New PS5 Leak, PS5 Design looks….Terrible?!

oh man, guys, when I layed my eyes upon this
design, I really wanted to analyze it so LET’S GO! I have been a playstation fan ever since I’ve gotten
my first PS1 when I was younger, since then I’ve gotten all of them, 1 till 4. So as a PS-fan I am always eager to read and
learn about the latest leaks, especially with the upcoming PS5 console, which is supposedly
‘somewhat confirmed’ to release next year around Holiday Season, though with a price
tag of $1000,- i’m not really getting my engine heated. But hey, I prefer to wait till it has a decent
price and some cool games that’ll be available eventually. Now…I came across this article on
website and holy moly, balls of mozus, when I saw the ‘leaked’ design of the PS5 I had
to take a moment to think it over… It looks like a super expensive alarm clock
(as described in the article, and I can’t agree more with that) that I could buy from
Amazon, one that’s so expensive, if I do not wake up at time, it would punch me in the
face. It really looks odd, and I wanna go over the
design with you, and give you my honest opinion on it. First of all the black/greyish/white-ish look
is a… weird combination for me, It doesn’t come over like a professional design, and
if this design is actually true, then I guess they held back on the budget of the design. Now, give it a propeller and you’ll have a
flying $1,000 dollar flying drone, because it also reminds me of a drone without propellers,
I just cannot unsee it.. Now ok, fine, moving on.. the idea of having
air gaps in the centre of the console is somewhat, well, interesting, I prefer it being on the
back-end or have the back be completely focused on cooling off the CPU and letting through
the hot air, because, if it ends up becoming a vaccuum cleaner like the PS4/PS4 pro, then
it makes me wanna believe with the air gaps in the middle it’ll be twice as loud. And holy shit those awful stickers on the
front, why do we need a ‘LETSGO DIGITAL’ sticker… What I liked about the previous designs was
the only thing you saw on the console was the PS4 logo, other than that, it was just
done very subtle, now they’re like pushing it full with SSD DRIVE sticker and the PS5
sticker to the left… Blegh.. And why a stand-by button? With the ps4 I can simply Hold the PS button,
navigate to shut off and make it hibernate, I do not need a button for that, same as resetting,
the only button that’s handy is Eject, but even that can be done with your controller… Now the USBs just the same, it’s not done
subtle at all, the PS4 has it indented in the design so it looks like it’s a part of
the design, yet again, another great thing the PS4 had and also the previous consoles… I do not know if this is gonna be their final
design but if it is, i’m kinda dissapointed…. And to not forget those two BIG light blue
shiny .. buttons? Next to the eject button.. Uhm… Don’t tell me they’ll flicker in my face to
show me that the SSD is installing a game or something… It’ll be hideous to say the very least… And also the black gaps to the left and right,
i’m sure it’s also for the air to flow out of, that’s fine, I do not mind it that much,
but I initially thought before I looked closely enough that they were grip handles so it would’ve
been easier to move your PS5 around… Anyway, this PS5 console design is screaming
“LET THE AIR FLOW OUT” it has a lot of air gaps, and sure it’s fine that you want
your PS5 to breath, so it won’t turn into an F-16 that quickly but still, I ain’t feeling
it, this design looks somewhat 90’s but also futuristic. I do prefer the PS4 design over this one though. I hope that they would just somewhat extend
the PS4’s design, and give it better ventilation and air gaps or such.. I never expected a design like this, that
has multi-colors residing in it.. So that’s why I hope that this leak is fabriacted
by someone on Reddit or whatever.. If this is truly a leak, then I am kinda dissapointed,
I do have seen a completely black one roaming around the internet for some time now, that
one looks way better, and sure it’ll have those light blues and such on it, like this
one, but that one seems more of a duable design than this. Anyhow, that’s my honest opinion on this ‘Leaked’
PS5 design… What’re your thoughts on this “PS5 design”
let me know in the comments below, don’t forget to LIKE,SUBSCRIBE,SHARE this video around! And then I’ll see you again very soon in the
next video! TODALOO!


  • marcossonicracer

    is just me, or the PS5 blue lights looks like a pair of eyes?! i mean, imagine this at night, you're at your bed, and this console flashes his blue eyes at ya XD it's bad enough with the controller charging at night, and now we got… eyes…

  • Lord Pasta

    They call that a console? Give it wheels and you have yourself a robot vacuum cleaner.

  • Hobo Wretic

    Edit: I'm kinda dubious that they called this a leaked design when it's apparently the look of the devkit equipment, if websites would describe such things better and wouldn't trick me into believing that it's how the PS5 will end up looking, the video would've been different in its entirety, sorry for the "deception" for those who feel that way, I was deceived just as much if you think about it.

    Feeling kinda … weird about the latest PS5 'leak' design?! What about you? Leave your comment down below, thank you for your support on every time I post a video, it's really appreciated!

  • Anti-Wahmen

    That's a super odd design though! I do like the black version better personally

  • h t

    oh my God why are people still thinking this is the actual design it's a development kit that they give to developers multiple developers said this is a development kit not the system

  • Shy Shinoda

    Looks like those obviously fake mock up designs you can find doing a simple search…

  • SuperTime2Change

    Looks like a high performance vacuum cleaner. lol

  • Weeb's Gaming

    The PS5's design I think is of the devkit equipment. The front were we see a valley like shape must be the intake for air and will pass out the back. It also makes it stackable so that they can put multiple of these on top to conserve space as that shape allows them to recieve air for cooling. I also notice that this could be that the PS5 probably has more volume inside for this kind of design allowing more air flow to move through the device. This in theory could reduce the noise of the system as faster fans are needed for smaller systems. This practice is mainly use in PC computers were they have areas for large volumes of air to enter easily and can dissipate heat without needing a force induction turbo to take the air out (faster fan) and can use a much slower fan.


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