NEVER TOO SMALL ep.18 26.5m2 Micro Apartment Design – The Bae

my name is Alec Nielsen and I’m an
architect and my name is Liz Walsh and I’m also an architect The Bae is located in Sandy Bay in Hobart Tasmania The original apartment block was built in
1972 there are 12 units in this apartment The Bae is 26.5 square meters in total
the original services kitchen and bathroom were marginally bigger than
what we have now so one of the main strategies was to really consolidate and
couple the services to the back walls this provides more flexible floor
plate for however you’d like to use the space exactly for us the main driving
design idea for the apartment was looking at how we can actually increase
the sense of space through the addition of the two skylights and by adding the
two skylights we’ve been able to make the tiny footprint actually feel quite
spacious and generous also another advantage of the scarlet is that were
able to capture north light and by pulling out the carpet we exposed the
slab which acts as thermal mass for keeping the apartment warm during winter
we’ve retained a strip of the original 70s tiles at the front we wanted to have
traces of the history and of that 70s fabric that was really important in small spaces leaving one of the the things that seems to come up a lot
particularly in bed set type apartments is that the bed is always visible in
the living space so we wanted the flexibility to be able to fold the bed
up you know open the kitchen and actually use it as a living and we’ve
also pushed the kitchen back so it actually feels like it’s in a nook it’s
actually not flush with the rest of the space so it’s you know about delineating
zones it was really important that we provided a good sized pantry it was also
really important that the storage was deep enough and wide enough to
accommodate a full height fridge and oven that we could roast the chicken in I think it was also really important to
include the glass splashback so they extended the view while you’re in
the kitchen one of the advantages of introducing the
skylights and creating the pitched volume internally was creating overhead
storage it was really important that the bathroom and the main living spaces have quite
different aesthetics and one of the primary design drivers for the door with
that it felt heavy and private and acoustically separate from this space
you could close that heavy door it’s almost acoustically sealed it feels like
a cloister in there yeah so there was an introduction of a skylight within the
bathroom so that washed the wall behind the shower and we liked the idea of
bringing a little bit of 70s glamour into the space so picking up on the
color of the existing tiles pulling that into the bathroom we’re really looking
at how we can be economical and functional in our material choices but
the things that you touch and that a tactile actually have patina and have a
bit more glamour we really wanted those things to kind of yeah to pop and be an
experience in themselves retrofitting existing apartments is hugely
important for future living as resources become more and more finite
it’s so critical that we start to reuse adapt reimagine what our existing
building stock is with better amenity and I think a better sense of community
yeah I don’t think apartment living needs to be compromised I actually think
it can be a joy to live in


  • malmcowy

    I like everything except the bathroom. That is just hideous.

  • gaccer

    I’m not claustrophobic but that bathroom got me hyperventilate. They conceal well for a small space, it reminds me of one of those dystopia movie, like the house of Jared Leto’s character in Blad Runner 2477.

  • sundr0plets

    they're good architects but not good interior designers imo. this does not look like a space that someone lives in.

  • A wam cup of your mom's ass liquid

    Looks depressing asf not gonna lie.

  • Abby Liu

    awh the bathroom is cute.

  • Abby Liu

    just don't name your apartment 'the bae'

  • Alisha Sauciukas

    Cleaning nightmare… 🧽🚽

  • Jayashri Venketasubramanian

    I love everything about this. I dunno, it just works perfectly for me.

  • Eidrian Christian

    Its so bare and monotonous, not to mention the hassle of tucking the kitchen wall and bed in and out everytime you need to use it. Those hinges have a breaking point and would require troublesome maintenance once it actually do. I like the idea of a skylight on both the living space and bathroom, I just wish that the wood texture couldve stopped at the cabinets and allowed the ceiling to be stucco white that could bounce off more light into the room and make it feel lighter as compared to having wood on the ceiling which seems to look heavier and too overpowering. And the bathroom, such an awful choice of tile pattern and color. I understand that they want to mimic the tile pattern found at the entrance but that's a vast difference to what they actually ended up using which is a narrow vertical dark maroon tiles ALL OVER the walls. A better alternative considering the size of the bathroom would be to have an accent wall having the same tile pattern as the entrance (small squares) on the shorter side of the shower underneath the skylight, and the rest of the walls to either be bare or use big square light colored tiles to reflect more light inside from the skylight.

  • Kathy Lecluyse

    Are you really supposed to eat at that miniscule table?

  • Carter Moulton

    music source?

  • Mar joseph Reyes

    That bathroom looks quite scary for me. Maybe I'd rather leave the door open while I'm inside. Looks like an evil entity is living inside that small space.

  • LeighSuzi

    What? Sorry I thought the whole thing was "before". Err…

  • Destinee Adams

    I thought airplane bathroom were the worst bathrooms I could use. Everybody knows small spaces get painted with brighter colors.

  • Leah Converse

    OMG- this apartment and bathroom blows my mind. I love all of it.

  • Natt McCartney

    This room makes me somehow uneasy. I don't know what it is but from the first second they showed the apartment I started to feel uneasy.

