Nature Journaling and Field Sketching with Liz Clayton Fuller

(upbeat music) – Hey y’all, I’m Liz Clayton Fuller. I’d like to invite you to join me for my course on nature
journaling and field sketching. – [Shayna] I noticed
this dragonfly that was sitting on the ground. – [Margaret] And I stared
at the hummingbirds for an hour and a half. – [D.J.] I just happened
to notice a spider actually capture an insect in its web. – [Holly] It stopped, and I
looked a little bit closer. It was a mink with a fish as
large as itself in its mouth. – [Shayna] Nature journaling is
– [D.J.] documenting things that you’re experiencing in nature. – [Holly] It’s a really
good way to understand the natural world a little more. – [Jewel] It’s really taught
me how to observe nature. – [Shayna] It’s drawing. It’s annotating. It’s writing down observations. – [Margaret] It’s a thought process ’cause you’re studying
when you’re looking. And you’re going back and forth. – [Jewel] It’s very easy to
go into like, a time warp. And then, all of a sudden,
you just spent four hours on drawing a starfish. (chuckles) – [D.J.] Sketching is a really nice way to just reflect and relax. – [William] It’s a lotta fun,
like looking at something and being able to reproduce it on paper. – [Jewel] Do you have
to be good at drawing? No. – [William] It’s about the
progress and not really about how good you are coming in. – [Jewel] It’s the memory
that comes out of it that’s most important. – [Shayna] I just feel like a kid again, just discovering the wonders of nature. – [Holly] I feel creative
when I’m nature journaling. – [Margaret] It’s for you. – [Shayna] You just starting
putting your thoughts on paper and see where it goes. – [Liz] I hope you’ll
join me for this course. I can’t wait to share it with you.


  • Nidhi Sharma

    Nice concept to connect with nature, peace, environment and oneself.

  • lucyluna00

    Where can I buy all of these artists drawings, I'd definitely will buy a drawned sketch book of good artist like these…

  • WhiteTiger333

    "You don't have to be good at drawing" while showing examples of incredible drawings. πŸ˜€ I truly admire folks with that kind of talent.

  • SK K

    Quite intimidating to take the course if all the examples of journals were done by accomplished artists.


    Love your channel….😘😘😘


    To connect with Nature through our observation skills and recording it with drawing or painting is one of our gifts from God. We are reflecting his creation when we take the time to honor it by developing the skills to do so and the knowledge we gain by doing. Really nice little video. I am a professional artist.. and there is a lack of life drawing today especially among my peers who I can't get out doors. And these are people in their 30s to their 60s..they gripe and moan!!! But if you do get them outdoors to do their 'craft' they will never forget the experience.


    "Do you have to be good at drawing" – to be paid $$$ and support yourself through art over years.. , yes . to express yourself – No. I encourage people who say "but I can't draw" to draw… I love amateur art the most! Naive approach usually shows the truth , and it's charming.

  • Rhonda Magee

    Too expensive for these empty pockets 😒

  • Laiba Ali

    I'm so excited for this course! I'm definitely going to buy it once I get the chance. This is beautiful!

  • Sonja Rosas

    I always end up destroying my nature journals because I feel like they're hideous.

  • skyi nuri

    You all are the real nature hero. No needs scream on the road to say i love nature go gree.. but you all😍😍😍 thank you.


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