NAND (ननद) vs BHABHI (भाभी) – Every DESI FAMILY Ever … | #Fun #Sketch #RolePlay #ShrutiArjunAnand

what’re you thinking? wanna to gift to your bhabhi but confused what to present that directly touch her heart Oh! bhaiya ..So, simple You directly shoot her Shoot me haann… Why young old man? And you trying to hunt me Disucssing about shooting? Buy the time we play you guyz press the like button and make it reach 1,50,000 likes And let’s see What a blast this Nand and Bhabhi’s jodi make Bhabhi make Breakfast for me… quick and fast why ain’t gave you slaps on your face….chata chat…. I cook it by myself even cook for you as well Your courier take it inside how’re you my sis I am fine and shifted so well as you sent me Awesome Wakefit matress phone is not working it comes with 10 years warranty she will sleep well on that orthopedic memory foam mattress we pay for everything and she enjoys Now she will keep changing the mattress Along with washable mattress cover Suno ji, It’s 100 days free trial They are buying Buy it for me too Ordering, ordering for you too Priya, collect my courier oky But don’t touch it Okay! Bhabhi Let’s Open and look what’s inside Nandji don’t touch the feet like this…… should do like this Nobody taught you? Look! how handsome boy I arranged for you Just look at his eyes how romantic and teeth…. as like pearls never look at girls only neck Bhaiya! Will no where find such a handsome guy So, why don’t you marry him? I did it! Bhaiya! I mean from your brother Just look at the complexion Is completely fair Blood vomit…. I am going to die Bhabhi come for cake cutting waaw! We are going out so save food for us Chalo ji…. let’s go Okay Bhabhi! Sit down all relatives taunt us Seems as if don’t give him anything to eat…….. Priya, just get something for me What is this? Food, Only little amount Are we meeting for the candle light dinner tonight? Where are you planning to go? Nowhere Bhabhi….. just study plans with friends Oh!…….In this dress? Do one thing…… I have one of your favourite color… &white with matching undergarments Take and wear this Bhabhi you are such a darling! Anything for you my love Candle….No! No!!!!! What happened sis? Why are you crying? Bhaiya! Am I adopted? Now won’t you tie my Rakhi? Sis no matter we don’t have blood relation But you are only my real sister And mine too…. Most of the time we speak about our siblings that they are adopted Being adopted is not a crime Think about those who reaches at adoption stage Don’t cry Beta… I am there for you Blessed are those who have parents So, this Rakshabandhan do enjoy with those who don’t have siblings even Happy Rakshabandhan If want to sleep comfortably Then do buy wake fit mattress Make us to reach 5 million Then do subscribe the channel and press bell icon Meet you in the next video till then by-by


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