what is going Sharers welcome to the
vlog welcome to another awesome day we’re gonna have quite the fun and games
today check this out I already tested this awesome
nerf gun paint shooter thing and it splatters a bunch and I mean a bunch of
paint that was the orange paint we’ve got some pink paint too we’ve got a lot
of Awesome other colors too my brother Carter actually found these nerf gun
paint blaster type guns at the stores to smash the like button on this video
because this is actually gonna be so much fun we’re gonna completely slimed
and covered in paint it’s gonna be totally epic oh hey mom
what’s going on oh yeah yeah yeah let’s find a pump on the pot yeah if you
didn’t see in the last vlog we actually have baby koi fish they’re super super
super small but we need two pools for them so that we can have one freshwater
and when that’s the water gets dirty we can transfer them over so a we can grow
it all these baby koi gonna become bigger koi and their ponds is gonna be
filled with a ton of koi fish it’s gonna be totally awesome and if you look
closely you can actually see some koi fish floating around they’re coming here
comes one oh that thing’s huge there’s another look at the colors on that one
ooh black and orange it’s like a Halloween koi okay well I’m off fishing
setting up the mini pools for the baby cow I’m gonna go check on Carter
Stevie’s ready for this nerf gun paint war it’s gonna be crazy I think I just
did a jump on the dirt bike there’s Carter
oh yeah what’s going on Carter just ride down a bridle is this dirt bike
oh yeah it’s looking good not home so don’t tell me I’ve been riding it you
ready for the big day Carter big day here white share the love shirt got to
put it on what we’re gonna do something pretty crazy
I haven’t wore a white shirt unless shirt a long time I know the super rare
but by the ends today that’s not gonna be white what do you mean we’re gonna do
an epic nerf paint splatter war a nerf paint splatter or what are you talking
yeah Corey you’re the one that bought those paint splatter guns oh you’re
saying we’re gonna do like a nerf war with one of those it was gonna be so
good I got a white shirt I’ll have you got a white shell Oh buddy I mean is
there gonna be I don’t even know all different colors oh that’s awesome let’s
do it whoa okay let’s get locked let’s get loaded Carter I’m gonna give this
green one to you the green one green for you and then I already opened this one
this is the blue one I tested it with this orange paint it worked so well
ladders a bunch and I mean a bunch of paint open it was a weird tab you got it
like yeah where that’s where there’s not weird trigger this thing is it’s small
I’ll tell you right now it’s small but it’s powerful really yeah this thing
yeah this thing spits paint like crazy let’s go do this inner floor see this is
gonna be awesome yes the Carter’s gonna do a different
paint Carter actually bought this paint I think it comes with like made for the
gun yeah this this paint right here you put in the gun is gonna be even better
than the orange when you test because this is actually made to be squirted out
of one of these guns well Carter things is gonna be better I
think my orange thing is pretty good because what I do is I basically load it
up mostly with this orange paint then I put it the reason why this is so good
uh-huh it’s not it’s it’s it’s better than paint cause it’s not paint is
called colorful colorful goo colorful goo yes that means this is gonna be even
better than paint hmm we’ll see about that I have a pretty good mixture I
basically use all this paint it’s washable paint but I put like basically
all of it in this bottle and then I fill it up with a little bit of water and
it’s super bright all right I’m filling mine up Steve
okay let’s see how it looks oh let’s see ready three two one oh wait how is that
going to why I don’t like you you think it’s
gonna come out of the gun that’s it it’s not gonna be mixed up or something hey
maybe I’m supposed to mix it was long let’s say like shake
let me read then the let me read it okay I don’t think we’re supposed to mix
it you just put it in and you’re ready to go so I’m gonna fill it all the way
up it looks like a smoothie yeah like I like I wanna drink it basically it’s
like a melted smoothie okay that’s just about full right there and so now I just
got to stick it in the gun like this yeah I put the gun upside down so the
paint doesn’t all spill out oh I do not want to drop this okay twist it all I’m
good make sure it’s secure so it’s twisted I’m good and then she
did no just kidding okay I’m ready to go let’s go outside
and test this thing out okay so my mines gonna be a little bit different because
I’m using paint and not glue so the way I do this is I’m going to take the paint
and just squeeze it into the bottle oh yeah that looks totally yeah but the
thing is the paint is so thick I already tried it it doesn’t shoot through this
nerf gun thing so you just basically fill it up oh oh okay that paints about
to get everywhere okay well it’s not full yet and he’ll be bait guy this is
basically all you need then you fill the rest over the water it’s gonna look so
