• history view

    this is not what the nazi party had in mind, thats for damn sure.

  • pink toes

    this unrapes and unkills all the children, women and men who are enriched every year.

  • Jacky Li

    I heard that Muslim is trying to campaign for Islam law which stimulate extreme right wing party. Please Explain, WP

  • RyuBlade

    Erm, no.

  • L5940

    4:33 Yea I'm sure that enrichment comes from middle aged men who grew up with their sisters being married off against their will and women being forced to obey their husbands.
    I don't understand why you would even try to fight for feminism if this is what you knowingly allow and support.
    Notice how there are no young people in that ''cultural enrichment'' center, they are a lot smarter than the old generation. Young people know the values of Islamic cultures because they grew up with Islamic classmates and saw the conflicts it can bring.
    Now of course I'm not talking about rich young people and/or those who study at universities and only encounter Westernised muslims. Those are pretty much blind to the problem due to inexperience with muslims and their second and third generation that excell at crime.

  • Indiancrab

    Stop this rubbish… Deport all muslim and black africans…


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