NEVER TOO SMALL ep.13 27m2 Tiny Apartment Design – Darlinghurst Apartment

The design of the apartment was all
about containing the amenities for life to the smallest possible area and to
provide a bigger space for living The apartments located in a building
called Ballina which is an art deco 1920s Heritage listed property. There’s 27
units in the this block I first moved into this apartment at the beginning of
2014 when I got the apartment there was a little kitchen in its own separate
nook we decided to be a good idea to put the kitchen or living space and a
bedroom where the kitchen was The apartment was really designed for two
people so the idea was that would function like a one-bedroom apartment so
the bedroom can be completely closed off we have this little pocket window
integrated into the storage wall so the idea is when you walk in the front door
and that window is opening you can still see out the view and the apartment is
significally wider than just the width of the living space. We built the bedroom
on a platform to delineate the space between the living and the sleeping area
that also allowed us to get plumbing to needed to go and install some shoe
drawers. There’s storage underneath the bed there’s storage on top of the bed and
there’s a little recessed shelf which acts as a bedside table and has lights
and powerpoints and those windows along with the windows
in the living space were left in their original condition so the external
facade remains untouched Below the TV there’s a little desk which can fold up
and allows you to use the TV as a second monitor and we included a 24 bottle wine
storage cupboard so we didn’t want the kitchen to feel like kitchen we hid all the appliances included in the oven behind the little pocket door we put a
drying rack above the sink so that you can put your dishes away to dry we’ve
got a blade wall which is made out joinery and integrates a spice rack on
the kitchen side and as you come into the apartment that’s got the intercom
hidden away inside the little key shelf to put stuff on so. We completely hit the
bathroom behind one of the sliding doors on the main wall when we first got it
there was a massive bath which we ripped out and was replaced at the shower and a
washing machine Good design is not only about making a smaller footprint work harder but it’s also creating a really great quality of life and a sense of
luxury in a tighter space and inevitably that provides sustainable solutions for
our cities. Thanks for watching subscribe to our
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  • CK CK

    I want ittt

  • Valentyne S.

    Get a bigger house? Lots of land out there. Humans shouldn't be forced to live in such tiny quarters paying exorbitant prices. They give us what we collectively are willing to pay and live with.

  • Laurenz Bunne

    Where tf you got this cupboards from?

  • N B

    I love that everything in the kitchen is hidden away!

  • K. Paul

    Brad Swatz, what an amazing work you have here.

  • BaltzerBoy

    where do they keep their clothes though? storage under and over the bed?

  • missonigiri197

    So you have to keep your cabinets open just to use your appliances? I feel like that would be a bit of a cleaning issue and a minor inconvenience for sale of a sleek design

  • wind Winston

    loved it

  • R L

    So cool

  • Lacey Pelham

    this could appeal to someone who perhaps travels alot or has a busy social life. clean, functional, uncluttered but sterile and unwelcoming it strikes me for someone who spends much of their time at home. an easy place to unwind in but short on personality or individual distinction.

  • Denis Gusev

    зеркало вместо фартука…. вы чо купите?)

  • Noname Noname

    Those small apartment's owners are perfect candidates for Mars colonisation mission.

  • stepporeiter

    i mean … in ur head you know that this is supposed to look great but in reality the practical features are more playful then usefull and create a feel of overloading the space with "design"

  • Shoira Bek

    Thank you, for fridge doesn't need air flow?

  • Comment Connoisseur

    >minimalist apartment
    >24 bottle wine storage cupboard

  • Sankrit Kulmanochawong

    Lovely space, some small credits should go to the recurring cast of Aesop dispensers in these videos:)

  • Banagan

    Sorry, still a studio

  • kyle009 00

    My 40 spm apartment has poor use of space.

  • Paul Gaffaney

    Why am I bingeing apartment design videos. This channel is incredible.