  • Searsy1304

    Looks so empty and boring

  • Sydney Milagro

    Idk why this living space kinda scares me, the color they choose for the floor, walls and even the bathroom arent in my taste at all, but im sure others would love it

  • Gear Box

    The ideas for saving space are good, but this is not an house, just a box

  • Oscar Hinz

    If you have enough money for the expensive setup you can buy a bigger flat lmao

  • Moosedraw

    I reckon if the walls were painted with chalkboard and the roof was an actual timber, it’d be WAY better

  • Pablo

    I swear I clicked on this video thinking there was no drawers and it was just this lmao

  • Park Perseverance

    Why would you want to hide the kitchen? It will smell aweful if there is no ventilation.

  • Wolf Melody

    Hobart! i live there

  • Violette FS

    I’m scared to shower in that bathroom. Too small and too dark.

  • Theodore Roosevelt

    Architects are good, they just need better clients

  • Theodore Roosevelt

    How dare they call theirselves architects while they’re interior designer? 🤔

  • Emily Lochore

    It’s so bare and unfriendly looking. There’s no space for friends to eat, nothing on the walls – it’s all the same colour.

  • Francèska Marku

    Okay but where do they wash their clothes at all?

  • BeachGnome

    This place is depressing.

  • Lizzy Grant

    i would die in that bathroom

  • Son of Saturn

    This looks very similar to Swedish jail cells that have common rooms with kitchens. Just a bit bigger.

  • Henry Halliday

    thats wack

  • Lucy

    I love this apartment and the bathroom is so cool. What a beautiful view to wake up to.

  • Salma Ahmed

    Looks abit creepy!

  • K Addict

    Don't like it

  • Sparrow Hawk

    Some of their ideas are really really good but I’d personally need more difference in my house, I couldn’t live in all plywood

  • Arcas Yard

    The concept is nice but it's quite…suffocating. Some colour, texture, and perhaps plants would give the living space some life. The bathroom, while I appreciate the thought of having the acoustics contained within its walls, is quite 'heavy' in a sense that you don't get the feeling of comfort at all. It's quite ironic that a comfort room lacks the comfort it should have provided.

  • winnie lee

    I love it tbh. A little more colour or light would be awesome anyhow

  • Sabrina

    I actually really like it. The bathroom is a little bit too small bur everything looks very calm and peaceful.

  • Yara

    i got depressed just looking at this

  • Strawbérry Milk

    that bath is way too dark for me! spooky!

  • Outfitperfect

    it looks so empty when everything is packed away..

  • johny boy

    I cant take a bath on that bathroom ill suffocate myself i have phobia on closed surfaces.. . Im dying its hard to watch that part .. cringy.

  • Cassidy Deneau

    Just watching this makes me uncomfortable. Feels like a wooden coffin

  • Félix Sanz

    so…. the living room is a closet and the bathroom is a prison. awesome

  • Breitner Sávio

    So, they created the perfect place to increase depression levels.

  • Michael Reynolds

    as an american i demand square ft conversions, please

  • ・Angel

    I think it would've looked better if they wood concealing the kitchen and the bedroom were replaced with a sliding glass door instead. It would keep the spaces divided while making the room look less empty

  • Alexander Bacon

    Looks like a sensory deprivation chamber

  • James B.

    It must ha been very awkward when he asked “and I need an oven for the chicken”

  • Ela DG

    that bathroom is incredible

  • Vicente Bustamante

    Without the kitchen and the bed it feels like an insane asylum to me. idk y

  • Anthos Lykos

    It most likely feels totally different when you're actually in this space but I feel claustrophobic just looking at this design. They say it feels open but that's just because they hid everything behind panels which to for me just makes me feel uncomfortable with the space, like theres something to hide.

    And yes I know in a small space you need to hide certain things but this feels a bit overboard and too clean.

  • Eric

    The ground is a bad choice. Makes it look rough and cold gives no character. This is my least favorite one ive seen so far.

  • Eric

    btw…these homes have to same brand of soaps and things…strange

  • The Real Senpai Hentai

    Dw guys, Everything in there was really important

  • Jishan

    Am I the only one who is feeling claustrophobic and depressed by this house? 😅

  • Sergei Lazarev

    Super cold, unfriendly and lonely room… I would never go for such design… The panels look like an insulator in a psychiatric clinic….

  • David Brush

    Don't think I'd pick up the soap in that bathroom!

  • jim jimjim

    It reminds me of the house in  Ex-Machina. Cold and sterile. A home for robots.

  • Raqayyah Dayana

    That bathroom does not deserve this space. It needs better!

  • oswald bruggemans

    reading the comments people require a lot, but what is the costs, ? I have looked at capsules, with share falsity, great for the homeless, . but they rather spend there money on drugs, . 138°35'30.39"E 35°33'23.76"S how many people can live there ?

  • Fiachra Sheridan

    Would suit me, down to the ground

  • Craig X

    SMH "As our resources become more and more, uh, finite." Dummy current tech has done nothing but increase the amount of resources we have available to us and the dummy doesnt quite grasp how big the world is and how much stuff is on it. Im fine with hippies but for the love of god go read a fucking book before you spit out your feelings based bullshit.


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