– Wait he needs a headband. His hair is like in my workspace. You know what? He can borrow my headband for the moment. Don’t get it in paint or I will kill you. (Suspenseful music) Don’t get it in my mouth. – [Tyler] It’s all over your mouth. – I don’t know what’s on this. – Paint. – I need a paper towel. (upbeat music) Hey guys, it’s Kayla. – And Tyler! – From We Are the Davises, and today we are going to be doing the spin the wheel face paint challenge. This is also going to be like a mix of the three marker challenge, ’cause we are going to
spin the wheel three times to get our three different colors, and then we’re going to use our colors to paint something on
the other person’s face. And then when we’re all done, you get to vote in the
comments down below, who you think did the better job. – Pink.
– Pink. – Oh also, we have like
some face paints right here, that’s where these colors are coming from. – Pink. – Orange.
– Orange. Green. Hey. Green. – So I’ve got pink, orange, and green. – By the way, if we decide
we want all white base we’ve got this palette
here or some white paint. Okay, ready? Orange. Okay, so I’ve got my orange. Black. Green. That’s really similar. Maybe I could do a tiger, but then I don’t what to do
with the green, so, we’ll see. – Green eyes. – So we have our white canvases on, and we also get white in
case we want to do more, because white is the absence of color, so it doesn’t count as
a color in our book. We’ve got all our colors. We’ve got our blank canvas. We’ve got brushes. I’ve got a sponge. We’ve got blending plates. I forgot what this was
called for a second. Yeah, now we’re just gonna get started. Okay, I’m nervous. Oh that’s a lot of paint. You’re orange. You look like a Cheeto. You’re a living Cheeto. You’re the Cheetos mascot. Oh that’s supposed to be black. Okay, never mind. You know what? It’s fine. Can you tell what he is yet? I don’t think you should be able to tell, but maybe you can. Or maybe you cheated and fast
forwarded through the video so you already know. Wait, he needs a headband. His hair is like in my workspace. You know what, he can borrow
my headband for the moment. Don’t get it in paint or I will kill you. (Suspenseful music) There we go. Perfect. – [Connie] Does it feel good? Relaxing? – [Kayla] He hates every second of it. Hey, I’m not done. Okay, it’s a little uneven. – [Connie] Is this easier
than paint your portraits? – This is much easier than
paint your own portrait. I’m almost done, I’m
just making it more even, because this is not even. Tyler, stop moving! I’m gonna start headbanging
while you’re doing mine. – I didn’t do that. – Yeah, but it was pretty much the same. Stop it. – You’re like punching my face. – Yeah, I’m almost done,
I swear, I swear, I swear. I swear I’m almost done. Okay, um… Done. Stop moving. – My turn to paint your face. Close your mouth like this. Okay. – I want a sponge. – [Tyler] Don’t peak. – Don’t get it in my mouth. – [Tyler] Don’t open your mouth. – I don’t know what’s on this. – Paint. Blue paint. – I need a paper towel. Please. – How does paint taste? – Can you just do the sponge? – No I can’t. – Why not? Why not? Why not? – [Tyler] I will force feed your mouth. (laughing) – You’re not even trying. – I am trying but you had to move back and you just gave yourself a mustache. (laughing) (upbeat music) (laughing) Stop laughing. (upbeat music) – That was a lot of paint. – [Connie] Guess who you look like? – Charlie Chaplin? You always say that. This doesn’t feel right. – [Tyler] No, it’s right. – [Connie] It looks right. – It feels like there’s
toothpaste on my face. – [Tyler] Okay, so that’s that. I can’t do it. – Okay, stop shaking. This isn’t right. – [Tyler] It is right. – No, wait. Stop, stop. Oh, I got it in my mouth. (upbeat music) – This is the eye part. It’s the eye part. – I don’t know why I still
have this in my mouth. – Get in there before it’s done. – I don’t get it. What was that? – [Tyler] Hold on. – I don’t think that’s what that was. (laughing) – All clowns have hi
written on their face. – What are you doing? Are you making me look mad? It feels like you’re gonna
do like that eyebrow. – I’m not. Look, you’ll understand in a second. – I’m so confused. – You don’t need to understand. – What? What is happening? – This is good for hair, right? (laughing) You just jerked while on your face. – What are you doing? You’re getting it in my hair. This doesn’t feel like a circle. – It is a circle. – No, it’s not. You don’t have to lift
your brush for a circle. This is not a circle. – I think I’m done. Yeah. – Okay. – [Tyler] It’s my clown. – Okay, my turn. Now it’s my turn to make Tyler’s face look gorgeous. We’re gonna do some more
white because I messed up. – Oh, you’re getting really
close to my eyes, Kayla. – I’m painting on your eyebrow. – You’re really close to my eyes. Oh, that touched my eye. – [Kayla] No, it didn’t. – It touched my eye. – [Kayla] No it… Dab, dab, dab, dab,
dab, dab, dab, dab, dab. Dab, dab, dab, dab, dab, dab, dab. – I’m dabbing. – Now, I’m gonna touch up the other side. You’re looking good, though. – I always look good. I feel like I should go to a meeting. – [Kayla] Okay, there we go. – Are you done? – No, I’m just done with the white. Actually, we need to do it on your mouth. – Guys, lay off it. – I haven’t even done the black yet. Okay, come closer. (laughing) The same thing, and you’re dabbing. – Stop moving. – I’m not moving. – Come here. – No. – See, I can paint on your mouth without getting it in your mouth. – I’m sorry, I had to… Disgusting. It doesn’t look anything like the picture. – How do you know? You can’t even see yourself. – At least mine looks similar. – No, it doesn’t. – [Tyler] Yes, it does. Look. You forgot the dots. – That’s what I’m doing right now. I’m not done. Don’t move. I swear. I’ll wait. I feel like those
kindergarten teachers where everyone’s just screaming
and she’s like, I’ll wait. (screaming) – Okay. – [Kayla] Stop. – I’m sorry. (upbeat guitar music) – I’m not having any color. It’s great. – You look like you have
eyeliner on your eyebrow. – Is that a problem? – Yes. (upbeat guitar music) That looks pretty good. (upbeat guitar music) He’s so far. I can’t. – You’re killing me from the inside out. – Well, if you would just stop moving, it wouldn’t happen. (laughing) – Yeah, stop talking and
stop making me laugh. – [Kayla] Stop. – Stop talking. – I have to talk. We’re filming. Stop. I didn’t even say anything, Tyler. I literally said nothing. And then we hide the green, because I have zero clue
what to do with the green. It’s pretty good. You have to admit, it’s pretty good. It’s kind of good. – Mine was better. Mom, has it been an hour? – [Connie] 37 minutes. – I want to take it off. – [Kayla] That’s half an hour. I finished. I think it looks pretty good. – Mine was better. – I had to put the green somewhere, so I highlighted some of the stripes on his forehead. – Mine’s better. – I think it counts. I think it’s close. It’s not that close, but it’s closer in comparison to Tyler’s to me. Comment down below who
you think did better. Question of the day is have
you ever had your face painted like this? Because, like, I don’t
know if makeup counts as face painting. Have you ever had face paint done to you and until next time, bye.
– Bye. (upbeat music)

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