  • Spawn_Of_Satan

    This design pisses me of in so many ways

  • Winnie He

    Too white… Hard to keep it

  • Valeria Del Rio-Rodriguez

    Love everything but dude that dry goods storage and especially that fridge..too small

  • London59

    I'm guessing this is an owned apartment (condo), rather than a rental, and therefore can be re-designed as you have. Nice space.

  • raji rathia

    Very Gud design and ideas…so comfy.

  • cynthia reynolds

    I have figured out how to make these tours more satisfying. At the beginning they showed the layout & the change – every time they change rooms, show the layout again & where they're going. +why are all the minimalist fold-out, hide the storage, slide the walls apts stark white?

  • nick jeffries

    An extremely clever use of space

  • Robin Sunrise

    What a quaint lovely lil space 😍

  • Lindy Lindy

    …really well done

  • Rampart

    Is the wall of cupboards custom built? Can you give us an idea about the price?

  • Mohammed Henawy

    Very nice

  • Elwin van Wees

    One thing I definitely understand from watching these is that … To be an architect you have to be an alcoholic… A wine rack and booze by the door… Come home first ting is take a gulp??

  • Ajay Nelson

    he likes a drink or two bottles everywhere

  • Мила Јовановић

    Theeee best by far!

  • Chun Tsong Chan

    290 ft sq… all lives by him. It is so big for me, resident in Hong Kong.

  • Carlos Leon

    It's too sterile, like a prison

  • Odonata

    #simplystunning!!! 10/10 for this one. Luxurious, light-filled, and easily liveable.

  • Quyen Tran


  • awreckingball

    Stop asking questions.

  • Jingle Jungle

    This is one of my favourites, how he integrated so much into it. But the video cuts through fast, a tiny apartment video doesn't have to be tiny.

  • Ad Vulliet

    Ma nouvelle chaine favorite de YouTube 🇨🇭😄👍

  • michael haralambos

    Background music makes it very depressing feeling abut the apartment ..

  • ManasKumar Behera

    Too much white
    Little splash of color will make it more cozy

  • shit lista

    I'm sorry but are all of these apartments the architects'?

  • Sanya Simpson

    The bed is too small…

  • setiadji hikmawan

    That would cost more money for that furniture and stuff just for the small apartment,but sure it's worth

  • Raven T

    Love the light and the streamlined design

  • João Vieira

    Tiny ass apartment, but there’s still space for a 24 bottle wine storage cupboard. Love it

  • Rahel E.

    Such a beautiful Apartment, Love how uncluttered the Design is

  • Kristen225

    great apartment but I just don't get why so many Aussies sound like they're asking a question when making a statement. stop that little uptick at the end of a sentence!!

  • Preeti Yadav

    That's not small….. this is small

  • shawaam

    Why do these people never prioritize an office area? Have these people even heard of a proper desk with a proper chair?

  • Jacob Heyden

    Nice hole

  • Motox 2

    The OCD dream flat

  • Logesh Murugesh

    Fantastic innovation….next generation level ongoing work… leave and learn in small living space I am impressed and excited….can I ask ….can I learn and practice this project I am so interested please reply thank you

  • Rebecca A

    I don’t find it impressive or unique?

  • vinnyvasquez

    Really nice. But don't make out its about sustainability. Its about design.

  • Kerrie Redgate

    I once lived in a 30sqr meter apartment in Balmain in Sydney, and this smaller one looks much bigger!

  • Danielle Blanchard

    Need to know who did the artwork, and where this furniture is from

  • Stabstallion

    Were is your toaster?

  • Natan The 6th

    This appartment is for people with no hobbies but watching tv or something. Too small to live. Just to eat, sleep, shower, repeat.

  • Jeanne Canto

    Very well done.

  • Krishna Cruz

    Lovely. My favorite.

  • Adia SS

    ive watched a couple of these small apartment videos but i really like this one. it looks pleasing to the eyes and yet very livable. i can picture myself having this kinda house.

