Nanogun-MX® Manual Electrostatic Airmix® Spraygun during LIGNA 2017 Hannover | SAMES KREMLIN

Hello, my name is Bruno Leichte from SAMES KREMLIN. I’m Sales Manager for Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Today I would like to present to you our new manual electrostatic Airmix gun NANOGUN-MX®. It’s the perfect combination of Airmix® atomization and electrostatic. We have been using both technologies from the beginning and even invented Airmix® in 1975. The combination of both technologies makes our NANOGUN-MX® so effective. It’s suitable for almost all markets and applications. Wherever a powerful and very fine atomization is needed. Our NANOGUN-MX® consists of a manual gun and a control module. The high voltage for creating an electrical field is created by an integrated cascade inside of the gun. The control module is connected to the gun with a low voltage cable. We deliberately didn’t integrate the control module into the gun. This is why this manual gun is much lighter and considerably more robust. Basically, our Airmix® technology is a high pressure atomization with an overlaid air atomization. This combines the advantages of both technologies: high transfer efficiency and very good finishing. The combination of all these technologies leads to an unparalleled coating result together with an outstanding transfer efficiency, very low overspray and optimized ergonomics.

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