- I was sitting- He was sitting where you are now so he was like:” *mumbling*
Sultan: “And I was like, ‘Oh he said he wants tea.'” Sultan: “And he’s like…” *disagreeing mumbling*
Sultan: “I was like ‘what?’
He’s like:” Sultan: “No I said I already had it twice today.” *Dyala laughs* Sultan: “*laughs* I was like-” Dyala: “omg it was so like, funny.”
Sultan: “So stupid.” Dyala: “He just always-” Dyala: “I was the first one to catch on to him,” Dyala: “Because like-” Dyala: “I was always getting in trouble for some reason with him and then I would never know what for,” Dyala: “Because he would always f*n mumble.” Kelly: “Stop roasting him he’s obviously like, down on himself because of you two.” Dyala:”*laughs* So he can’t be bothered speaking up? *laughs*” Kelly: “That’s why he’s mumbling.” *Dyala makes weird noise followed by a sniff* Sultan: “Tea.” Sultan: “Do you drink black coffee?” Kelly: “Mmm. It doesn’t really taste different, I just…” Sultan: “Besides milk?” Kelly: “Yeah.” Sultan: “What do you mean?” Kelly: “Doesn’t taste different.” Sultan: “So black coffee and…coffee with milk tastes the same to you? Kelly:”Well, this is just water with like that much milk isn’t it?” Sultan: “Yeah, but that much milk changes like the whole thing.” Kelly: “Taste the same to me.” Sultan: “You’re different.” Sultan: “She’s not like the other girls.”
Dyala: “You’re not like the other girls.” *sips coffee* Kelly: “I love coffee though like..” Sultan: “I hate it.” Kelly: “I love it.” Sultan: “I’m just like addicted to it now.. I need it.” Kelly: “I love it.” Dyala: “Sultan you don’t need-” *cuts Dyala off*
Sultan: “Coffee at a cafe though is like, so much better than instant coffee.”
Kelly: “It’s the best.” Sultan: “Instant coffee should be illegal.”
Kelly: “Yeah instant coffee’s like trash but-”
Sultan: “Yeah.” *Kelly laughs* Dyala: “I’m pretty sure we’re the only people who-” *cuts Dyala off again*
Sultan: “Instant coffee is like…the fourth…” Sultan: “Jonas brother.” *Kelly and Sultan laugh* Dyala: “Leave him alone-”
Kelly: “The bonus Jonas?” *Sultan f*n loses it* Sultan: “The bonus Jonas.”
Dyala: “What’s his name, Frankie?” Dyala: “I feel so sorry for him.” Sultan: “I feel sorry for you.”
*Kelly giggles* Dyala: “So like if-” Dyala: “They’re like ‘Oh what’s your name?’ He’s like:” Dyala: “‘Frankie Jonas.’ They’re like: ‘Oh, like the Jonas Brothers?'” Dyala: “And he’s like…” Dyala: “Yeah.” *everyone laughs* Sultan: “I miss Frankie. :(” *Kelly laughs*
Dyala: “OMG have you played Wizard101?” Kelly: “Nah, what’s that?” Sultan: “Have you never heard of Wizard101?” Sultan: “It was like one of the big (games) like, you know, like Adventure Quest, Runescape.” Sultan: “It was like, Wizard101 was another one.” Dyala: “Nick Jonas was in it, idk not a big deal-” Sultan: “Yeah-”
Kelly: “What, what do you mean he was in it?” Dyala: “He was just in it, it was so weird,” Dyala: “I was like exploring the world…” Dyala: “And then like he just appeared and he’s like:” Kelly: “What the f*” Dyala: “I was like, ‘who the f*” Sultan: “They should put Frankie in it.” Sultan: “Justice for Frankie.”
*Kelly and Sultan laugh* Dyala: “It’s pissing me off but like ’cause like I can’t do anything now.” Sultan: “Without Frankie?”
Dyala: “No with-” *everyone laughs* Kelly: “I literally spat.” Hey guys, welcome to the end of the video.
I’m sorry that the video cuts off so weird it’s just, The next topic we were talking about was… *clears throat* not appropriate. *laughs* So I had to stop the video there. Thank you to my friend Kelly and sister Dyala for helping- Actually what am I thanking you for we literally just had a conversation in the garage, like grow up. *laughs* If you guys like this style of video, please let me know. It is something I haven’t done before, But I liked it. I hope you guys like it. if you did like it… Like the video… I’m gonna stop saying like now. *laughs* Okay that’s all I had to say for now.
I’ll see you guys soon. K’ love you, bye. Also, we- we have the Christmas merch- it’s the Christmas for the- the merch for the Christmas- Yay, it’s- it’s- Limited edition. Limited time. It’s very limited. I’m gonna stop saying limited now We have beanies and ugly sweaters. They are so ugly They’re the ugliest sweaters that have been ugly Now if you wear them to a party and you feel ugly you can just be like, hey, it’s the sweater It’s not my face and it feels good. I promise I’ve tried it. It feels good Anyone who purchases Christmas merch helps me and this channel directly so thank you thank you thank you so much if you do That’s me, not crowdmade. I’m- I’m not crowdmade- I’m Sultan Sketches th- the crowdmade is the crowd- shut up. It’s in the description and in the infobox Thank you if you grab one, remember they’re limited. I’m gonna stop limited. Okay, bye Barbara. Sultan: “Alright…this…” Sultan: “Sicko.” Maaz: “WHAT?!”
Sultan: “I-” Sultan: “I spent three weeks-”
Maaz: “Attacked!” Sultan: “I spent three weeks with Maaz in America, watching this…” Sultan: “I don’t even-” Sultan: “Human, idk, watching this thing make cereal.” Maaz: “Brah.”


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