  • German Romero

    There's a MATE on 1:49

  • Jacqueline J

    This is the exact size of my apartment in paris. Gives me ideas on how to start organizing and arranging my things.

  • matt bolinger

    This is my new favorite channel. So many incredible ideas packed into each unit!!

  • Sandra

    this is a much better design and usage of space versus the other Darlinghurst apartment with the bed smack-dab in the middle of the whole apartment and taking up half the space.

  • Edmarc Allan Monreal

    This is nice

  • C GrayGirl

    So this guy has now designed two apartments in this series.

  • Kenzie M. Mohammed

    This just shows you can the smallest apartment in the world but still have it looking good.

  • Angela Martín

    very finish style, the dish drying rack, the shower next to the wc – divided by the curtain, a lot of cabinets in the walls (or almost everywere)

  • Pigoow Maite

    i fucking love u

  • comumpintor

    2:43 why would you have paintings/framed photos on the floor when you have a free wall above?

  • Andrew Stiller

    Wow. Love it. Especially love the drying rack over the sink. Very clever! When can I move in? 🙂

  • gisa guimarães

    Practical and clean.

  • TheTanadu

    I've just got to your channel.
    I see a lot of him – HOW MUCH and if it's possible to hire him xD

  • mike smith

    the reason I could never live in a big city, the designs are interesting use of small spaces but, these just seem like un livable cages no cooking space at all a cramped bedroom so depressing  . in cities where only the wealthy can afford anything like LA  and the rest live in places like this so sad to me.

  • Stevan R

    how you people heat those places…with lighter? xD

  • bianca felton

    god watching these videos makes me want to buy a space and have it remodeled

  • Rezzuan Rahim

    Hidden wine cabinets. Perfect for the closeted alcoholic

  • Alen Gledja

    Amazing, that all i can say… GJ

  • nia00210

    I like this interior design once again from the same architect.
    I like the way he designed some kinda of secret room and we will be amazed that there are more space to look at.
    This time around, I like there is washing machine for once in his design. The other interior design from this architect didn't put or show washing machine, so I was kinda bummed but still I like it

  • P8qzxnxfP85xZ2H3wDRV

    I wouldn't even be able to fit my computer and monitor in this apartment.


    he suddenly become my fav architect

  • saif hashim

    Where can i find an architect good enough to do something like this?

  • Wolf Melody

    imagine washing your dishes before bed and then you just sit alone in your house just listening to the drip..drip….drip

  • Hye-Jin Kweon

    Is this a interior trend? I think I saw a similar layout.

  • アーチボルドピーター

    Are you sponsored by Aesop? Seems like their stuff is in all your videos.

  • david raney

    Love the drying rack above sink!

  • david raney

    When my kids are grown…

  • Sh¡¡FFer

    is it just me that is CRAVING a bigger tv size? :((

  • Haiden Medilde

    way too much wines dude lol

  • Sandra Magnusson

    I used to live in a 24sqm studio as a student. Would have loved to live in one like this. So functional and open. Only thing I would change is the oven. Would not mind having that showing, would also be much easier to access and not having it stain the inside of the cupboard it's in here.

  • Michael Gathemia

    I am in love with this space, the fact no one knows where the bedroom or bathroom has been hid by the sliding panels.

  • Patrick

    The open drying rack above the sink is a little bit ingenious

  • Steve Mano

    Like this one a lot. My new tiny apartment is about 300 sqft. Don’t know what I’m gonna do for decor yet.

  • Annie C

    imagine sitting in that living room on a sunday afternoon or morning and bathing in that warm sunlight 😍

  • Didier Furet

    Congratulations. Very nice

  • Taylor Johnson

    it's nice but tbh if I'm living in that small of a space I need every inch of storage I can get, and having a cabinet specified for wine seems unnecessary

  • Theodoros Palikrushevopoulos

    looks souless, there is clever things in it also


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