good check this out I’m gonna put a lot of
water in here basically the rest of its gonna be filled up with water and it
looks like it’s gonna dilute it a lot but just wait look it looks Brown yeah and you just take the gun put the barrel
in upside down do it all nice and tight and give it a shake do it looks so
disgusting yeah Steve that is gross and you’re dripping all over get out of the
crowd you’re dripping I really hope this comes up right orange check it’s not
bright orange at all it’s like brown like dirt should I test it yeah see if
it’ll even score this thing takes a lot of pumps to get locked and loaded
just got to pump it like crazy alright here we go ready yeah firing in three
two one oh it’s orange that was amazing woah but
I sure I don’t know if you could see this we’ve won eight to try to get in
slo-mo but it came out Orange it looks Brown in the government it comes out
like bright neon or good against the tree ready
oh you’re leaking Steve you’re leaking shoot it shoot it that’s so bright okay
wait stop hold it up oh why is it leaking
I don’t know you’re getting slaw you know what I over pumped it I think I
broke the seal I over pumped it you did yeah oh my gosh car to quickly get yours
testers out we need to get this nerf war going okay I gotta go grab my gun I
don’t know what’s gonna work better Steven with the orange paint or me with
the pink like goo this is my gun with the pink goo so it’s like goo versus
paint and use like nerf guns so we’ll see how well this thing works okay ready
finally I guess smoothie I want to pump it up Carter with the
smoothie gun thanks smoothie it’s like goo so there’s yours on the tree okay
ready Carter actually yours doesn’t look
bright pink or purple at all a little quick oh we should get that oh that
looks so good okay I’m gonna try shoot oh it’s leaking just leak and we over
pumped it gave you over pump it it squirts out the side oh my gosh ah my
hands I’ve been shot oh okay we got to have this nerf war Steve let’s do it
sheriff’s water paint war wait how do we do this deal what do we do we start
back-to-back we take ten steps okay and then when we someone says fire and we
shoot in fire we see who gets more paint on them okay ready yet one pump worth of
like one one thing you got to pump it up oh yeah yeah
we’re get about to get covered in paint should you plate is it one person shoots
first one person shoots second maybe we do it the same to that same time yeah
all right let’s do this oh my guns leaking we got to get goes go ready okay
one two three four five you know my art is so cool these are
like paint like tie-dye god that’s like Alison the shirt started off white and
now it’s completely or my gosh card I’ve had the best idea what ready wait am
going to share the love okay three two one oh it’s gonna work
oh yeah share the love it’s so good did it work I can’t even see does it work
sharers its smash that like button if it works see that’s also going to give you
a high-five ready three two one oh I kind of work okay I’m gonna add a little
bit more paint so it works whoa okay ready yeah
on the back got my handprint on there that’s so cool that is pretty cool oh
let’s see we should switch guns now so we mix and match the paint let’s do it
how cool would that be I don’t know how much paint you have
left in yours I actually used a lot of my paint okay let’s get they get five
paces ready yeah and go one two three four five look at this I want to see if I can
design a smiley face smiley face and smiley oh I can’t even see it didn’t
work it looks so good it looks epic this is awesome I wonder if these shirts if
they like get stained and they stay like this forever that’d be so cool custom
shirt lobster yeah a custom tie-dye shirt love shirts that’s so cool it’s
just washable but uh I kind of I don’t know I don’t know this is gonna wash off
look how dark the paint is it’s so colorful hugs so painted how are we
gonna get this off oh this is so cool yeah okay they’re locked and loaded all
ready to go these guns are so awesome I can’t believe it a good shoot paint like
this I mean look at my hands they’re totally covered liner I should be
covered yeah awesome I hope these come off yeah how are we
gonna get clean now oh good question yes yours if you love this video we
should do more paint splatter videos give this video a thumbs up yeah if we
get like up 123 likes how many 123 lights okay 123 and we’ll do another
paint will do so many awesome paint videos because I can paint the house we
could paint Carter’s dirt bike let’s pay my dirt all these cool things
well I’m covered up here I guess he painted each other I don’t know what
else we will do comment down below what other cool stuff we can use these paint
guns yeah I don’t know how we’re gonna get these off but uh this is a lot of
fun sharers uh yes I don’t know how I’m gonna get clean but um I’m like covered
in paint right now okay sure as well we’re gonna go try to get this paint off
we’ll see you tomorrow so until then you know what to do
stay awesome and share the love peace. Woo!

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