hello everyone welcome back to my
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today I am going to be recreate this look it is inspired from Surbhi JYOTI if you
don’t know who she is, then she is actress from naggin 3 and today I am recreating
her look so stay tuned if you wanna see how I created this look I’m using this
photo as reference and sorry for that cracked screen now you can see that I
haven’t applied anything on my face so I am directly
moving toward this hydrating toner from miniso I’m taking this cotton pad and
swiping it all over my face for mosturising my face I’m using this
moisturizer cream from Johnson gently massage it all over your face so for nourishing my lips I’m using this
tinted lip balm from Minniso then I’m using this primer from NYX and focusing
on my t-zone and c-zone I am just dabbing it in my skin
for foundation I am using this catrice hd foundation it is liquid
foundation and you can see you can get that applicator with the product I’m
using same applicator to apply the foundation as always I’m using this
damp beauty blender to blend this foundation blend blend blend
also don’t forget your ear and neck while applying foundation using this
concealer from Maybelline in shade sand I am applying it under my eyes
bridge of the nose chin and also my forehead picking same Beautyblender I am just
blending it the contouring i’m using this jordana
contouring stick and applying it on my Hallow of the cheek, chin, forehead and
nose I’m taking this brush from unicorn brush set you will get 10 pieces in
Unicorn brush set Now I m just blending it here I’m using this Rimmel stay matte
powder with the Beauty Blender and applying it all over my face after then I use this baby powder to
bake baking is important as it will give the precise structure to your face so I applied powder under my eye chin
and forhead so for contouring I’m using this wet
and wild controlling palette and just applying it in the area where I just
Contour. Doing my eyebrow using this Maybelline eye gel you will get this two
set in black and brown I mix both of them using this brush I will apply the
product starting with brushing my eyebrows I
will just create a detailed line following my real eyebrow line and just
Connect the end and fill it using same concealer I will wipe out any
mistakes and create that precise line under the eyebrows so that it will give
that sharp looking eyebrow look. Taking blender I will just blend that concealer.
eyebrows are done. Now let’s move toward eyes for eyeshadow and using this BH
Cosmetics and taking that orange shade as transition shade and just applying it in
my crease with this blending brush from Unicorn brush set now I’m taking this black shade and
applying it in my eyelid with this flat Brush taking same blending brush I will blend taking flat brush I will just apply it
on my eyelid to intensify my look my next eye is also done. Taking this
powder brush I will just wipe out those excess powder. Now for lower eye line I
will use this kajal from Florelle now I’ll take black eye shadow and just
smoke it out now it’s time for mascara I’m using a
Essence mascara and applying it in my upper lash as well as in my lower lashes using these 3d eyelashes. I am just
applying glue and let it dry for a few minutes it can be easily found in market
placing that mirror downward I apply my eyelashes using Twitcher I will just fix
the eyelashes now eyelashes is also done then after I will use this blush from
Wet n Wild in shade fantastic plastic pink and just apply it in my cheek. It’s
highlighter time I’m using highlighter from Milani and applying it in my cheek ooh I just love the highlighter taking this powder brush. I will just dust
out all the excess powder from my face for lips I’m taking these two lipstick
one from Golden Rose which I’m applying right now and next is from Jordana sweet
cream. Now set and lock your makeup. I’m using homemade setting spray. Thank you
guys for watching this video I hope youall enjoy so I was very excited to
recreate this look if you want to see more videos like this then please
comment down below and also follow me on my Instagram I will provide my link in
description box so that’s all for today see you next time good bye

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