Nail art orchid One Stroke

Hello everyone. I’m back with a new flower tutorial because I love flowers. And I’ve never done this one on my Youtube channel. I’ve done this orchid with the one-stroke technique. This one I did it in my hometown at Pau. I wanted to do it on normal nail-size. I first applied this beautiful navy-blue from ColorClub that I have mattified with a Tammy Taylor topcoat. The structure of the orchid is simple. You should start from a centered point. First draw a little petal. Then two larger ones at the center And two smaller ones beneath them. They should meet at the same point or it won’t be good. Here are the colors that I have chosen. I will start by taking half navy blue and half light blue, then I make a gradient I will draw the first small petal that have the shape of a drop. Don’t worry if it hasn’t been done correctly since the two petals on the sides will almost hide it. Then I make a gradient with navy blue and white color. Finally I add a little bit of turquoise too. This is how we do a tri-color one-stroke. Sorry if it does not appear well in the video. I place my brush inside the first petal. Then I draw a well-opened petal. To do so, rotate the brush on itself The edge of the brush with navy blue should not move It should remain on the central point. And now, I will make a gradient with 2/3 of navy blue and 1/3 of white I draw the petals underneath. I place my brush slightly in the inner
side of the petals found on the sides. I draw a little comma like this underneath the two other petals. I make sure that everything is well correctly linked to the midpoint of the flower. All the petals should be connected to the central point. I make another gradient on the side with navy blue, white and a little bit of turquoise. And I redo the second coat of the petals on the side. Have a look at orchids pictures on Google, you will know how to draw the petals. So now I apply another coat of paint on the side petals. Note that the whole of the flower has been done in a single coat except for those two petals. There is no need to apply two coats. It is a very tricky job, you might ruin it. And now with the base color – navy blue I will draw some inner lines to separate and make out the petals. And this will bring out the petals as you can see here. I will use the same technique to correct any defect. It is very useful. Now I use white color to highlight the curves of the flower in order to make it brighter. Then I draw the small dots for the pollen with gold and yellow color. It is now time to add some decorations you’ll need a very small dotting tool It is a needle use to draw argyle pattern I think. It’s a gift. I draw little points like this starting from the center to the bottom. Then from the center to the other side. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. For the girls who are coming with me on One Stroke Level 2 training, you will learn how to do this nail art. If you try this nail art, share it on my Facebook page. I would love to see it! See you next week! Bye!


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